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Psyga 315

Part 3: I was kidding about the Higurashi comparison!

Recap time: Yuma becomes a Puella Magi and as a reward for saving her life, Kyouko slaps Yuma. There's more to it than that, but that's pretty much it in a nutshell.

So we... change to this strange political cartoon about this guy who vows to change the corrupt government and a girl passing out flyers. Uh, am I reading the title right? This is Puella Magi Oriko Magica, right? Not "Political Figure Hisaomi Dojikko"? Wait... That might sound like a good manga title. Oh wait, the little girl is Oriko. Huh, never thought those words would make it in the Liveblog.

So Oriko's father tells her about how he will make the town a peaceful place, and soon, in a black background with white text, Oriko calls out her father for being a liar. Oh boy, we went into Higurashi territory, didn't we? CUE THE INTRO!

And we change focus from one Cool Big Sis to another with Tomoe Mami as she... kicks... Charlotte's... ass... This is the same Mami, right? The show off who got killed by Charlotte because she was just too showy? What in the mother of all blazes? I know that in my Madoka liveblog, I alluded to this scene, but it's just so strange. Oh, and guess what? She OHKOs the Witch. Okay, she might have fought Charlotte longer, but it's the same ass tactic that got her killed. Some people could point out that it's because Madoka's little "let's be friends" speech spurned Mami into a Power of Friendship fueled rush that ended in her death, and I can probably see where they're going with that, since her only other solo fight with a Witch was against Gertrud, where she had her shots miss, though the missing shots seem to set up magic ribbons to hold the Witch in place. However, it's still the same tactic as before: hold them up in ribbons and blow them to kingdom come. Whatever, maybe this Mami isn't that dumb like the previous Mamis.

So Mami finds another Puella Magi's corpse, but doesn't think the Witch killed her. I should take some time to point out Mami's design. Her pigtails are fucking drills. Yeah, I know, they're drills before, but these are like the fucking drills you'd see piercing the heavens. Also, her hat's so puffy. {chuckles} So anyways, Kyabay comes and tells her that another Puella Magi is doing the killings.

CUT TO: Oriko and the killer, named Kirika, in a rose garden. Er, okay? And then Kirika decides to delete this data of liking roses from her memory? There's some pretty lulzy facial expressions for these characters, they'd so be another avatar gallery for me entirely. Alright, focus! There's this routine between Kirika and Oriko that makes it look like they'd be perfect for a Dom Com.

"What's that?" Urobuchi asked, appearing from the ceiling. "My Puella Magi spin-off is being viewed as something other than a tragic Magical Girl story? THROW SOME WITCHES AT IT!" And so a fight ensues. This Witch is pretty cool, on par with Oktavia. However, this Witch attack isn't stopping Kirika or Oriko from acting like some sort of arguing couple, because as Kirika fights the Witch, Oriko is asking how she wants her tea, then berates her when Kirika asks to have her tea be extra sugary. Kirika kicks the Witch's ass and even she says that it was easy. And seriously, I can't stop thinking of this being a Dom Com, because after that's said and done, Oriko says that the tea was ruined, and I can almost hear a fucking Laugh Track. Seriously guys, this should be a story in of itself! I can see it now: The Suite Life of Oriko and Kirika. It will be fucking amazing. Well, because Urobuchi's presence is still here, a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming soon gets whiplashed by Oriko getting another vision (That's So Oriko, anyone?) and tasks Kirika to go do something.

CUT TO: Mami in school, where she thinks about Kyabay's words to her. Kyabay's only conclusion to the fact that there are Puella Magi killings is that one of them said as her dying words: "A Black Magical Girl" So... The Dark Magician Girl is the killer? YAY! We cut to Kyouko and Yuma as Mami tells them all about it. It's nice to see these two interacting, especially with the All There in the Manual info saying how they used to be friends. That and the only other time they interacted alone together in the show... well... Mami wasn't feeling too well... Then Yuma flips up Mami's skirt because she thinks Mami is bullying her. This somehow caused Mami to cry for some reason...

Kyouko then asks Mami about any white magical girls. Particularly Oriko. Huh? I never really have heard terms like "Black Magical Girl" or "White Magical Girl" used in this universe. The Puella Magi have their own unique colors (Kyouko is red, Mami is yellow, etc.) so I don't really get why those terms are used like there are many "White Magical Girls". And no, I am not going to make a Fantastic Racism joke, that'd be too easy. Instead I will make a better joke: If Oriko is intending to beat Walpurgisnacht, she might need to get three other White Magical Girls.

Mami goes and asks this to another girl who doesn't give a shit for these Magical Girl killings. Well, if that is any indicator, I say that this girl is Akemi Homura. And Madoka goes and confirms this. And Homura has a Death Glare at Mami and tells her not to get close between her and Madoka. Huh. Didn't know Yuno swapped brains with Homura.

Mami then thinks about who could be the killer and what her motive might be. Then she meets Kirika. She misplaced some little toy and has a panic attack. And then Kirika is all like "You're my hero, Mami!" and Mami decides to take her out for lunch. When she does ask her where she got the toy from and asks if she's in love with the person who gave it to her, she loses it and knows she can kill. Dude! I was kidding about the Higurashi opening! You didn't have to actually put Yangires into this! Then a Witch comes. JESUS CHRIST! What the hell? It's so... catty! And there's a sewing machine... And what's this? Mami is going to employ some tactics rather than "shoot everything and everyone"? Oh, nevermind, Kirika's got this. And so Mami and Kirika play a game of Let's You and Him Fight. Mami figures out that Kirika is the killer and they fight. Mami comments on how Kirika moves so fast that she can't even attack her or even restrain her.

Oriko looks at the photo of her father and tells him that she will realize his dream of a peaceful Japan. Long story short: Kirika is handing Mami's ass on a silver platter and the chapter ends with that. We have some behind the scenes stuff where the author explains that Yuma's soul gem is at the back of her neck (don't let Mami know this) and that the reason why she's a catgirl is because cat ears suit little girls. Okay, I agree. The author spoils that Oriko is the Big Bad and we have the Witches shown in this volume. The Yomotsu Witch is named Rosasharn, while Cecil is having an argument with a girl while a worm is coming out of his eye. What is his story? Anyways, there's the Cat Witch named Stacy, and the badass Armor Witch named Virginia. And yes, Virginia, there will be more. Just stay tuned, honey.


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