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Anime: Lupin III Dragon Of Doom
aka: Dragon Of Doom

Dragon of Doomnote , the sixth entry in the Lupin III Yearly Specials, first aired on Japanese television on July 29th, 1994. It was dubbed into English and released on DVD in the USA by Funimation in 2002, and was re-released as part of the "First Haul" boxset in 2006.

Lupin has his mind set on a small golden dragon statue located in the remains of the sunken Titanic, a treasure that the Chinese crimelord Chin Chin Chow is also after. Once they have their hands on it, though, Goemon, putting honor before his allies, is determined to retrieve the statue from them, with help from his childhood friend Kikyo, to keep his family's honor intact, even if it means killing them both.

This special is noteworthy for being the last one where Yasuo Yamada played the role of the titular character before his death in 1995, after which he would be replaced by Kanichi Kurita from the next chronological entry onwards.note 

Complete spoilers below — don't read further if you don't want to know how this caper turns out!

This TV Movie features examples of:

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: It's about Zantetsuken, and the alloy it's made of. Expect lots of things to be cut into tiny bits.
  • Big Bad: Chin Chin Chow.
  • Childhood Friends: Goemon and Kikyo, though he is a few years older at least. Sadly, she turns out to be Evil All Along.
  • Doomy Dooms of Doom: The US release title.
  • The Dragon: Genzai.
  • Famous Ancestor: Goemon goes to see an anniversary performance of Kinmon Gosan no Kiri, the famous Kabuki play about Goemon the First's life and death. He is moved and openly weeps Manly Tears.
  • Fortune Teller: Genzai disguises as one in an attempt to kill Goemon. He fails.
  • Masquerade Ball: Chin Chin Chow hosts one of some sort on his luxury cruise. Lupin and Jigen (dressed up as a vampire and a cartoon wolf respectively) managed to attend the ball through forged invitation cards, whilst Fujiko (dressed as a cowgirl) really was invited.
  • The Mole: Kikyo was working for Chin Chin Chow all along.
  • Ninja: In abundance, especially at the beginning of the show.
  • Shadow Pin: Genzai and Kikyo use a technique like this to trap Lupin, Jigen and Goemon when they come to rescue Fujiko.
  • Video Arcade: Lupin and Jigen are at one in their first scene. Lupin tries to win a (suspiciously similar looking) plushie from a claw crane whilst Jigen is solving a crossword puzzle.
  • Unexplained Recovery: Genzai gets killed off twice, yet he reappears alive and well after both times before he's Killed Off for Real in Lupin's final showdown against him. Possibly hand waved by the fact that he's a Ninja, the dub mentions there isn't just one Genzai, and Lupin figures out which one was the "last" one.

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