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These are the open Repair Shop and Image Pickin' threads that have an associated article. Oldest listed first.
Days Opennumber open: 180
901Trope Repair Shop
869Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
869Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
869Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
814Trope Repair Shop
768Image Pickin'
745Trope Repair Shop
736Trope Repair ShopCreators Pet
726Trope Repair ShopEarly Bird Cameo
651Trope Repair ShopFanfic Getting Placed Under Web Original
642Trope Repair ShopGambit Index
506Trope Repair ShopTrue Companions
505Trope Repair ShopHell Is That Noise
451Trope Repair ShopAmerica Wins The War
436Trope Repair ShopFail O Suckyname
426Trope Repair ShopHow Do You Like Them Apples
421Trope Repair Shop
421Trope Repair ShopSliding Scale Of Anti Heroes
405Trope Repair ShopSic Em
405Trope Repair ShopSpiritual Licensee
385Trope Repair ShopForgotten Birthday
378Image Pickin'Namespace Icons
369Trope Repair ShopMedieval Japan
361Trope Repair ShopStop Helping Me
356Image Pickin'
349Trope Repair ShopInstant Awesome Just Add Ninja
335Trope Repair ShopMac Guffin Girl
331Trope Repair ShopWho Is This Guy Again
314Trope Repair ShopTwo Words Obvious Trope
314Trope Repair ShopHistory Marches On
311Trope Repair ShopMommy Issues
306Trope Repair ShopIn Its Hour Of Need
301Trope Repair ShopWhen She Smiles
299Trope Repair ShopAdult Fear
292Trope Repair ShopBilingual Bonus
289Trope Repair ShopWet Sari Scene
258Trope Repair ShopDefector From Decadence
256Trope Repair ShopExactly What It Says On The Tin
254Trope Repair ShopLady In Red
248Trope Repair ShopRule Abiding Rebel
238Trope Repair ShopThe Inspector
235Trope Repair ShopAll Adult Animation Is South Park
231Trope Repair ShopMs Fanservice
228Trope Repair ShopAbsurdly Youthful Mother
219Trope Repair ShopSympathetic Criminal
207Trope Repair ShopEldritch Abomination
197Trope Repair ShopAlways Night
195Trope Repair ShopCop Boyfriend
192Trope Repair ShopBody Horror
188Trope Repair ShopDesign Compromise
184On Site Procurement
178Trope Repair ShopIt Was A Dark And Stormy Night
159Trope Repair ShopDark Chick
149Least Common Pizza Topping
148Trope Repair ShopQuirky Bard
141Trope Repair ShopEven Mooks Have Loved Ones
133Trope Repair ShopCountry Matters
114Trope Repair ShopWhat Do You Mean Its Not Cosmetic
114Puppet Fighter
103Trope Repair ShopAlways Save The Girl
101Muscles Are Meaningful
98Trope Repair ShopThe Republic
95Trope Repair ShopGame Breaking Injury
95Trope Repair ShopGeorge Lucas Altered Version
87Trope Repair ShopCursed With Awesome
87Trope Repair ShopGosh Hornet
84Trope Repair ShopPlumbers Crack
81Image Pickin'Big Badass Bird Of Prey
78Trope Repair ShopMystical Waif
78Trope Repair ShopFamily Rivalry
75Trope Repair ShopReverse Psycho
73Trope Repair ShopPrecision F-Strike
73Trope Repair ShopWeasel Mascot
72Trope Repair ShopTwin Switch
71Trope Repair ShopFlanderization
69Image Pickin'Ice Queen
64Trope Repair ShopAristocrats Are Evil
64Trope Repair ShopPortal
59Trope Repair ShopGhost Shipping
57Trope Repair ShopReactionary Fantasy
55Trope Repair ShopTwo First Names
52Trope Repair ShopMegaton Punch
51Trope Repair ShopLets You And Him Fight
51Trope Repair ShopThe Last Horse Crosses The Finish Line
45Image Pickin'Non Standard Game Over
40Image Pickin'Villainous Breakdown
39Trope Repair ShopOrchestral Bombing
39Image Pickin'Nineties Hair
39Trope Repair ShopStandard Disco Equipment
37Image Pickin'Girls Need Role Models
36Image Pickin'Music
36Trope Repair ShopAdaptational Wimp
35Trope Repair ShopWhat Exactly Is His Job
34Image Pickin'Not Distracted By The Sexy
33Image Pickin'Power Fantasy
32Trope Repair ShopFabula And Sujet
31Trope Repair ShopI Dont Want To Die
30Image Pickin'Outdated Outfit
30Image Pickin'Royal Rapier
30Trope Repair ShopVanilla Protagonist
30Image Pickin'Did I Just Say That Out Loud
30Trope Repair ShopSomewhere An Ornithologist Is Crying
30Trope Repair ShopAnimesque
30Trope Repair ShopAsshole Victim
28Image Pickin'Electric Torture
28Trope Repair ShopUniversal System
28Image Pickin'Harley Quinn
27Trope Repair ShopHunger Hyperbole
25Image Pickin'Bad Future
25Image Pickin'Facial Composite Failure
25Image Pickin'There Are No Girls On The Internet
24Image Pickin'Badass On Paper
24Image Pickin'Toilet Humour
24Trope Repair ShopStorm In A Teacup
24Trope Repair ShopDid I Just Say That Out Loud
24Image Pickin'Wanted Poster
23Trope Repair ShopReliable Traitor
22Trope Repair ShopWhy Do You Keep Changing Jobs
21Image Pickin'Age Lift
20Trope Repair ShopGretzky Has The Ball
19Image Pickin'Sexy Walk
19Image Pickin'At The Opera Tonight
19Image Pickin'Amulet Of Concentrated Awesome
19Image Pickin'Tinfoil Hat
19Image Pickin'Dark And Troubled Past
19Image Pickin'Car Meets House
18Image Pickin'Fascinating Eyebrow
18Image Pickin'Opinion Changing Dream
18Image Pickin'Mind Control Conspiracy
18Image Pickin'Badass Adorable
17Image Pickin'Playful Hacker
17Image Pickin'Tim Taylor Technology
16Trope Repair ShopJesus Saves
16Image Pickin'No Gear Level
16Image Pickin'Clock King
16Image Pickin'Laser Guided Karma
15Image Pickin'Ragin Cajun
15Trope Repair ShopJustice Will Prevail
15Image Pickin'Hard Light
14Image Pickin'Guilty Gear
12Image Pickin'Lawrence Of Arabia
12Trope Repair ShopThe King Of Hate
11Image Pickin'Spexico
11Trope Repair ShopDirty Business
10Trope Repair ShopNotable Campaigns
10Image Pickin'Artificial Intelligence
10Trope Repair ShopHonorable Marriage Proposal
9Trope Repair ShopFull House Music
9Image Pickin'Golden Super Mode
9Trope Repair ShopFont Anachronism
8Image Pickin'
7Image Pickin'The Shangri La
7Trope Repair ShopSuicide As Comedy
7Image Pickin'Sailor Moon Crystal
7Image Pickin'Massive Numbered Siblings
6Image Pickin'Star Wars
6Image Pickin'Transformers
6Image Pickin'Tabletop Games
6Trope Repair ShopStar Wars
6Image Pickin'Brain Uploading
5Image Pickin'My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad
5Image Pickin'Bad Liar
5Image Pickin'Sonic The Hedgehog
4Trope Repair ShopThe Nameless
4Trope Repair ShopSpy Couple
4Image Pickin'A Song Of Ice And Fire
4Image Pickin'The Dog Bites Back
4Image Pickin'Game Of Thrones S 1 E 5 The Wolf And The Lion
3Image Pickin'Actual Pacifist
3Image Pickin'Hands On Approach
3Trope Repair ShopArtsy Moon
2Image Pickin'Metal Gear
2Trope Repair ShopRandom Transportation
1Image Pickin'Cute Monster Girl
1Image Pickin'Dangerous Windows
1Image Pickin'Brooklyn Nine Nine
1Image Pickin'Unlucky Everydude
0Image Pickin'Ridiculously Average Guy
0Trope Repair ShopElevator Snare

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