Awesome / Action League NOW!

  • Despite being the show's designated Butt-Monkey and the least effective member of the Action League, Meltman surprisingly saves the day on more than one occasion.
    • He's the only one who sees through Louis D. Mayor and saves Thundergirl from having a safe dropped on her in "A Star is Torn". Thundergirl even admits that he's the real hero of the film.
    • He defeats Hodge Podge in "Tune-Up of Terror" all by himself, the only member of the League to do so.
    • He singlehandedly destroys The Mayor's Humongous Mecha in "In The Whine Of Fire".
    • The theatrical short reveals that he knows KISS. And he saves them through Epic Rocking.
  • The Flesh beating Smarty Pants at chess, even if it was an accident.
  • So, the Mayor has cloned the Action League, and is getting away with his evil plan because the tripled team is tripping all over themselves and can't get anything done. What's the solution? Make ten clones of The Chief, to get them back in order.
    All Chiefs: Quiet you nitwits!
    Chief #1: Get your rears in gear-
    Chief #2: -pronto!
    Chief #3: Or you're in more trouble than a barracuda at a bar mitzvah-
    Chief #4: -A ski jumper, at a skate show-
    Chief #5: -A jackrabbit, on the Jersey Turnpike!
    All Chiefs: NOW MOVE OUT!!
  • Bill un-brainwashing the citizens by calling in his personal friend, Lou Rawls, to unhypnotize them by singing his own subliminal song.