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Awesome: Battle Spirits Shonen Gekiha Dan
  • In ep. 8, Dan summoning Catastrophedragon against Suzuri.
  • Yuuki getting Walhalane in his battle with Belga
  • Everyone's sudden martial arts skills in ep 12. Especially Mai, kicking Kazan in the face.
  • Suzuri vs. Randel. Or any time Suzuri starts to look scary and unleashes his deck destruction.
  • Serge in ep 21, with his superhuman feats.
  • Dan using his new battle form for the first time and temporarily sprouting wings.
  • Mai vs. Namii. The extra-nice looking animation in that episode helps.
  • In ep 41 Dan defeats the president who was more-or-less spamming X-rares. He even had a Catastrophedragon.
  • Yuuki and Kajitsu's summoning of Ragna-Rock. Similarly to the previous example, the odds were near impossible.
  • In ep. 44, Kajitsu's fight (no Battle Spirits involved whatsoever) with Otherworld King.
  • The entirety of the final battle with Otherworld King. Gai-Asura... 30000 BP and it has a level 4!
  • Whenever a new Brave is used, it's pretty awesome
  • Kenzou with three Byak-Garo
  • Zolder might as well make a CMOA whenever he comes on screen. He's super hot blooded, can punch through metal, and is capable of taking down several mazoku in a single blow.
  • All battles against Duc after he becomes robotic and Brainwashed and Crazy. He manages to easily defeat Barone, Dan and Youth, three episodes in a row.
  • The first battle where Dan uses Dragonic-Taurus, resulting in a pretty impressive victory.
    • Sometimes the fun part is seeing not if Dan will win (he nearly always does) but how he does it. That makes the CMOA.
  • Barone defeating an opponent who had Three Mam-Morl out at once.
  • Episodes 35 and 36 of Brave were like crowning episodes of awesome.
    • Fant punches down walls
    • Mai's amazing martial arts are finally seen again. Flora joins in the fun.
    • Plym fighting with the pome robots
    • Youth's confrontation with Geraid
    • Zazie showing just how dangerous he really is, getting Geraid out of the picture, and attempting to have Gilfam assassinated. Then there's his creepy face at the end of ep 36.
  • Mai's combination deck, using Big Bang Energy to summon both Siegwurm-Nova and Darkwurm-Nova in one turn. She comes within an inch of beating Dan with this combo.
  • Any time Dan uses The Shine Centaurus Deity Sagitto-Apollodragon to DOUBLE BRAVE. Especially in its final battle with Barone's Strikewurm-Leo. 36000 BP and FOUR symbols!

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