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The Standard D&D Campaign:

  • Dueling pyromancers: Infernus versus Jonias Thrae

Index arc.:

  • The Burgermeister's Batman Gambit.
  • Null killing the Implacable Man Agent Black twenty times in about as many seconds.
  • ... And then Prism managing what Null couldn't, and actually forcing him to retreat.
  • Daedallus using Aerial Mastery and a jump-kick to get past three agents.
  • And, last but CERTAINLY not least, Firewall breaking The Muse out of the System's headquarters without any plan whatsoever.

The Second Evil Campaign:

  • Dan when he realizes that destroying the fourth rune requires burning down an entire city.
  • Dan manages to kill Jill's character by breaking his own character.
    Dan: As Rugaru is coming in, I'll cast a Max Power Wild Surge (Non-Anarchic) Energy Burst... Cold.
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