Foregone Conclusion will solve everything.

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Part Four: This is perhaps one of the best scenes in Madoka Magica that I have ever seen.

So to recap: Mami's dead, Homura's a bitch, Sayaka's thinking of the wish, Madoka's traumatized, and Kyouko debuts in this chapter. What will happen next? We already know, but let's find out!

So we join Madoka eating breakfast as she is traumatized from Mami's death. Lol, Nom. So her family is concerned, but it doesn't cross their minds that something's up, what with the hanging out with Mami thing. Madoka joins up with Sayaka soon after and Sayaka is more concerned with the city's safety. Kyubey leaves, telling them that he can't force the contract to them (coughliecough). Madoka breaks and enters Mami's room and she breaks down crying. Aw... Homura comes to Madoka and notes that she took heed of her backhanding Saya- I mean, "warning" her about the world of the Puella Magi. She then states that her fate wouldn't had changed. Again, not true, check out Puella Magi Oriko Magica. Okay, she may refer to her fate as a Puella Magi, but that's more than likely. She then tells her that Mami will not be missed and that it will take a while for them to note that she is missing. Yeah right. The way she says it, it could take months. It's just gonna take a week. Madoka decides she will always remember Mami. Aw... and then the moment's ruined when she said that she won't forget how Homura saved them yesterday. This causes Homura to think "There's no way you'd remember." Even though she says "Burn it in your memories". Sure, she might have thought yesterday as in the previous timeline, but that's less than likely. She storms out again.

Let's go back to Kyousuke and Sayaka. Kyousuke angsts and smashes some CDs. He then tells Sayaka that his arm can't heal and that only a miracle or some magic will heal it. Then this line comes up.

Sayaka: They exist. Both magic... and miracles... exist...

This is perhaps one of the best scenes in Madoka Magica that I have ever seen. Mostly because it feels like something Key/Visual Arts would make. It has the same drama as something out of a Visual Novel. This is just a scene that I like very much for some reason. Maybe because it's a powerful scene, or perhaps it's saddening, but I like it.

Moving on, Madoka walks and wonders why Homura ended up fighting Mami. Because she doesn't let go of the past. Madoka spots Hitomi as she leads her to a suicide cult. Oh, Crap!! She's leading her to the Castle In The Air! {Dramatic Thunder} Yea, there's a suicide cult, glad they used that plot thread! Some dude is sitting and he's like "There's no reason for me to live anymore! I must kill myself! But wait! Let me gather a group of people to die with me!" Madoka sees the bucket and we get Kat- I mean Junko, telling her that if someone mixes chemicals together, the gases will send them to the other side. No, that's what she says. You don't have to belittle Madoka, she saw someone's head get bitten off and worse! And Hitomi shoves Madoka, establishing her as a brainwashed bitch. Madoka runs and throws the bucket out, leaving her perfectly safe... at the mercy of dozens of pissed off cult members. Whoops. I liked the expression Madoka makes when she realizes this, even if it kills the drama a bit. She runs to the storage room and she gets attacked by two angels. Quick, send EVA-01!

The Angels tell her that she's guilty of lying and being weak, and she's being punished for it. Then Sayaka becomes a Big Damn Hero yet again. She kicks H.N. Elly's ass in one shot. Let's just say I liked her familiars more than H.N. Elly. Especially since they had more panel time. Homura comes to see what had happened as she is too late to OHKO the Witch. Kyousuke's hand heals and we are finally introduced to Kyouko. She's pissed that Sayaka was made a Puella Magi and stole her turf, thankfully bringing back that whole turf war thing for the span of a few chapters, and decides to kill her.

Will she succeed in doing so? Is there anymore about the Puella Magi that we don't know? Will Sayaka benefit from her wish, or will she fall like Mami? For all these questions and more, Foregone Conclusion will solve everything.

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