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Dodging Rocket Punches And Copyright Issues: Let's Play Super Robot Wars OG1
Episode 2 - Personal Trooper
Episode 6 - Divine Crusaders
Ah, I remember playing this game; it was quite enjoyable, though a tad difficult to achieve some of the special things in the mid- and late-game. I'd elaborate, but it wouldn't be nice to spoil your fun, would it? Let's just say that the Modules are also good for gaining EXP, and there's at least one character that'll need it...

Anyways, good job so far, and I'll certainly be viewing future updates.
Wow, I've actually got a reader! I'll have to see what special things the game has to offer when I'm there, then. Do note that I may miss a few secrets, if they exist, since I'm not using any sort of guide.
Doesn't the water module allow you to use beam weapon in it? Also, while flying is nice for mobility, you don't get the defense or evade bonus form the terrain IIRC since you're flying over it. Defensively, it's usually better to fight on the ground.
Episode 9 - Silent Service
Pardon the pun, but it appears that everything's going swimmingly. You're doing excellently in Skill Point collecting, your battle strategies are well-planned, and your summarizations are as clear and short as they should be. A great job so far, and I hope that you don't give up on this LB anytime soon.

By the way, out of those we've seen so far, which characters do you think you'll use the most in the near future? Even though you're already concentrating pretty hard on perfecting every battle, it's probably a good idea to keep an eye on your EXP gains and avoid messing up your future plans. For example, I accidentally ended up with Aya being the first Ace (50 enemies shot down) in my first playthrough when I was hoping it would be Ryusei, and my long-ranged Rai was constantly 2 levels lower than either of them...
Thank you. Out of the characters I have so far, the ones that usually come out on top are Ryusei, Irm and Latooni. If I have to guess why...Ryusei has a bit of a head start 'cause he's the protagonist and is pretty powerful once he gets the R-1, Latooni can dodge just about anything, and I have Irm tank everything once he gets the Grungust. Aya did fall a bit by the wayside on my last run, despite attempts to keep her at an acceptable level.
Hi there! Count me in as another reader.

I love these srw L Ps, and yours is looking very good as well. This was my first srw game, and I did pretty good (missed some secrets though), and it looks like you've got the gameplay handled very well.

One little request, in addition to the screen caps maybe you could also upload some youtube videos of things like attack animations or boss assaults? It'll also showcase things like the music and TROMBE!!
My first thought was linking to already-uploaded Youtube videos of those, but unfortunately the comments on those tend to be full of spoilers, and I subsequently dropped the idea. If there is a particular demand for this sort of thing, though, I'll see what I can do in regards to uploading my own stuff.
You can always disable comments on any video you upload to prevent that sorta thing.
Episode 10 - Vengeance
Giado got a run of bad luck in my playthough as well, but it was probably because he was always piloting the weakest machine on the field. On the bright side, there were a lot of powerful bosses that I don't think I could've defeated had I not used him as a decoy.
I had some trouble with Giado too. He's not a Ace pilot, he's a support pilot. Not that he should be neglected because of that.
Episode 11 - Elemental Lord
The scene where the Cybuster blow up the canons originated from Super Robot Wars 2. The Cybuster was the first robot in SRW with a map attack. ^^ Being one of my favorite robots, I tried to upgrade as much stuff on it as possible. Not easy as it cost a harm and a leg to do that. X D

While the Cybuster is a dodgy mech, Masaki is not a dodgy pilot. X D The extra mobility will serve you well. ^^
Episode 13 - Bian Zoldark
Notice how the game deprive you of the Cybuster when you first meet the Valsion? X D But IIRC correctly, when Masaki arrive he have maxed out morale, making up for it. Also, hiding in the water could help lessen the damage from the Valsion's attacks... wouldn't be for the fact that about everyone has a poor water piloting rating. X D

By the way, Regen (L) is a a 30% regen per turn. In this case, the Valsion recover 135 EN per turn. X D
Episode 19 - The Dawning
The Valsion is a bit of a pain. Unlike most bosses, it's not possible to make him use its ammo attack unless he run out of energy. Even then, he has a ton of ammo. Thus, what happens is that he will usually always be able to shoot you. In the end, I soloed him with Masaki which had SP Regen at this point, enough to cast Alert every turn. X D
Episode 23 - Neviim Emerges
For getting this map BM, I was happy to have upgraded the Cybuster earlier in the game. ^^ It's not a hard map but IIRC the game don't let you upgrade units for that mission.

The R-Gun is nice but it's a EN sink. X D

Rhada starts with SP Regen IIRC. Since she's a support pilot, it doesn't hurt at all.

Like you said, Katina is a glass cannon. Some people put her into the Giganscudo because of that. X D
Episode 24 - Lune & Valsione
It's been a while since I last read this liveblog, and just as long since I last played this game. I think this was around the point I stopped my last playthough, since I can vaguely remember trying to boost Ryusei to an Ace by the end of the mission and failing horribly. Anyways, best of luck with the rest of your playthrough!
In Super Robot Wars Ex, it's mentioned that Bian designed the Psychoblaster base on the Cyflash so that's why both attacks are alike.

In Super Robot Wars 3, more or less the same thing happens with Lune... except that she will die quickly if you don't lend her a hand and take care of all the other opponents. X D And you want to recruit her, just for the Psychoblaster attack, it is worth it. X D

The intent to use a gas attack was also something that happened in Super Robot Wars 3.
Episode 26 - His Resolve
Daunt is an excellent skill for softening a boss. Will is used to calculate attack, defense and the activation of several defensive skills including several barrier. If you have time and SP Regen it works even better. Similarly, SP regen on someone that can boost a teammate morale can help too if you have time and want that medal on someone else.

I wasn't able to get that Battle Mastery. X D Upgrading machine guns, knives, MAP attacks and Eye Beams does wonders for taking out mooks but you need to upgrade those expensive Awesome But Impractical attacks to have enough fire power to take down a boss like that. ^^; If you have the extra money, you can also consider upgrading the Type 2 ultimate attack. It cost a harm and a leg but it hit hard and can actually be used a couple of times in a row before you run out of EN.
Episode 27 - GEIM System
"But as the only hit point that matters is the last" So, um, do you play Magic The Gathering ? : P
Episode 28 - Crusaders' End
Personally, I made Leona the pilot of the Valsion Custom. In any case, it benefit from having a pilot with Hit and Away.
Episode 29 - Geneva Scourged
A fully upgraded M95 is far from useless. While it's not the strongest weapon, it packs a serious punch and have decent ammo.

That being said, equipping the Armor Breaker is a good thing.
I know this is old, but i'm just coming across it now, and it is awesome.

I would like to note that "bigger than the Giganscudo" means quite a bit; the Giganscudo is enormous, almost 50% larger than the SRX, which is itself pretty much the biggest playable mech.

The sources I've found give the Giganscudo at 70 meters and the SRX at 50.
Episode 30 - Betrayal
Russel is a god. Thanks to Guard, he just doesn't die. ^^ In my playthough, I gave him as many SP skills of any type to spam spirit commands here and there. Less people dies when he's there. ^^
Episode 33 - Delusions
If you can't use a powerful attack with your shield bypassing spirit command then use it on a stat reducing missile attack. : ) Psychoblaster and Cyflash, awesome since the original Super Robot Wars Series. :D No wonder it cost a ton of money to upgrade those. X D
Yeah, status effect missiles do a great job when they work. It's unfortunate that a lot of late-game bosses have a whole list of status immunities.
That's why you must use that shield bypassing spirit command on those too. Save and give it a try. ^^ If I recall correctly, it also bypass the pilot skill "Potential", the one that give you more defense as you get less H Ps.
Another comment on a sadly old thread that nobody will probably ever read.

It has always amused me that the OG 2 upgraded version of the Alteisen, the Alteisen Riese, DID mount a Tesla Drive.

It still couldn't fly. At that point it was so overloaded with weaponry and armor that it needed a Tesla Drive just to stay upright.

Episode 36 - Marionettes
That MAP was one who gave me an headache back then. X D I believe that Gaza here have a force field that basically No Sell weak damage. At least you're not playing the PS 2 version where a status ailment type missile needs to break through the force field and deal damage to have it effect applied. X D Fury helped for that in that version. X D

Fury + Valor help to get past stuff with force fields and Prevail assuming you can spare the SP. Also, Mercy can help you taking down the missiles. There's only two character that can use it though IIRC. ^^;

Don't count out the individual parts of the R-Series. It is possible in a single turn to uncombine the SRX to attack with the R2 and R3, ideally with their Combination Attack and then recombine to have Ryusei attack with the SRX. : )
The SRX can still combine after the R-2 and R-3 have moved? Interesting, didn't know that yet.
Episode 38 - Operation SRW
Counterattack damage is very important when trying to take care of powerful mobs quickly. Perhaps for that kind of situation, it is better to upgrade weaker weapons with much more ammo. Also, upgrading MAP attacks helps too even though it cost a arm and a leg. XD Still, I am sure that with what is about to come next, you won't regret to have upgraded your finishing moves. ^^ Since there is only so much robots and pilots you can use in a stage, perhaps you'll want to start considering who and what will make it to your final team.
Yeah, Rio and Radha have fallen completely by the wayside now, since they used to do repairing and resupplying. Radha can still cast Attune, though, which is a bit of an SP saver.
Episode 39 - Shoot the Star
By the way, if you manage to somehow defeat Viletta or Gaza before the plot take care of them, they will get a free full HP recovery. I remember Viletta saying something along the line of "I can't die right now" (in the "it's really not the time for that now").
Episode 40 - Insect Cage
The big problem with the R-Gun is that when you start with it, it is very, VERY badly equipped. Its ranged attack cost lost of energy and run out very fast so you need ammo based weapons on it to make up for that. By contrast, those guys making Gespents knew what they were doing, providing them a nice balance of ranged and post movement attacks with decent ammo.

I forgot if this is mentioned in the GBA version but in the PS 2 version, they are surprised at the fact that they went as far as copying the cats! X D

Also, for future reference and just in case, Strike (the thing that give you 100% accuracy for a turn) also override Afterimage. When Afterimage is in effect, it has a 50% chance of activating.
Yep, the cats are indeed surprised they've been copied as well. Nice to know Strike negates Double Image as well, by the way.

Also, I consulted a FAQ about the unexpected appearance about the Mk. II-S afterwards because I was curious; apparently, it's because I destroyed the R-Gun back in episode 30.
That's rigth. If the R-Gun is not destroyed (and rebuilted), Viletta brings you back one here, most likely because the plot will later necessissate its presence. And it's still poorly equipped. X D
Episode 41 - Double-Edged Sword
There's some special dialogue if you defeat Ingram with Viletta here. IIRC, Against Ingram, if he run out of one of his attacks (the ammo one?), you get a small blind spot that allows you to attack him without being countered. Also, it's a way to force him to use his EN attack.

Luckily for you, Judecca isn't standing on the White Star itself. I guess the programmers felt generous. X D At this point of the game, the bosses have so much EN that to make them run out of it, you have to force them to use their EN attacks as much as possible and also activate their force field as much as possible which requires the use of many, many support attacks. In the PS 2 version, they get so much EN that at some point I stopped bothering! X D Also, the PS 2 version apparently automatically give you the next stage, probably for plot related reasons (the sequel being on the same disk after all).
Final Episode - The Adjudicator
First, the time limit is to avoid a non-stantard game over. If you fail to defeat the final boss in time, you actually see it summoning THREE Judeccas. Also, IIRC, since you got all skill points, that version of the final boss only use ammo attacks. If you are patient, you can make it run out of ammo. ^^

And finally, to get new game plus, you must finish both storyline before getting access to it. At first you'll only get something like 25% of the money and PP you got in your walkthrough but eventually you'll get 100% of it.
Thanks for writing this fascinating liveblog. It takes serious dedication to earn all the skill points and I applaud you for it. I always skip a few, even when going after Septuagint.

If you have no plans on doing OG 2, I've been itching to play it again and I've always wanted to write one of these. Unfortunately, I have no way of getting screenshots off my DS and a liveblog is rather dull without photos.
If you're going to do OG 2, I'll definitely be reading your liveblog. As for me, I downloaded a ROM of the game and ran it on a GBA emulator. Worked like a charm.
I've started my OG 2 live blog here:

It looks like I screwed up with the Subject thing and it's not showing up on the page for this series. I would like to finish the game before Project X Zone comes out.
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