Let's Raid A Dungeon!

Psyga 315

Room Three: The Wesley

This is gonna be a very short one, since the room is pretty short. To recap, our heroes came across a rival NPC, braved their first trap, looted their first corpses, and now discovered their first secret room, which is what the entire post is gonna be about.

The heroes enter a small golden room. The only feature in the room is the skeleton of a large figure. Cora decides to look closer at the skeleton.

Cora: Itís an ogre. Must have died from old battle wounds... wait...

Cora then looks at a shield the skeleton was holding, more importantly, its crest. [Intelligence DC Check: 10. Cora = 20! CRITICAL SUCCESS!]

Cora: Guys! This shield is enchanted with the Invisibility Cutie Mark! Whoever holds it will activate the enchantment and render them invisible for five whole minutes! (Or in laymanís terms, five rounds)

Drew: Ah. Sweet. This will make a killing at D-Bay. (D-Bay? Really?)

Barendd: You fool! This will make a great weapon! We must use this to our advantage! (And now he acts like Boromir.)

Alice: This is gonna be bad news... I say we destroy it! (As Alice sounds like Frodo)

Cora: Alice, just because the thing makes you invisible doesnít mean itís some Artifact of Doom. If it was, then youíd bet your ass thereíd be a sequel about that. (Sorry, couldnít resist breaking character for that one joke) But who to give it to?

Alice: You should have it, Cora. You nearly died last time. You need all the help you can get. (Thatís true!)

Cora: Thanks, but that was because of bad luck. (Thatís also true!) Hm... Drew, you found the door, I think you should get this. (Hm... perfect at everything? Check. Pulls off tasks with no effort? Check. Getting sweet swag for no reason? Check. I think we have our Mary Sue!)

Drew: Good. Iíll wear it as soon as I feel like it.

Cora: Good. Now, to the next room!

The heroes see a large wooden door, and charge right through.

So like I said, very short. Drew still seems to be winning me over, which means that heís now a Creator's Pet... Sort of. It depends on if people hate him or not. If they donít then tough cheese for me then. Iím starting to see a pattern in these four.

  • Alice: The Roleplayer, since sheís more of the caring kind and actually has some concerns.
  • Barendd: The Real Man, because he wants to rush into battle.
  • Cora: The Loonie, because... Okay, maybe not her.
  • Drew: The Munchkin, due to being incredibly broken.

Well, thatís pretty much it for my ending rant. Stay tuned for part four.


Get some Kobolds in here.
Envyus 14th Nov 11
Oh don't worry... You will get your kobold action soon.
Psyga315 14th Nov 11