Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 33: Highly Tarnished Silver

First, we head overland to Ironfist, and then take the boat (after a day of delay) to the Misty Islands.

Now that we're here, let's chat up the town's mayor to see what we can find out about this dungeon. Hmmm, the mayor is considering letting the Silver Helms police the island. Sounds nice...can we get a second opinion?

Yes we can, from the mayor's aide. He's convinced the Silver Helms are up to no good, and wants us to go poke around their outpost and see what the deal is. Sounds good to me!

This gives us a grand total of three quests for this place:

  • Finding the Hourglass of Time (Council approval)
  • Rescuing a Damsel in Distress (Paladin promotion)
  • Investigate the Silver Helms

As you can see, there's a lot at work in this dungeon, so let's get started!

The entrance is a long hallway with a single room to the left. Well, we don't want to waste any time busting out my favorite spell, so Ring of Fire away!

The enemies inside are Guard-class, which means they hit somewhat hard, and have a good amount of health. However, they are no match for us. Good thing there wasn't a captain...those are nasty.

Now down the hallway, which leads to the main hall, with tables, chairs, and a few familiar hooded faces. The magical monks from the last dungeon, back for more.

But my psychic powers tell me there's a trick here, so we peek around the corner. More guards and some swordsmen. The swordsmen do not have the health or armor levels of the guards, but hit equally hard. Also, the more experienced ones can break your items. Sounds like fun!

After clearing out the room with good old-fashioned physical violence, we look around. Two doors to the east, two doors to the south, and three doors to the west. Eenie, meenie, minee, east!

The first door leads to the chapel. Nice. However, the monks inside the chapel are not so nice. However, we can use Ring of Fire to hit them...and hit the swordsmen in the other eastern room! Did I mention I love this spell?

After one brief trip outside to rest and regain spell points, we finish off these enemies. Nothing else left to the chapel, but we can check out the other set of rooms. Inside, we find a series of small rooms, filled with dead bodies...except for the last room, still closed off.

Ring of Fire reveals a Master Monk there, so we beat him down and look at the chest he was guarding. It has an "Enemies List", and number three on the list is the mayor. Time to report in! On the way out, we notice a button on the wall, but ignore it.

The mayor is distraught, saying he really hasn't done anything bad, with the caveat "no more than any other mayor". Um, okay...

The aide is more appreciative, and rewards us with 3000 gold. Also, more experience, so we go train up a level (to 18). But that button bothers me, so I go back to investigate.

The button is pushed, and...a secret door opens in the previous room. Behind it are more swordsmen, but they are easily killed. Now for the chests they guard. Standard loot, but one of them has a strange key. My psychic powers tell me this key has something to do with the Hourglass Albert Newton has been seeking, so let's go see him. After all, he owes us a (honorary) promotion to wizard.

After the promotion, Albert Newton reveals that in his typical absentmindedness, the key was what he was thinking of. This key opens up Gharik's Forge, where the Hourglass really is. That's nice, now you get to sit there and wait for us to get powerful enough to take that dungeon on.

We then head over and train up again, reaching level 19. Skill points assigned, and we're ready to go back into the outpost and find ourselves a damsel in distress!


The quest for Paladin Status is simply to rescue a Distressed Damsel?

Hey, Cate, go wander into that room full of enemies. I'll rescue you, and then I can get promoted.
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