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Awesome: Battle Spirits Shonen Toppa Bashin
  • Suiren's domination at the Sawaragi Gallery mini-tournament.
  • J, whenever he uses Thor to attack again and again and again in a single turn.
  • Basically any of the tag battles are pretty epic.
  • Card Sensei's training of Smile. So apparently, those two train under waterfalls, carry animals on their back, fight through intense weather, and even play Battle Spirits upside-down?!
    • Turn 999. That says it all.
  • Meganeko finally getting to play Battle Spirits and winning her first game
    • Okay, any of Meganeko's battles just tend to be epic. Especially when she faces Smile in the spring tournament, and Number Ten.
  • J joining Numbers Elite as Jack Knight
  • Bashin vs. J in episode 36. The first appearance of Dark Siegfried.
  • Even Aibou and Okyou play Battle Spirits!
  • In episode 39 Masako joining Team Shomen Toppa
  • "Sexy? No! Galaxy Seven!" It's a CMOA if you're familiar with Galaxy Watanabe, at least, as that's his catch phrase (minus the Seven part).
  • Striker vs. Elliott in ep 40. Really awesomely timed pulling of Dream Ribbon to get rid of that Mam-Morl
  • Basically all of ep 42.
    • The battle, where living spirits are bought to the real world
    • The long-awaited confrontation between Bashin and J, where Bashin finally gets J back.
    • Uchuuchouten summoning Bashin into Isekai World
    • Number Nine's appearance in a new red suit, and that final line. "The time for games is over."
  • Card Sensei's confession to Masako. Everything he does is extreme, of course.
  • The revelation of just who Number Ten is. And he's much more awesome then you'd think.
  • Bashin and J finally combining as a tag.
  • Bashin's final battle with Number Nine.
  • The entirety of the last episode. Catastrophedragon appears and it has 20000 BP. Uchuuchouten gets it even higher, prompting Bashin to get his Siegfrieden higher than that.
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