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These are the open Repair Shop and Image Pickin' threads that have an associated article. Oldest listed first.
Days Opennumber open: 207
1826Trope Repair Shop
1794Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
1794Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
1794Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
1661Trope Repair ShopCreators Pet
1346Trope Repair Shop
1281Image Pickin'
1183Trope Repair ShopDefector From Decadence
1181Trope Repair ShopExactly What It Says On The Tin
1122Trope Repair ShopAlways Night
998Trope Repair ShopPrecision F-Strike
933Image Pickin'
929Trope Repair ShopThe Nameless
909Trope Repair ShopWeird Moon
848Trope Repair ShopGhost Lights
791Trope Repair ShopThe Dev Team Thinks Of Everything
784Trope Repair ShopThe Southpaw
776Trope Repair Shop
734Trope Repair ShopMexicans Love Speedy Gonzalez
734Trope Repair ShopMexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
734Trope Repair ShopMexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
675Trope Repair ShopTrope Repair Shop
673Trope Repair ShopImplausible Fencing Powers
606Trope Repair ShopTeleporters And Transporters
483Trope Repair ShopCritical Hit
387Trope Repair ShopThe Heavy
387Trope Repair ShopYou Know What You Did
381Trope Repair ShopNeoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly
380Trope Repair ShopHazy Feel Turn
378Trope Repair ShopSoapland Christmas
376Trope Repair ShopCardboard Boxes
358Trope Repair ShopThe Hunter
350Trope Repair ShopInfant Immortality
349Trope Repair ShopQuirky Bard
346Image Pickin'Administrivia
342Trope Repair ShopCursed With Awesome
338Trope Repair ShopThe Pawn
328Trope Repair ShopGeneral Ripper
327Trope Repair Shop03/16)Main.Feminist Fantasy
324Trope Repair ShopJerkass Facade
318Trope Repair ShopFace Death With Dignity
300Trope Repair ShopThe Power Of Blood
293Trope Repair ShopNo Except Yes
278Trope Repair ShopLethal Joke Character
256Trope Repair ShopParents As People
249Trope Repair ShopUltimate Universe
249Trope Repair ShopPositive Discrimination
246Trope Repair ShopAlliterative Name
245Trope Repair ShopEinstein Sue
227Trope Repair ShopSo Cool Its Awesome
227Trope Repair ShopThe Bus Came Back
225Trope Repair ShopThe Finicky One
215Trope Repair ShopWham Line
209Trope Repair ShopAccent Relapse
199Trope Repair ShopThe Sociopath
199Trope Repair ShopAnother Story For Another Time
196Trope Repair ShopBFG
195Trope Repair ShopShiritori
195Trope Repair ShopYou Will Not Evade Me
194Trope Repair ShopSpectacle Fighter
192Trope Repair ShopSome Anvils Need To Be Dropped
187Trope Repair ShopDress Up Episode
182Trope Repair ShopAuthors Saving Throw
180Trope Repair ShopMatzo Fever
174Trope Repair ShopJuggalo
170Trope Repair ShopRefugee From TV Land
168Trope Repair ShopIm A Humanitarian
154Trope Repair ShopTechnically A Smile
152Trope Repair ShopBowties Are Cool
146Trope Repair ShopMeganekko
140Trope Repair ShopWalt Disney Home Video
122Trope Repair ShopSpell My Name With An S
121Trope Repair ShopLarynx Dissonance
117Trope Repair ShopWatching A Video Game
112Trope Repair ShopCivilian Villain
105Trope Repair ShopDueling Works
103Image Pickin'One Game For The Price Of Two
103Trope Repair ShopTelevision Is Trying to Kill Us
98Trope Repair ShopArch Enemy
88Trope Repair ShopScrappy Index
88Trope Repair ShopKneel Before Frodo
87Trope Repair ShopTwenty Three
80Trope Repair ShopEldritch Abomination
63Trope Repair ShopFor Massive Damage
58Trope Repair ShopNot Evil Just Misunderstood
56Image Pickin'Foe Yay Shipping
55Trope Repair ShopFlame War
52Image Pickin'False Cause
51Image Pickin'Everythings Better With Princesses
47Trope Repair ShopLost Forever
47Image Pickin'Goofy Print Underwear
46Trope Repair ShopHow To Subscribe
46Trope Repair ShopStar Wars Expanded Universe
44Trope Repair ShopCould Have Avoided This Plot
43Image Pickin'Dark Fantasy
43Image Pickin'Guile Hero
43Trope Repair ShopTemporary Scrappy
41Trope Repair ShopTrigger
40Image Pickin'Vocal Dissonance
40Trope Repair ShopMultiple Demographic Appeal
39Image Pickin'Analogy Backfire
37Image Pickin'Kitschy Themed Restaurant
37Trope Repair ShopBrown Eyes
36Trope Repair ShopAnti Frustration Features
35Trope Repair ShopThe Dragon
35Image Pickin'Anime And Manga
33Trope Repair ShopGaius Julius Caesar
32Image Pickin'The Dragons Come Back
32Image Pickin'Dead No More The Clone Conspiracy
31Image Pickin'Real Person Fic
31Trope Repair ShopWeather Report Narration
30Image Pickin'Christmas Episode
30Image Pickin'Title Tropes
30Trope Repair ShopLong Runners
29Image Pickin'Acceptable Professional Targets
28Image Pickin'Cold Flames
28Image Pickin'Mook Depletion
28Trope Repair ShopJohnny Mc Cool Name
27Image Pickin'Straight Man
25Image Pickin'Double Standard Rape Male On Male
24Image Pickin'Philosophy Tropes
24Image Pickin'Sword Beam
22Image Pickin'Loriot
21Trope Repair ShopSuper Fly Reflexes
21Image Pickin'Tyrant Takes The Helm
20Trope Repair ShopPolish The Turd
20Image Pickin'Elite Mooks
20Image Pickin'Whoniverse
20Image Pickin'Naming Conventions
19Image Pickin'Pages Needing An Entry Pimp
19Image Pickin'Three Amigos
19Image Pickin'Psychologist Teacher
19Trope Repair ShopFridge Brilliance
19Image Pickin'Haiku Wiki
18Image Pickin'Wacky Cravings
18Image Pickin'Applied Phlebotinum
18Image Pickin'Spoiler Cover
18Image Pickin'Fan Disservice
17Image Pickin'Star Trek The Animated Series
17Image Pickin'Ideal Hero
17Image Pickin'Creepy Jazz Music
17Trope Repair ShopToo Dumb To Live
17Trope Repair ShopPeggy Sue
17Trope Repair ShopChess
16Trope Repair ShopFan Preferred Couple
16Image Pickin'Bad Powers Good People
16Image Pickin'Minor Crime Reveals Major Plot
16Image Pickin'Star Wars Expanded Universe
15Image Pickin'Hive Caste System
15Image Pickin'Nails On A Blackboard
15Trope Repair ShopBacon Addiction
14Trope Repair ShopLolicon
14Image Pickin'Shooting Superman
13Trope Repair ShopStock Puzzle
13Image Pickin'Progressive Era Montage
13Trope Repair ShopAccidentally Accurate
13Image Pickin'The Addams Family
12Trope Repair ShopThe Yellow M Shout Out
12Image Pickin'Fully Clothed Nudity
11Image Pickin'All According To Plan
11Image Pickin'Fill It With Flowers
11Image Pickin'Disney Acid Sequence
10Trope Repair ShopElective Mute
10Image Pickin'Neural Implanting
10Image Pickin'Atlas Pose
10Image Pickin'Batman The Animated Series
10Trope Repair ShopIconic Outfit
10Image Pickin'Pokemon Sun And Moon
10Image Pickin'Dream Tells You To Wake Up
10Image Pickin'Gold Fever
9Image Pickin'Mighty Roar
9Image Pickin'Disney Sing Along Songs
8Image Pickin'Furry Female Mane
8Image Pickin'Death Note
8Image Pickin'The Draka
8Image Pickin'Big Damn Movie
7Image Pickin'Winter Royal Lady
7Image Pickin'Fluffy The Terrible
7Image Pickin'ET The Extra Terrestrial
6Image Pickin'The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
6Image Pickin'Nintendo Switch
5Image Pickin'Yank The Dogs Chain
5Image Pickin'Camping Episode
5Image Pickin'One Mario Limit
5Image Pickin'Weapons For Hands
5Image Pickin'Punch Packing Pistol
5Image Pickin'Pokemon Sun And Moon
4Trope Repair ShopIn The Blood
4Trope Repair ShopMagnetic Video
4Image Pickin'Demon Slaying
4Image Pickin'Heaven And Hell
4Image Pickin'Pocahontas
3Trope Repair ShopThe Shelf Of Movie Languishment
3Image Pickin'The Hypnotoad
3Trope Repair ShopPink Elephants
2Image Pickin'Brown Note
2Image Pickin'Bad Luck Blackie
2Image Pickin'Messy Male Fancy Female
2Image Pickin'Scary Jack In The Box
2Trope Repair ShopBadass Trope List
1Image Pickin'Video Games
1Image Pickin'Two Girls And A Guy
1Image Pickin'The Famous Jett Jackson
1Trope Repair ShopIts All About Me
1Image Pickin'In The Heat Of The Night
1Image Pickin'Phallic Weapon
0Image Pickin'Tragic Keepsake