Adventures in the IOS Dimension


Part Five: Oops. But we got jobs!

The originally named Mt. Lux is actually a pretty fun dungeon, with lots of climbing up and down and dead ends filled with treasure. Nothing of plot interest happens until you reach the other side.

There, the party debates the morality of what they're about to do. Dusk and Sarah want to warn the... Luxians? Luxarians? Luxons?... about what the Empire wants them to do. Alba says that she "ain't that nice." Dusk informs them that their only possible course of action is to convince the Empire that they're working with them.

I'm not sure if he means that, or he's just saying it to get everyone to shut up.

From there, we approach the Crystal Temple from the opposite side as before. The monsters this time are a little tougher, with Diana dying a couple times on the way up. Alba and Dusk have exactly the same exp total, which is a cute touch.

At the top, we reach a dead end, which makes no sense from an architectural standpoint, but suits the story, so okay. While debating what to do now, Sarah says she hears a scream from the other side of the wall. Seeing as none of our previous heroes screamed, she's probably talking about the Crystal. Interesting that Diana could hear it too - is there something special about being blue-haired?

Nacht goes and breaks a hole in the wall using nothing but brute force. Holy crap! No explosives or anything. He and Dusk rush through, while Alba tells them not to run off and leave their damsels in distress behind. Before they follow, she turns to Sarah and says that she thinks she's not a normal waif, now is she?

Alba is not Genre Savvy, or she'd have guessed that a dungeon ago.

Nacht's party bursts in on Sol's party looking beaten and pathetic, and the Watchbeast still trying to break the crystal. Can't have something destroy our prize, so we jump in for yet another battle with the creature, who may or may not be the Crystal's guardian.

This time, it's not a Hopeless Boss Fight. Although he still has the "reduce party to single digits" move, we have to keep fighting after he uses it. We still manage to beat him with only one close call, and the crystal is safe!

Or not, as it's severely cracked. Nacht just touching it is enough to set off a huge explosion, and the screen goes white.

When the screen fades back in, we're in control of Sol again. He and Aigis are in a room that looks literally torn in half, with Dusk and Sarah lying senseless on the floor and several shards of Crystal strewn around.

Sol is pretty distraught that Glaive and Diana are missing, but he refuses to believe that they're dead. Looking around, we find Elgo is here, as well, but he hasn't seen our wayward party members. Sarah and Dusk are awakened, and join our party to look for their missing friends and siblings. At this point, the crystals start to sparkle, and if you've played Final Fantasy V, you know what comes next.

Jobs! I get my basic 7 jobs at this juncture: Warrior, Monk, Thief, Red Mage, Summoner, White Mage, and Black Mage. A brief tutorial informs me that I will now earn AP after battle, which I can use to level up jobs. I can also equip skillsets from previous jobs I've leveled. Some take one skill slot, and some take two. I start with two skill slots, but I can upgrade this amount by leveling jobs.

Well, it's about time. Sol becomes a Red Mage, because having a backup healer is a good idea. I make Sarah a Summoner, since it seems to fit. Aigis becomes a Warrior, with Red Magic as a backup skill. I make Dusk a Black Mage since we are lacking a bit in the offensive department. Elgo apparently can't change jobs, and is stuck as a Red Mage.

Elgo informs us that we are the Light Warriors, who were prophesied to come when the world was blanketed in darkness. Sol thinks that's pretty cool. No, really, those are nearly his exact words.

Without further ado, it's time to climb back down the temple and see how badly we screwed over Lux.

Next update: How badly are we screwed?


As I've played FFV, I hope AP isn't going to be as much of a grindy thing as it was there (It is still an iPhone game, but one that is very well made from what you've described).

You're probably not going to keep Elgo for now I'm assuming.

Sol is oddly straightforward (and possibly has a very low IQ), I like him (It's probably the fault of the translators, but it's instant Narm Charm.)
fourteenwings 4th Sep 12
AP grinding isn't too bad so far. I'm more likely to run out of gil and JP, actually.
ccoa 5th Sep 12