Anachronism Stew: Roleplay

  • Celestial Refresh: The Multiverse is it. While each world in the Multiverse is separated from each other with cosmic void, each world's inhabitants may know about other worlds, what can and WILL lead to Anachronism Stew.
    • Currently it was smoothed out a bit, after introducing the Rings system, where each planet with similar technological progress are placed in one Ring to separate it from Lower-tech worlds and Higher-tech worlds. Terran type planets (different iterations of The Earth) are not separated, however.
  • Destroy The Godmodder: Due to the style of play (Read as: a great lack of style of play) this forum game is a great example of this trope, from dinosaurs and lasers, to spacemen fighting knights.
  • Dino Attack RPG:
    • As a result of Medieval Stasis and Schizo Tech, the LEGO Planet and Dino Attack Team is a Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot Anachronism Stew.
    • During the 1957 flashback, characters notably spoke with modern slang words and phrases such as "bro", "my man", and "dude". However, this was intentional. PeabodySam wanted the characters to seem much younger than their 2010 counterparts, and so chose these words and phrases since readers would associate them with youth; however, PeabodySam did not want to use slang from The Fifties such as "swell" or "golly", fearing that they would distract readers with their "corniness" and thus detract from the point of the flashback.
      • In the same flashback, "Duplo School" was mentioned, but Duplo did not exist until 1973.
  • Roll To Dodge: Savral is set an ancient-medieval fantasy world, yet it has several elements which come from notably different time frames. The witches in particular tend not to blend in with the ancient-medieval aesthetic, especially with regards to their clothing.
    • The Witch Grimhilde dresses like a cowgirl and wields colt-45 revolvers. Her minions wield muskets even though most of the world uses spells, bows, or crossbows for ranged weapons.
    • The Witch Beatrice wears an SS-officer’s uniform.
    • The Witch Schierke wears a lab coat and safety glasses. She also has an industrial facility in her lair complete with forges, lathes, mills, and power generators.
    • The players are not immune to this either. One player becomes a bike-riding cavalier while another one uses a rocket propelled grenade launcher.