Liveblog Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Adventures in the IOS Dimension
by ccoa
Part One: It's free, so why not?2
Part Two: Let's get this started2
Part Three: Let's infiltrate us a castle and a temple2
Part Four: Prologue, Part II
Part Five: Oops. But we got jobs!2
Part Six: Honey, we broke the world!2
Part Seven: We get a shiny new toy... and break it.2
Part Eight: Dragoon girl in a chainmail bikini
Part Nine: Misadventures with fleeing bosses
Part Ten: Gameplay and story integration
Part Eleven: RPG Morality2
Part Twelve: Talk like a pirate
Part Thirteen: You spoony bard!
Part Fourteen: Big damn heroes!
Part Fifteen: Angry ghosts and backstory1
Part Sixteen: The halfway mark3
Part Seventeen: There's no blue fairy for gynoids2
Part Eighteen: A Desert Rose
Part Nineteen: The knight ends
Part Twenty: Wutai and ninjas2
Part Twenty-One: The two moles
Part Twenty-two: 2