Heartwarming / Beyond: Two Souls

  • "Homeless", despite the bleak conditions, is one moment of heartwarming after another.
    • Jodie's miracles particularly stand out. With Aiden's help, she heals Jimmy's withdrawal-induced pain (and possibly his addiction), assures Tuesday that her baby is alive and well, and gives Stan a final, touching conversation with his dead wife. Their stunned, grateful reactions are beautiful.
      • Stan's dead wife Nancy telling him, through Jodie, that she only wants him to be happy again, even if it means starting a new life without her. It's clear that her spirit is getting closure just as much as he is.
    • Stan taking in Jodie also counts. The man has next to nothing, but he's still prepared to carry a complete stranger to his makeshift home, warm her, feed her and otherwise take care of her, for no other reason than the fact she needed help. Stan is arguably the noblest character in the entire game.
    • Stan gets another one when Tuesday is about to give birth. During the begging sequence, Stan showed that he's quite opposed to stealing. When Tuesday goes into sudden labor, though, he barely hesitates to go head over to the closed supermarket and steal some essentials.
    Stan: "Listen. I want this baby to have a chance - even a tiny chance - in this big fucked-up world. I want it to be warm, and have a diaper and a bottle and decent clothes like any other human being. I won't let it be born in the trash under the bridge, I won't."
  • Even though the jerks in The Party were only teens at the time, and the homeless group are adults, it's still a relief to see Stan and the others quickly warm up to the idea of Jodie having powers as opposed to thinking she's a witch (even though they were understandably unnerved at first).
  • No matter the ending chosen, Jodie's message to Cole.
    • In "Beyond", she fogs over his computer screen and writes on it.
    • In "Alive", if Cole is alive, he receives an envelope in the mail. It contains a child's drawing of a happy little princess.
    • In "Alive", if Cole is dead, Jodie lays the drawing on his grave. Also a tearjerker.
    • Cole in general. It's surprising because the trailers and a lot of the game itself sets up that Nathan is going to be Jodie's surrogate father. When really it's Cole who, while seeming a bit awkward at first, really cares about Jodie unselfishly and is a far better father than her adoptive dad was. Even going as far to put his neck on the line in order to sneak her into a high-security mental hospital to see her mother and then to rescue Jodie from the same fate.
  • In "Night Session", when Jodie asks to go to bed, Nathan tells her her bought her a book and asks if she wants him to read to her. Her pleased response is the first and only time we see poor little Jodie really smile and it's adorable.
  • All variations of the "Friends" ending, where Jodie goes back to the people she met in the Homeless chapter. As she puts it, they were the only people who ever really saw her as herself, and didn't want to intimidate or manipulate her because of her power, and most importantly they don't care about any of it. The spirit stuff is just a quirky thing the others write off, they like Jodie for Jodie. This is also the ending where she becomes Zoey's mentor. Ultimately, Jodie can't ignore or escape the loneliness she endured because of her power- but she can make sure that Zoey never has to suffer like she did. When the credits roll, the game's world is a better, friendlier place just because Jodie's in it.
    • Also, (provided that they're all still alive) all four of the group live together. They've gotten their lives back up enough to be independent people, but they still stay together. They're a family, and when Jodie shows up, they're all ecstatic to see her and take her in. No questions, no probing, just a hug and a welcome to her new home and family. Plus it gives the best hope for correcting the oncoming disaster, with Jodie, Zoey, and Aiden (now with Zoey) all working together.
  • Some of Aiden's interactions with Jodie can be quite sweet, especially when she's a child. He can steal a cookie for her, he can nudge over her stuffed pink rabbit when she's feeling scared, and he can push her on the swings. He even does a shadow puppet theatre for her one night, and it's implied he's done it several times before.
    • Aiden will also refuse to let Jodie kill herself. If she tries jumping or slitting her wrists, he stops her each time. Whether that's because he cares for her, or because he needs her in order to exist, or both, is left up to the player.
    • In "The Dinner" Jodie has two controllers for her gaming console. She doesn't have any casual friends to the players' knowledge, Ryan has never been to the apartment and few gamers who prefer to play alone ever get around to buying a second controller. That's right, while she was working for the CIA, Jodie and Aiden played videogames together in their spare time, just like normal siblings...
    • If Aiden doesn't interrupt Jodie during her dinner date with Ryan (at least the ones that the player has control over), she'll later walk over to the bathroom mirror and say "thanks" to Aiden.
  • The fact that Cole is the only person who actually addresses Aiden, as if he's his own person, and even looks up at him, or rather the space where he assumes he is. One chapter has Cole asking Aiden 'How you doing, buddy?' as Aiden hovers above and makes contented clicky noises in response. There's a reason Cole is someone who Aiden never shows any interest in hurting, along with the fact that he's one out of a very few people who has never tried to hurt Jodie.
    • In the DLC chapter "Advanced Experiments", Nick, a CIA agent who is overlooking Jodie's training, also addresses Aiden in a similar manner. Aiden also responds to him with positive little noises.
    Nick: Well done, Jodie! *looks up* You too, Aiden. You really outdid yourself there, buddy!
  • "Haunted", despite its creepy atmosphere at first, (apparitions of Nathan's wife and daughter, still bearing the injuries from the car crash that killed them, simply standing in place, staring at little Jodie) ends with a heartwarming moment as both of them use Jodie's body in order to comfort Nathan and tell him that there was nothing he could have done, and that they will always be with him. Of course, this makes things bad in the finale but in the context of the time it's really sweet.
  • In a round-about way, Cole's complete lack of discomfort whenever Aiden starts breaking things. While everyone else has the good sense to be very afraid and equally apologetic, Cole's reaction is to just laugh and tell Jordie and him to stop throwing a tantrum, because Aiden would never hurt him and he knows it. It's telling just how great of a guy Cole is when Aiden likes him that much.
  • Ryan may be a....controversial character, but it can still be pretty damn gratifying to have Jodie fall in love and choose to be with him in the end once you see just how happy they are with each other. Jodie finally gets her fairy tale ending, with both him and Aiden at her side and all her troubles forgotten...at least for the moment.