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Heartwarming: Batwoman
  • The circumstances are depressing and tear jerking and ungodly godawful, but as The Question lies dying in Kate's apartment, Kate and Renee curl up on a couch together and share their first kiss in years, their first peace in years, and notice that, for a little while at least, it has stopped snowing. "Merry Christmas Renee."
  • Kate telling her Dad why she was separated from the army.
    Why couldn't you tell him what he needed to hear?
    I'd have been lying.
    Then you kept your honour and integrity. I'm proud of you. Your mother would have been, too.
  • The mutual admiration and respect that Wonder Woman and Batwoman have for each other during the World's Finest arc.
  • Kate's reaction to seeing Bette back in action in issue 17.
  • "Marry me, Mags."
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