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Awesome: Ansem Retort
  • In Comic #440, Axel crashes a plane into a building.
    Zexion: That was...AWESOME!!!
  • Comic #516: Axel fights a werepire while standing on a shark.
  • From the climax of Season 6: Axel and Zexion fusing into ANDREW JACKSON, MOTHERFUCKER! And proceeding to lightning-vision the crap out of Belle.
  • Comic #650 Riku gets put down again... Only to come back, with not only the series' catchphrase, but CAME THROUGH TIME TO DO IT. Badass Emo credentials nearly complete.
    • And then Emo Mode Riku kills Red XIII. Quoting Optimus. By tearing out his face. Credentials complete.
  • In Comic #708, Zexion manages to find a (somewhat twisted) response to the The Dark Knight Rises shooting in Colorado: by organizing a fundraiser to train the survivors into "potential Batmen" and fuel a war against injustice.
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