ARG: The Hunt for the Gangadiddle

The Hunt for the Gangadiddle is an ARG featuring a Big Good known as "Hoodie", The Hunt Master, or Nathan Israel. Through a series of creepy YouTube videos, he revealed to the Hunters (the participants) that they were trapped in "isolated worlds" created by this Gangadiddle, who would "harvest" them if given the chance. It was presented as an unwieldy world-ending entity that was either the Big Bad or the Dragon.

Nathan created the Hunt using magic-like technology as a way to trap the Gangadiddle.The Hunters were given clues which corresponded to special web addresses on a site belonging to dolst, one of the main characters. These clues were, in turn, encrypted using information only available upon visiting the next IRL location in the chain. Over the course of two years, several Hunters followed this chain of clue, location, clue, etc.

Partway through the story, a new group showed up called the s33k3rs. They claimed to be after the Gangadiddle for their own purposes. Apparently figuring out the names of individual s33k3rs destroyed them, and they were mostly vanquished until the last one managed to possess dolst, leading to a showdown between him and Nathan Israel, after which Nathan admitted that he created the Gangadiddle in his world, and came here to atone for his mistake.It was also revealed that the s33k3rs were Nathan's colleagues in his world, and wished to harness the Gangadiddle's power. It was further revealed that the other s33k3rs were not dead after all and, after solving yet another series of puzzles the last s33k3r un-possessed dolst and returned his spirit from limbo and everyone laughed and shook hands because it was just a big misunderstanding.

The deadline for finding the Gangadiddle was March 15, 2013 but as the Gangadiddle was found near the end of 2012, that's now moot. The final location was found by tomatogoateee and he found the "shrunken form" of the Gangadiddle (well, okay, he had it shipped to him, since he didn't quite find it), the Hunt was over, and the world was saved.

The latest development in the whole thing is that they were all just dolst's tulpae and now there is an organization called LSS that is apparently after him, possibly trying to harness his tulpa-creating abilities, likely cooked up in a lab in the 1980s by this same group.

Meanwhile, another group called the Shapeless 7 appears to be aiding the Hunters and trying to keep LSS off Dolst's back. For now, everyone's true motivations in this are a mystery.

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The Hunt For The Gangadiddle