Trivia: ARMA

  • Banned In Iran: ARMA 3, because the Iranians are the enemy in the campaign, even after they were put under the guise of CSAT.
  • Dueling Games: For a time, Codemastersnote  tried to continue its own series named Operation Flashpoint, currently consisting of Dragon Rising and Red River, to compete with ARMA II. However, Bohemia Interactive continued to secure contracts to develop its Virtual Battlespace simulations for real-world military and civilian organizations, thereby giving them the experience necessary to pull ahead and focus unrelentingly on realism and putting what they learned into the ARMA games. Codemasters eventually gave up after both Red River and the developer's follow-up Bodycount flopped, so ARMA 3 stands uncontested.
  • Shout-Out: While the initial loading screen of the first mission in Arma 3's "Bootcamp" mini-campaign is an obvious adaptation of the Arma 3 load-up sequence, there are subtler references such as the split-second line "Loading Poisidon Core"note  and the concluding "Launching Virtual Real Virtuality 4"note .
  • The Other Darrin: David Armstrong returns as a general in the series. And he is clearly not voiced by Jonah Lotan, who does so in OFP.