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Let's Raid A Dungeon!
Psyga 315

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What will Regdar and Aramil discover next? Will their encounters allow them to gain enough experience and attain new levels and further customize their characters? What interesting items will they find that will help them on their quest? Find out in the D&D Basic Game.
— Jessica, in the Dungeons & Dragons Demo.

Don’t you just love cliffhangers? I sure as hell don’t. Hello everyone, Psyga315 here. I felt just a tad cheated in my “Let’s learn about D&D!” liveblog, so I decided to make a liveblog in which I do what I stated in my liveblog at the very end. Rather than have you rush back and see what I mean, I have copy-pasta’d the saying to here.

Another thing I think might improve the demo would be if it went from start to finish. From creating your character to braving your first dungeon. This way it will take the user in for a ride both in story and in investment. Hey, that’s what I would usually do.
— Me, in the “Let’s Learn About D&D!” Liveblog

Bored and wanting to have a little fun, I’ve decided to make a liveblog in which I do exactly that. This is sort of a Spiritual Successor to my Sailor Moon RPG liveblog, where the last two posts was me doing an adventure. However, things will be a bit different from that. For one, I won’t write it in prose, but instead a scripted format. Two, I won’t use one character. I think that’s enough ground rules. Let’s play Dungeons and Dragons!

First, I shall create four characters. I’ll spare you a long and boring process and present you with the characters. There is only one thing to note: Instead of going with a few spells per day rule, I will be going with the Mana system. The way the Mana is judged is through the number used to judge health + the difference between Wisdom and Intelligence. For example 8 + (17 WIS – 15 INT) = 10. The mana cost is the same as the magic level (if at level zero, then it just costs .5).

Hmm... Well, that seems to be enough. If I have any estimations, it’s that Drew and Barendd will make it out on top due to their impeccable skills, while Cora or Drew are going to be the first to die. So far, Alice seems interesting to me. I have to see which one I like better, so tune in next time where I start playing.

And yeah, the sheets are pretty much here for reference points.
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Can't wait to see the script!
MadWritter 7th Nov 11
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