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These are the open Repair Shop and Image Pickin' threads that have an associated article. Oldest listed first.
Days Opennumber open: 245
1159Trope Repair Shop
1127Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
1127Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
1127Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
1072Trope Repair Shop
1003Trope Repair Shop
994Trope Repair ShopCreators Pet
984Trope Repair ShopEarly Bird Cameo
764Trope Repair ShopTrue Companions
763Trope Repair ShopHell Is That Noise
709Trope Repair ShopAmerica Wins The War
694Trope Repair ShopFail O Suckyname
684Trope Repair ShopHow Do You Like Them Apples
679Trope Repair Shop
663Trope Repair ShopSpiritual Licensee
643Trope Repair ShopForgotten Birthday
636Image Pickin'Namespace Icons
619Trope Repair ShopStop Helping Me
614Image Pickin'
607Trope Repair ShopInstant Awesome Just Add Ninja
593Trope Repair ShopMac Guffin Girl
589Trope Repair ShopWho Is This Guy Again
572Trope Repair ShopTwo Words Obvious Trope
572Trope Repair ShopHistory Marches On
569Trope Repair ShopMommy Issues
559Trope Repair ShopWhen She Smiles
557Trope Repair ShopAdult Fear
550Trope Repair ShopBilingual Bonus
516Trope Repair ShopDefector From Decadence
514Trope Repair ShopExactly What It Says On The Tin
512Trope Repair ShopLady In Red
506Trope Repair ShopRule Abiding Rebel
496Trope Repair ShopThe Inspector
486Trope Repair ShopAbsurdly Youthful Mother
465Trope Repair ShopEldritch Abomination
455Trope Repair ShopAlways Night
450Trope Repair ShopBody Horror
417Trope Repair ShopDark Chick
406Trope Repair ShopQuirky Bard
345Trope Repair ShopGosh Hornet
339Image Pickin'Big Badass Bird Of Prey
331Trope Repair ShopPrecision F-Strike
322Trope Repair ShopPortal
317Trope Repair ShopGhost Shipping
309Trope Repair ShopLets You And Him Fight
288Trope Repair ShopVanilla Protagonist
288Trope Repair ShopSomewhere An Ornithologist Is Crying
288Trope Repair ShopAsshole Victim
281Trope Repair ShopReliable Traitor
280Trope Repair ShopWhy Do You Keep Changing Jobs
278Trope Repair ShopGretzky Has The Ball
268Trope Repair ShopHonorable Marriage Proposal
267Trope Repair ShopFont Anachronism
266Image Pickin'
262Trope Repair ShopThe Nameless
242Trope Repair ShopWeird Moon
234Trope Repair ShopMost Annoying Sound
225Trope Repair ShopShip Mates
224Trope Repair ShopAction Girl
217Trope Repair ShopBigger Bad
209Trope Repair ShopRoad Movie
206Trope Repair ShopDueling Shows, Dueling Movies, Dueling Games
205Trope Repair ShopThe Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer
201Trope Repair ShopOnly Six Helmets
200Trope Repair ShopAttractive Bent Gender
186Trope Repair ShopInternet Counterattack
181Trope Repair ShopGhost Lights
175Trope Repair ShopSpoiled Sweet
170Trope Repair ShopCharacter Title
166Trope Repair ShopExecutive Meddling
163Trope Repair ShopEight Deadly Words
159Trope Repair ShopSave Scumming
157Trope Repair ShopBoom Headshot
155Trope Repair ShopOn Site Procurement
154Trope Repair ShopMata Hari
148Trope Repair ShopThe Beautiful Game
147Trope Repair ShopPadding
140Trope Repair ShopThigh High Boots
134Trope Repair ShopScandal Gate
124Trope Repair ShopThe Dev Team Thinks Of Everything
119Trope Repair ShopContinuity Rebooter
117Trope Repair ShopThe Southpaw
113Trope Repair ShopVampire Invitation
109Trope Repair Shop
108Trope Repair ShopThe Brigadier
105Trope Repair ShopEarn Your Fun
104Image Pickin'Stephen King
104Trope Repair ShopDouble Unlock
103Trope Repair ShopHannibal Has A Point
102Trope Repair ShopJustified Title
98Trope Repair ShopBuried Alive
95Trope Repair ShopDid I Mention Its Christmas
94Trope Repair ShopMes A Crowd
91Trope Repair ShopFun With Subtitles
88Trope Repair ShopPlaying The Player
88Trope Repair ShopSuper Cop
86Image Pickin'Spirit Advisor
85Trope Repair ShopHappily Married
84Trope Repair ShopImpossible Mission
82Image Pickin'Inspector Javert
81Trope Repair ShopThe Bus Came Back
79Trope Repair ShopI Cant Use These Things Together
78Trope Repair ShopBodyguard Crush
75Image Pickin'Balloon Belly
75Image Pickin'Rockers Smash Guitars
75Image Pickin'The Hedonist
74Image Pickin'Exhausted Eyebags
74Trope Repair ShopWedding Smashers
72Trope Repair ShopMagazine Decay
71Trope Repair ShopEvil Counterpart
70Image Pickin'Tall Dark And Snarky
68Trope Repair ShopHurt Comfort Fic
67Trope Repair ShopMexicans Love Speedy Gonzalez
67Trope Repair ShopMexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
67Trope Repair ShopMexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
67Trope Repair ShopSuspiciously Similar Substitute
66Trope Repair ShopThe Punishment
66Trope Repair ShopJailbird Of Panama
66Image Pickin'Power High
65Trope Repair ShopBlessed Are The Cheese Makers
65Trope Repair ShopStalking Is Funny If It Is Female After Male
63Image Pickin'Mike Nelson Destroyer Of Worlds
61Image Pickin'Thematic Series
60Trope Repair ShopLGBT Fanbase
59Trope Repair ShopSecret Public Identity
58Trope Repair ShopDork Age
57Image Pickin'One Piece
57Image Pickin'Beauty Is Never Tarnished
55Image Pickin'Video Games
53Trope Repair ShopPair The Spares
53Trope Repair ShopIron Curtain
51Image Pickin'You Need A Breath Mint
50Image Pickin'Inevitable Waterfall
50Image Pickin'Drunken Boxing
49Image Pickin'Robot Antennae
49Image Pickin'Badass Adorable
46Trope Repair ShopDreams Of Flying
44Trope Repair ShopHollywood Magnetism
42Trope Repair ShopShadow Archetype
41Image Pickin'Big Brother Instinct
40Image Pickin'A Kind Of Magic
40Trope Repair ShopAmbiguously Bi
39Image Pickin'The Creeper
38Image Pickin'OOC Is Serious Business
38Image Pickin'Battle In The Center Of The Mind
36Image Pickin'Transformation Sequence
36Image Pickin'Overly Long Scream
36Trope Repair ShopWheel Program
35Image Pickin'Fantastic Aesop
35Image Pickin'Caffeine Bullet Time
35Trope Repair ShopKamehame Hadoken
34Trope Repair ShopTwo First Names
34Image Pickin'Anime And Manga
33Image Pickin'Stock Sitcom Grand Finale
33Image Pickin'Ive Heard Of That What Is It
32Trope Repair ShopMonumental Theft
32Image Pickin'Prank Call
32Trope Repair ShopBlessed With Suck
31Trope Repair ShopGenre Savvy
30Trope Repair ShopLater Installment Weirdness
30Image Pickin'Anguished Declaration Of Love
30Trope Repair ShopKindness Button
30Trope Repair ShopAudience Alienating Premise
29Image Pickin'It Only Works Once
29Image Pickin'The Scrappy
29Trope Repair ShopSuperpower Lottery
28Trope Repair ShopSuperpowered Alter Ego
28Trope Repair ShopGood Is Boring
27Image Pickin'Screw The Rules I Have Money
27Trope Repair ShopHeal Thyself
26Image Pickin'Victorian Novel Disease
25Trope Repair ShopDoom
25Image Pickin'Series Mascot
24Image Pickin'Suggestive Collision
24Image Pickin'Ride Of The Valkyries
23Image Pickin'Custom Uniform Of Sexy
23Image Pickin'Teleport Gun
23Image Pickin'Other
23Image Pickin'Chromosome Casting
22Image Pickin'Adaptational Context Change
22Image Pickin'Markiplier
21Trope Repair ShopWhite Knighting
21Image Pickin'Five Nights At Freddys 3
20Image Pickin'Gundam Build Fighters
18Image Pickin'Ethnic Scrappy
18Image Pickin'Apparently Powerless Puppetmaster
18Image Pickin'Gay Paree
18Image Pickin'Suspicious Videogame Generosity
17Trope Repair ShopFreakiness Shame
17Image Pickin'Thicker Than Water
17Image Pickin'The Man Behind The Curtain
17Image Pickin'Pantsless Males Fully Dressed Females
17Image Pickin'Space Is Cold
16Image Pickin'Destroy The Product Placement
15Image Pickin'Framing The Guilty Party
15Trope Repair ShopSim City
15Image Pickin'Expressive Accessory
12Image Pickin'Dirty Old Man
11Trope Repair ShopFragile Speedster
11Image Pickin'Helpful Hallucination
11Image Pickin'Mad Max
11Image Pickin'Modesty Towel
11Image Pickin'Non Nude Bathing
10Image Pickin'The Hedge Of Thorns
10Image Pickin'Rubbery World
10Trope Repair Shop Supposedly Rebellious Series)
9Image Pickin'Umbrella Drink
9Trope Repair ShopNo Really Its Okay
9Image Pickin'Food Tropes
9Image Pickin'Shorter Means Smarter
9Trope Repair ShopCivilian Power
8Image Pickin'Super Power Meltdown
8Trope Repair ShopTrope Repair Shop
8Image Pickin'Persona 3
8Image Pickin'Good Feels Good
7Image Pickin'All Loving Hero
7Trope Repair ShopMuramasa
7Image Pickin'Beauty And The Beast
6Trope Repair ShopFanfic
6Trope Repair ShopKayfabe
6Trope Repair ShopImplausible Fencing Powers
6Image Pickin'Granola Girl
5Trope Repair ShopReal Women Dont Wear Dresses
5Image Pickin'Gary Gygax
4Trope Repair ShopLucky Star
4Trope Repair ShopTGIO Chili Bees
4Trope Repair ShopThe Big List of Booboos and Blunders
4Image Pickin'One Piece
3Image Pickin'Viewer Friendly Interface
3Image Pickin'Trash Can Band
3Image Pickin'Try Not To Die
3Image Pickin'How Dare You Die On Me
3Image Pickin'Enlightened Antagonist
3Image Pickin'Anime And Manga
2Image Pickin'Ancient Keeper
2Image Pickin'Sanctuary Of Solitude
2Image Pickin'How Do You Like Them Apples
2Trope Repair ShopThe Precious Precious Car
1Image Pickin'Too Dumb To Live
1Image Pickin'Scrappy Weapon
1Image Pickin'Panty Thief
1Image Pickin'Ultimate Blacksmith
0Image Pickin'Despair Speech
0Image Pickin'Sailor Moon Abridged