Heartwarming / Beyoncé

  • Calling Taylor Swift up so she could finish giving her speech at the 2009 MTV VMAs after Kanye West..er...interfered. Awww.
  • The audience at her 2011 Glastonbury appearance sings the entire first half of "Irreplaceable" back to her. The sheer delight on her face is adorable.
  • The song "Halo" is this, especially during one performance when she sang it to a girl with cancer.
  • The ending of her VMA 2014 performance when her daughter Blue Ivy and husband Jay-Z presented her with the Video Vanguard Award
  • In "Formation", the line "I like my baby heir with baby hair and afros", referring to her daughter (who has had a petition to make her change her hair) and how proud she is of her black heritage.
  • The ending of her Lemonade HBO special. The entire album's concept is assumed to be about Beyonce dealing with certain emotions regarding her husband and/or her father's possible infidelities. She cycles through emotions such as jealousy, anger, and apathy. Eventually, she comes to forgiveness, where she sings about how her relationship with her husband will be okay, followed by a montage of happy moments in her life: her parents' wedding, her own wedding, her pregnancy with Blue Ivy, Blue Ivy's birthday, and random family moments such as her grandmother's 90th birthday party.
    • The reveal as to why her album title is called Lemonade. She did what her mother and grandmother taught her and took lemons (referring to her presumably strained relationship with Jay-Z and his alleged infidelities) and made lemonade (referring to her now healthy marriage and their beautiful daughter.)
    Beyonce: Take one pint of water, add a half pound of sugar, the juice of eight lemons, the zest of half a lemon. Pour the water into one, then to another several times. Strain through a clean napkin. Grandmother. The alchemist. You spun gold out of this hard life. Conjured beauty from the things left behind. Found healing where it did not live. Discovered the antidote in your own kitchen. Broke the curse with your own two hands. You past these instructions down to your daughter, who then passed them down to her daughter.