Tear Jerker / ARMA

  • Finding Dixon's body in ARMA II PMC in the final mission of the "Truth" route. Made even worse if you don't stick together with Asano and he dies too, thus leaving you all alone to fight against the machinery of the world order.
    • If you go the "Deception" route though, you're the one who has to put the bullets in Dixon, and when the the UN investigators are ambushed and killed there's a voiceover flashback of Dixon's words. This is the canon route, by the way!
  • The Eagle Wing mini-campaign (available in all versions after 1.05), after its first mission, where the world gets devastated by nuclear war. The soundtrack didn't help. At all.
  • The third game introduces several Mauve Shirt NPCS. While no specially heartwarming moment or meaningful interactions occur, the familiarity with they adress the Player Character contrast with the desolate and violent enviroment of a war-torn nation, frequently causing players to get a certain level of affection for them. Sadly many are shown dying both on screen or throught the radio. Still, you just leave them there lying because your mission takes priority and there's nothing you can do for them anymore.
    • Ditto for the men under your orders. There's no penalty for losing them all, as long as you complete your objectives. But given that they have distinct names, individual appearances, roles and carry on from one mission to another if they survive, many players refuse to let them die.