Awesome: Batwoman

  • Her latest incarnation is only two years old, so it might be surpassed later on, but in Fifty Two she is tossing a human through the air while crushing the jaw of a mutant fish-faced crocodile creature, inflicting an injury that "the Batman himself would think twice about before inflicting." That is not a quote from a fanboy or reviewer, but of an actual comic author who has written Batman.
    • And from Batwoman #0, after being ambushed by Bruce Wayne in disguise as a Secret Test of Character, she kicks him in the face and makes him bleed. Sure it was a set up, but it was still awesome.
  • The moment when Kate, feeling like everything is pointless, completely lost and without a purpose... looks up into the sky and sees the Bat Signal. I could hear the Danny Elfman Batman theme swelling to a haunting crescendo even as I read that bit.
  • Her final battle against The Weeping Woman has Kate literally confront her demons and come to terms with her sister's death.
  • Medusa's completely invaded Gotham and is basically unleashing hell when Batwoman returns to Gotham with Wonder Woman in a Big Damn Heroes moment
  • The Grand Finale that is issue #17, and which really should have been named "Batwoman Does Many Awesome Things."
  • In a more meta way, what was left of the original creative crew and their associates quitting the comic after they refused to let Maggie and Kate get married, which is a heartwarming way of the writers encouraging Fanon Discontinuity, if such a thing is possible.