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These are the open Repair Shop and Image Pickin' threads that have an associated article. Oldest listed first.
Days Opennumber open: 191
1559Trope Repair Shop
1527Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
1527Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
1527Trope Repair ShopGod Mode Item
1472Trope Repair Shop
1403Trope Repair Shop
1394Trope Repair ShopCreators Pet
1164Trope Repair ShopTrue Companions
1079Trope Repair Shop
1019Trope Repair ShopStop Helping Me
1014Image Pickin'
1007Trope Repair ShopInstant Awesome Just Add Ninja
916Trope Repair ShopDefector From Decadence
914Trope Repair ShopExactly What It Says On The Tin
855Trope Repair ShopAlways Night
731Trope Repair ShopPrecision F-Strike
681Trope Repair ShopReliable Traitor
666Image Pickin'
662Trope Repair ShopThe Nameless
642Trope Repair ShopWeird Moon
634Trope Repair ShopMost Annoying Sound
581Trope Repair ShopGhost Lights
575Trope Repair ShopSpoiled Sweet
566Trope Repair ShopExecutive Meddling
557Trope Repair ShopBoom Headshot
524Trope Repair ShopThe Dev Team Thinks Of Everything
517Trope Repair ShopThe Southpaw
509Trope Repair Shop
474Trope Repair ShopWedding Smashers
472Trope Repair ShopMagazine Decay
467Trope Repair ShopMexicans Love Speedy Gonzalez
467Trope Repair ShopMexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
467Trope Repair ShopMexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
453Trope Repair ShopPair The Spares
432Trope Repair ShopMonumental Theft
430Trope Repair ShopAudience Alienating Premise
421Trope Repair ShopWhite Knighting
408Trope Repair ShopTrope Repair Shop
406Trope Repair ShopFanfic
406Trope Repair ShopImplausible Fencing Powers
402Trope Repair ShopThe Precious Precious Car
394Trope Repair ShopThe Merch
378Trope Repair ShopBadass
367Trope Repair ShopWrite A Film Noir
366Trope Repair ShopParent Trap Plot
351Trope Repair ShopThe Replacements
346Trope Repair Shop
345Trope Repair ShopDocumentary Of Lies
339Trope Repair ShopTeleporters And Transporters
296Image Pickin'Touhou
278Trope Repair ShopOutside Context Villain
261Trope Repair ShopSplitting: Useful Notes: The Americas
240Trope Repair ShopBlond Guys Are Evil
216Trope Repair ShopCritical Hit
197Trope Repair ShopOpera Gloves
121Trope Repair ShopNo Pronunciation Guide
120Trope Repair ShopThe Heavy
120Trope Repair ShopYou Know What You Did
119Trope Repair ShopSelf Imposed Challenge
117Trope Repair ShopFirst Chapter Displacement
117Trope Repair ShopThe Chosen One
116Trope Repair ShopGenre Busting
116Trope Repair ShopCapital Letters Are Magic
114Trope Repair ShopThe Obi Wan
114Trope Repair ShopNeoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly
113Trope Repair ShopHazy Feel Turn
111Trope Repair ShopSoapland Christmas
111Trope Repair ShopThe Knights Templar
111Trope Repair ShopIt Gets Better
110Trope Repair ShopGenre Motif
109Trope Repair ShopCardboard Boxes
106Trope Repair ShopMagnum Opus
103Trope Repair ShopDoujinshi
96Trope Repair ShopSelective Squick
91Trope Repair ShopThe Hunter
91Trope Repair ShopEnemy Roll Call
90Trope Repair ShopHeavyworlder
89Trope Repair ShopThe Gulag
89Trope Repair ShopOneshot Revisionism
86Trope Repair ShopAppeal To Flattery
83Trope Repair ShopHandsome Devil
83Trope Repair ShopInfant Immortality
82Trope Repair ShopQuirky Bard
79Image Pickin'Administrivia
75Trope Repair ShopCursed With Awesome
74Trope Repair ShopMagnum Opus Dissonance
74Trope Repair ShopDo Not Pass Go
71Trope Repair ShopMoses in the Bullrushes
71Trope Repair ShopThe Pawn
70Image Pickin'Video Games
68Trope Repair ShopFanon Discontinuity
67Trope Repair ShopA Man Is Not A Virgin
66Trope Repair ShopAn Adventurer Is You
66Trope Repair ShopR Rated Opening
61Trope Repair ShopGeneral Ripper
60Trope Repair ShopScullery Maid
60Trope Repair Shop03/16)Main.Feminist Fantasy
58Trope Repair ShopThis Is No Time For Knitting
57Trope Repair ShopJerkass Facade
53Image Pickin'Undertale
51Image Pickin'The Vietnam Vet
51Trope Repair ShopFace Death With Dignity
49Trope Repair ShopMarvel Cinematic Universe
43Trope Repair ShopFinding Judas
43Image Pickin'Pokemon Adventures
42Trope Repair ShopWhat The Hell Dad
38Trope Repair ShopFinger In A Barrel
36Image Pickin'Hilarious In Hindsight
36Trope Repair ShopHusskie Russkie
35Image Pickin'Imagine Spotting
34Image Pickin'Soap Within A Show
33Trope Repair ShopThe Power Of Blood
32Image Pickin'Evilutionary Biologist
31Image Pickin'Bungling Inventor
29Trope Repair ShopTook A Level In Badass
27Image Pickin'Transhuman
27Image Pickin'Gravity Falls
26Image Pickin'Mission Pack Sequel
26Trope Repair ShopShort Run In Peru
26Trope Repair ShopNo Except Yes
25Trope Repair ShopUltimate Universe
24Image Pickin'Live Action Films
24Image Pickin'No Can Opener
21Trope Repair ShopPutting A Hand Over His Mouth
21Image Pickin'Boring Insult
20Image Pickin'Comes Great Responsibility
19Trope Repair ShopOh The Humanity
19Image Pickin'Changing Clothes Is A Free Action
18Image Pickin'Only One Plausible Suspect
18Trope Repair ShopOne Steve Limit
18Trope Repair ShopBeauty And The Beast
18Image Pickin'Profit
18Image Pickin'Nine Out Of Ten Doctors Agree
17Image Pickin'Black Comedy Cannibalism
17Image Pickin'Shoulders Up Nudity
17Image Pickin'Fundoshi
16Image Pickin'You Nuke Em
16Image Pickin'Color Of Night
16Image Pickin'Converse Error
15Trope Repair ShopRotten Easter Egg
15Trope Repair ShopArmy Of The Dead
15Image Pickin'Bullet Hole Door
15Image Pickin'Noodle People
15Image Pickin'Magic Knight
15Image Pickin'Anime
14Image Pickin'King Koopa Copy
14Image Pickin'Living Mac Guffin
13Trope Repair ShopPokemon Speak
13Image Pickin'Ed Edd N Eddy
12Image Pickin'Shapeshifter Swan Song
12Trope Repair ShopSeinfeld Is Unfunny
11Trope Repair ShopLethal Joke Character
11Image Pickin'Parasyte
11Image Pickin'Soultaker
11Image Pickin'Behemoth Battle
10Image Pickin'Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 10 E 04 Future War
10Trope Repair ShopAnd You Were There
8Image Pickin'Weddings In Japan
8Image Pickin'Four Element Ensemble
8Image Pickin'Fille Fatale
8Trope Repair ShopWhat The Hell Townspeople
8Image Pickin'Aint Too Proud To Beg
8Image Pickin'Badass Decay
7Image Pickin'Immune To Mind Control
7Image Pickin'Self Harm
6Trope Repair ShopBiker Babe
6Image Pickin'Warm Hearted Walrus
6Image Pickin'Big Friendly Dog
6Image Pickin'The Simpsons
5Trope Repair ShopTypeset In The Future
5Trope Repair ShopA Little Help From My Friends
5Image Pickin'The Fox And The Hound
4Image Pickin'Gemini Man
4Image Pickin'Sign Of The Apocalypse
4Image Pickin'Dreaming Of A White Christmas
3Image Pickin'Wealthy Philanthropist
3Image Pickin'Always Gets His Man
3Image Pickin'Time Crash
3Image Pickin'Video Games
2Trope Repair ShopShowrunner
2Image Pickin'All Work Vs All Play
2Image Pickin'Full Circle Revolution
2Image Pickin'Artifact Of Death
2Image Pickin'Reclusive Artist
1Image Pickin'Smoky Voice
1Image Pickin'Polar Bears And Penguins
0Image Pickin'Perfect Strangers
0Image Pickin'One World Order
0Image Pickin'Used To Be A Sweet Child
0Image Pickin'Scope Snipe