Awesome / An American Tail

  • The Giant Mouse of Minsk, in all its horrifying rotoscoped glory. Even better are the parts where the mice are shooting off fireworks at the cats. Scary, yes, but in terms of seeing the bad guys getting their asses handed to them, a very satisfying scene indeed.
    • Gets even better when you realize that the Giant Mouse of Minsk was essentially a tank, and the immigrants who built and piloted it were Russian.
  • Tiger going all badass Commando on the Cat gang near the end of Fievel Goes West. The dude was rabid!
  • Near the beginning of Fievel Goes West, Fievel rather foolishly decides to challenge the biggest guy in the Cat Gang to single battle. As soon as the one-eyed cat takes says out loud that he plans to eat Fievel, the poor little mouse is scared stiff. At the last moment, Papa shows up and starts playing his violin so (intentionally) quickly and badly that now the CAT can't move and Fievel can escape! That's the power of music, people!