Awesome / Beyoncé

  • Calling out Kanye West for bashing Taylor Swift (in a very coolheaded manner).
  • She goes up through four octaves within about a minute and a half at the end of "Love On Top". She can do this live. And while pregnant.
  • That halftime show at Super Bowl XLVII (2013). Holy shit, that was epic.
    • Especially remembering that she had recently come under fire for singing the National Anthem to a backing track at the Presidential inauguration about a month before. Despite nearly a decade of being a very talented performer, that fiasco required a certain amount of damage control, and boy did she pull it off.
      • The best damage control for the National Anthem fiasco was when she attended a Super Bowl-related press conference, asked the audience to stand...and proceeded to sing the Star-Spangled Banner flawlessly a cappella. After she finished, she looked into the crowd and simply asked, "Any questions?" Boom.
  • The audience at her 2011 Glastonbury set sings the entire first half of "Irreplaceable" back to her. Doubles as Heartwarming as she is absolutely delighted by their response.
  • On December 13, 2013, she suddenly dropped a surprise album without any promotion on iTunes. It sold through the roof anyway, with 600,000 sold in the United States and 1 million copies sold worldwide in its first week of release. She's also the first woman to ever have all five of her albums debut at #1.
    • With Lemonade she becomes the first and so far, only person to have their first six albums hit or debut at #1.
  • Lemonade. Just...Fucking Lemonade