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Nightmare Fuel: An American Tail
I'm sure it'll scare the cats awa- HOLY HELL!
  • Even without Parental Abandonment, the storm at sea, the Giant Mouse in action, and those freaking terrifying mean cats. Dear God, won't someone Think of the Children!?
  • The Giant Mouse wasn't accidental in the story, it was made to scare off the cats after all.
  • There's a whole lot of Adult Fear too if you put yourself in Papa's position.
  • If you were even remotely afraid of insects the swarm of roaches in the sewer were pretty creepy...
    • Imagine them if you're Fievel's size, and the roaches are bigger than you are...*shudder*
    • And that thing that was eating the roaches! It appears only once and is never mentioned again.
  • One has to be a little disturbed by the fact that Fievel was nearly eaten alive by a cat in the middle of the movie. The scene isn't played dramatically, and Fievel escapes quickly, but when you think about it for a second... *shudders*
  • One instance in Fievel Goes West was the hawk and scorpion scene. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!
  • The scene in Treasure of Manhattan Island where a factory worker is beaten by corrupt cops was quite intense and distressing.
  • Some of the monsters Fievel imagines in Mystery of the Night Monster, like the one from the first scene.
    • Speaking of monsters, in the original movie, just before Fievel is washed into the sea, the waves manifest as a Satanic Poseidon that lunges at the ship, though this could be an interpretation of what Fievel thinks those waves are.
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