Star Watches: Pokemon Black and White(Best Wishes)

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Hiun (Castelia) City! Fushide Panic!! (BW22)

BW 22 (Japanese Raw) Yeah, Yeah, I said I wouldn’t do the Japanese episodes. But I’m putting my comments from my first watch here, and since I have no way of getting subs (I can’t torrent, this is off YT) it’s the raw. A few notes: I will switch between English and japanese terms. If a Japanese term is used, there will be an english term next to it if I know it.

.However, I do not speak Japanese, I only know a few terms pertaining to pokemon and a few random words. So If I say that a character says something, It’s a complete guess.

Ok, Let’s begin! Episode opens with TR Scanning the ground with the Metorite’s power....Flint ( Not the Elite four member ) Is talking to some professor... (He says ‘’____-Hakase’’). Meowth is looking at a screen...And they find some glowy rock (Another meteorite?) Title card music is now game theme music. (well, as of Bw 20.) And no OP on this Raw, else i would comment on how long it’s taikng them to switch OP’s already.

Ash and Co are leaving the pokemon center, and Ash is excited for his gym battle as usual. Iris comments on Hiun (castelia) City. Cilan tells her something...and ash gets in Iris’s Face....Probably beacause he doesn’t want to sightsee. they go to some park, and see Burgh, the Gym leader standing under a tree. I think he tells them that something is missing from the tree (probably some bugs) and he’s sad about it. Iris uses her insticts to find whatever’s missing....and leads them to an ice cream store. Ash and Cilan are like >_< and ^_^” and Iris Is like “Whoops.” Ash comments on her failure, and Iris yells at him.

Pikachu senses something in a manhole, and the gang goes down there.

there’s a Venipide stuck in a pipe. ( Venipide is A caterpillar/centipide thing. it evolves into Scolipede, the thing that kidnaps Axew/Kibago in ~BW 9~.) Ash scans it with his pokedex, then runs over to pull it out, but Burgh stops him, because it’s poisonous. (I heard ‘’Doku’’, which I think means poison.) Ash tries to pull it out anyway. (Nice job, Ash.) He succeeds, but ends up lying on the floor. (Yup.) The Venipide uses what looks like Bug Buzz, and everyone covers their ears. the Venipide has a bruise on its back. Ash tries to comfort it, and it attacks his face. He tries to comfort it some more and it calms down. Then he faints from poisoning.(Wait, why’s his face purple...Oh.) Cilan gives him some medicine, and...Gratuitous English. (“Thank you Dento”) Iris And Burgh Heal Venipide.

Burgh gets a sparkly background....and Iris gives Venipide an oran berry. then a whole swarm of Venipide go by. one of the swarm Venipide uses the move i think is bug buzz, then shoot some stuff at the main cast. they all run away, and the lone Venipide from earlier is left behind. on the surface, the Swarm of Venipide is terrorizing the town, and they meet an officer Jenny. they talk, Ash says something about Prof. Juniper (“Araragi-Hakase”) and the pokemon center blows up. there’s a bunch of trainers defending the Pokemon center...And Trip is just standing there, taking pictures. (.....Seriously?) He sends out his...Lampara?(No Idea what this one is named, It’s a lantern pokemon.) and has it use Flamethrower, and the other trainers follow suit. The Venipide get even angrier and shoot more stuff at them. Trip gets yelled at by Ash (Probably for attacking the pokemon) Trip talks smack about Kanto again, and Ash gets angry. Some guy with a mustache comes over and talks to everyone. Burgh says something abut the park (I guess I was right: the bugs were all missing.) Ash, Iris and Cilan ask the Mustache guy to help them, and....(I missed this last bit.)

Eye catch time! there’s an instrumental of “Best Wishes” here. Cut to Prof. Juniper’s lab, and Juniper and her Assistants are looking at some screens, Juniper says something about the Venipide living undergound. Cut to Ash, Iris, and Burgh, and they’re running around. Iris sees a huge Venipide on top of a building and it jumps down to fight them. Burgh tries to reason with it.....And Trip comes in and has his Lampara attack it. Ash and Iris Yell at him, He ignores them, his Lampara uses...something...(It’s not shadow ball, that’s a Gratuitous English move.) Ash runs in and takes the attack (Of course.) and gets knocked back several feet. Trip comments on this,Puzzled, then gets yelled at by Burgh. the Injured Venipide comes in and sits next to Ash, Burgh talks to Trip some more.

Cilan comes in with Nurse Joy, and her Audino. Trip Recalls Lampara, Audino uses...some move that makes the Venipide Sleepy. Burgh takes out his Ocarina, and plays some music, and leads the Venipide someplace. The rest of the group has to go get the stragglers. Ash has Pidove use Wing attack to blow some Venipide out of an alley, Iris has Axew use...Dragon Sneeze (In other words, It filed to use Dragon Rage Correctly again.) to knock some off a building, and Clan has Pansage use bullet seed in a Spiral to make some Venipide Dizzy. Tabunne uses that Sleepy attack again. Ash tries to have Pidove clear some Venipide off an awning... and they attack her, but Trip’s...Tranquill Saves her. It then uses Wing attack to clear the awning. Ash has Pidove do the same....And She Evolves. They clear out some more Venipide, and Ash smiles at Trip, but he Ignores him. ( Of Course. )

Cut to Prof. Juniper’s Again, and, something’s going on in the Resort Desert. Cut to Giovanni’s Airplane, then back to Hiun. the Venipide are in the park, and the mustache guy thanks everyone. Trip says something to Ash, then walks off. Ash is like O_o. (If you speak Japanese and you know what is said here, PLEASE TELL ME. For Ash to make a face like that, it would have to be really funny.)

Juniper comes in by Helicopter, and the gang comes to greet her. She shows them a map, pointing to the resort Desert. I think Ash says he wants to help, and Juniper is surprised. She lets them help anyway. They take off in Juniper’s helicopter, and the episode ends.


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