Awesome / Arm A

  • Armstrong's speech at the beginning of Harvest Red, thanks to his voice.
  • Taking out a helicopter without using AA weapons.
  • Both final levels of the PMC campaign.
  • Play it long enough and you'll eventually find yourself doing things not entirely out of place in Black Hawk Down kind of movie. Wether it be single player, multiplayer, Co-Op, adversarial. You'll soon find yourself calling or doing a Gunship Rescue with a Big Damn Heroes moment. Providing cover fire as a Cold Sniper from a thousand meters away, outrunning explosions and more. Truly, there are very few warfare related tropes that you cannot invoke, or play straight in this game (with the awesomeness that ensuess).
    • Especially awesome, as ARMA is a game that takes great pleasure in punishing you heavily if you mess up. That wasn't some scripted event you were handheld through, YOU were the driving force that crawled out of a crashed helicopter with 2 broken legs and single-handedly took down that AA position yelling "OUT OF SPITE MOTHERFUCKER".