Fool's super special Pokemon Green Liveblog

Pipping Fool

Episode 3: Evil Enchantress!

So me and my awesome team head into the Viridian Forest today. A deep, dark, treacherous place filled with savage beasts and poisonous critters that would make you scream. I mean look at this thing, itís fucking terrifying! Those soulless eyes... (itís more frightening in the game, trust me)

So while youíre hacking away through legions of soul sucking Kakunaís and hellish Pikachuís you pick up your newest team member; John the Caterpie. You name him after yourself because this is your spirit Pokemon. Yep, your spirit Pokemon is a freaking Caterpie, obviously no bog or god gives a Ratattaís hiney about you John. However, he evolved into a Butterfree quite quickly and is now the teamís Special Stat powerhouse so maybe it isnít so bad having a Caterpie as a spirit Pokemon (I love how Special is so broken in Gen I, I will be abusing this quite a lot).

So basically Viridian forest amounted to this: A whole lot of fucking grinding. Levelled the entire team to 16 (Which meant that Eridan and Rose evolved into their second stages and Doze became more useful) so now I guess itís time to take on Brock (incidentally Viridian forest has less trainers in it than in R/B/Y, first dungeon layout change).

First of all, I go to the Pokemart (Or Pokeshop as theyíre called in these games) to restock on Pokeballs and buy one Potion with the remaining money (yes, I was that fucking poor). After going shopping I head over to Brockís gym. It was a painless process sweeping out Brocks gym. Took out the Youngster in 10 seconds flat with John and demolished Brock with Eridan, after the fight there wasnít much to do so Eridan and Rose did... this for 30 minutes.

Pokemon Total: 5

Body Count: 0

And... Thatís pretty much it for this instalment, pretty bare bones if you ask me. I need something to pad this out... Oh! I know! Iíll give John a Nuzlocke back-story! Thatíll pad out the rest of this instalment. So, Johnís childhood wasnít a happy one. His father died at a youngin a car crash, his mother was neglectful and nearly everyone bullied him. His only friend, Dave, ended up ditching him and became a bully to so he locked himself in the attic, or a he called it, his room.

Once he reached his 10th birthday he was allowed to become a Pokemon Trainer and get his first Pokemon. John had very basic grasps of how Pokemon battling worked, he knew that Pokemon duked it out against each other but he always had the mindset that ďfaintingĒ was death, and that you were only allowed to catch the first Pokemon you saw on each rout., Neither of these assumptions were correct, but in Johnís deranged mind, they were.

So when he got Eridan, his first true friend, he made a vow that Eridan would never die in his hands and for that, he and Eridan needed to be stronger. When he beat Dave for the first time he knew Dave had the advantage and so he trained Eridan as hard as he could, this applied for his other team members, his friends, too. His own deep care for his Pokemon and a wish for them to get stronger evolved into a sanguinary insanity.

This part of Johnís psyche transferred into his Pokemon too. Eridan has a wish to kill all who oppose him; Rose and Doze would not have any qualms in mauling another Mon to death; Eggs is quite comfortable in blinding another with his talons and even John, the Only Sane Mon is happy to poison others and cause a slow, painful death and this is just the start. Who knows what would happen when his first Pokemon dies or when his power gets out of control? Idle hands are the devils playthings after all.



(Next time, Fool encounters the horrors of Mt.Moon)