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18th Aug 13 08:24:32Tier Induced Scrappy
18th Aug 13 04:32:35Series.Breaking Bad
17th Aug 13 08:57:45Nightmare Fuel.Live Action TV
5th Aug 13 05:22:23Nightmare Fuel.Half-Life
5th Aug 13 04:40:30Nightmare Fuel.Half-Life
30th Jul 13 06:30:35Video Game.Half Life
30th Jul 13 05:55:59Video Game.Half Life
23rd Jul 13 04:13:46WMG.Half Life
23rd Jul 13 03:45:03WMG.Half Life
23rd Jul 13 03:43:59WMG.Half Life
23rd Jul 13 02:10:42Nightmare Fuel.Half-Life
8th Jul 13 05:33:36Cruelty Is The Only Option
2nd Jul 13 05:33:42Tear Jerker.Simon And Garfunkel
1st Jul 13 04:36:45Website.Tumblr
1st Jul 13 04:10:37Website.Tumblr
30th Jun 13 02:16:41Fandom Berserk Button
7th Jun 13 06:31:03Big Fun
11th May 13 07:47:04Funny.Game Grumps
4th May 13 04:18:22Awesome.Bioshock
16th Apr 13 04:40:59Funny.Game Grumps
16th Apr 13 04:37:06Funny.Game Grumps
13th Apr 13 07:01:36Nightmare Fuel.Bio Shock 1
13th Apr 13 06:53:17Nightmare Fuel.Bio Shock 1
12th Apr 13 10:37:35Funny.Game Grumps
6th Apr 13 08:43:04Nightmare Fuel.Music
27th Mar 13 10:42:33Tear Jerker.Webcomics
27th Mar 13 10:15:24Tear Jerker.Doctor Who
27th Mar 13 06:34:08Tear Jerker.A Song Of Ice And Fire
20th Mar 13 10:13:21Nightmare Fuel.The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker
10th Mar 13 05:11:25Fan Wank
9th Mar 13 06:07:13The Scrappy.Video Games
6th Mar 13 04:07:12Reclusive Artist
26th Feb 13 03:48:32Nightmare Fuel.Yoshis Island
25th Feb 13 01:48:03Nightmare Fuel.Web Original
24th Feb 13 05:59:49Horrible.Music
22nd Feb 13 04:44:30Awesome.Pokemon Diamond And Pearl
22nd Feb 13 03:21:13Awesome.Pokemon 4 Ever
22nd Feb 13 03:14:07Awesome.Pokemon 3
20th Feb 13 04:08:49Would Hit A Girl
20th Feb 13 10:56:12Dethroning Moment.Film
20th Feb 13 10:55:53Dethroning Moment.Film
20th Feb 13 10:54:52Dethroning Moment.Film
19th Feb 13 03:21:56Tear Jerker.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
19th Feb 13 03:20:31Tear Jerker.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
19th Feb 13 03:19:45Tear Jerker.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
19th Feb 13 01:40:09Ensemble Dark Horse.Video Games
19th Feb 13 10:39:50Dont Like Dont Read
18th Feb 13 03:49:09Nightmare Fuel.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
16th Feb 13 06:58:31Awesome Yet Practical
16th Feb 13 06:57:28Awesome Yet Practical
16th Feb 13 06:53:21Awesome Yet Practical
26th Jan 13 03:25:30Nightmare Fuel.Homestuck
12th Jan 13 10:53:47Game Breaking Bug
12th Jan 13 10:08:01Nightmare Fuel.Bio Shock 1
7th Jan 13 11:44:37Break The Cutie.Video Games
6th Jan 13 09:47:24Awesome Music.Western Animation
6th Jan 13 08:46:57Awesome Music.Yoko Kanno
6th Jan 13 07:22:05Awesome Music.Heavy Metal
4th Jan 13 03:29:11Marathon Boss
4th Jan 13 03:28:27Marathon Boss
3rd Jan 13 02:18:14Nightmare Fuel.Western Animation TV
27th Dec 12 07:27:57Break The Cutie.Video Games
27th Dec 12 07:15:44Break The Cutie.Video Games
27th Dec 12 07:07:04Downer Beginning
27th Dec 12 07:06:33Downer Beginning
27th Dec 12 07:06:09Downer Beginning
16th Dec 12 03:16:47Woobie.Video Games
11th Dec 12 03:54:32Awesome.Video Game Levels T-Z
10th Dec 12 01:14:21Nightmare Fuel.Western Animation Film
8th Dec 12 04:34:46Ho Yay.Music
8th Dec 12 12:49:21That One Level.Wide Open Sandbox
1st Dec 12 02:32:26Tear Jerker.Silent Hill Shattered Memories
1st Dec 12 02:17:00Tear Jerker.Halo
30th Nov 12 01:06:37Tear Jerker.Khaos Komix
16th Nov 12 01:35:10Nightmare Fuel.Super Mario Bros
16th Nov 12 12:36:39Nightmare Fuel.Super Mario Bros
2nd Aug 12 05:44:52Video Game.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
2nd Aug 12 05:44:07Video Game.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
1st Aug 12 07:28:54Awesome.Mock The Week
1st Aug 12 06:19:58Awesome.Bosses The Legend Of Zelda Series
29th Jul 12 06:26:43Literature.I Boy
28th Jun 12 09:58:39Nightmare Fuel.Web Original
23rd Jun 12 07:46:02Nightmare Fuel.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
17th Jun 12 12:54:05Nightmare Fuel.Music
17th Jun 12 12:21:32Nightmare Fuel.Music
16th Jun 12 04:54:16Nightmare Fuel.Music
16th Jun 12 04:52:08Nightmare Fuel.Music
16th Jun 12 04:51:57Nightmare Fuel.Music
9th Jun 12 02:08:38Oh Crap.Video Games
6th Jun 12 11:23:09Fridge.Pokemon
29th May 12 09:39:49Shoot The Shaggy Dog.Literature
14th May 12 03:57:45Fertile Feet
4th May 12 03:14:52Nightmare Fuel.Webcomics
3rd May 12 06:49:41Nightmare Fuel.Western Animation TV
17th Apr 12 06:14:29Ruined FOREVER.Video Games-Specific
29th Mar 12 01:23:49Characters.Challengers
27th Mar 12 03:54:33Manga.Awkward Silence
27th Mar 12 03:52:41Manga.Awkward Silence
27th Mar 12 03:44:51Manga.Awkward Silence
27th Mar 12 03:44:12Manga.Awkward Silence
27th Mar 12 03:43:16Manga.Awkward Silence
27th Mar 12 03:42:51Manga.Awkward Silence
17th Mar 12 02:58:15Manga.Challengers
16th Mar 12 02:51:25Liberty Liberty
16th Mar 12 02:51:07Liberty Liberty
16th Mar 12 02:36:28Liberty Liberty
16th Mar 12 02:32:52Liberty Liberty
16th Mar 12 02:28:43Liberty Liberty
16th Mar 12 02:27:41Liberty Liberty
16th Mar 12 02:06:04Manga.Awkward Silence
16th Mar 12 02:05:35Manga.Challengers
16th Mar 12 01:56:37Manga.Awkward Silence
16th Mar 12 01:48:29Manga.Little Butterfly
16th Mar 12 01:47:44Manga.Little Butterfly
16th Mar 12 01:46:13Liberty Liberty
16th Mar 12 01:35:36Post Kiss Catatonia
16th Mar 12 12:36:11Liberty Liberty
16th Mar 12 11:39:29Liberty Liberty
16th Mar 12 11:35:23Liberty Liberty
16th Mar 12 10:48:05The Wolves Of Time
16th Mar 12 09:23:19The Wolves Of Time
16th Mar 12 09:09:14The Wolves Of Time
16th Mar 12 09:09:03The Wolves Of Time
16th Mar 12 09:07:46The Wolves Of Time
16th Mar 12 09:05:06The Wolves Of Time
16th Mar 12 08:43:47The Wolves Of Time
16th Mar 12 08:39:44Tropers.Taco Ninja
16th Mar 12 07:35:18Tropers.Taco Ninja
16th Mar 12 06:07:36Manga.Little Butterfly
16th Mar 12 06:03:15Manga.Little Butterfly
16th Mar 12 06:00:15Manga.Little Butterfly
16th Mar 12 05:16:15Manga.Challengers
16th Mar 12 05:12:43Manga.Challengers
16th Mar 12 05:08:42Manga.Challengers
16th Mar 12 05:08:28Manga.Challengers
16th Mar 12 05:03:51Manga.Challengers
16th Mar 12 05:01:47Manga.Challengers
16th Mar 12 05:00:18Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 04:21:34Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 04:13:27Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 04:00:46Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 03:59:45Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 03:59:24Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 03:18:44Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 03:11:04Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 02:51:30Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 02:50:42Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 02:48:25Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 02:43:27Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 02:37:26Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 02:36:16Manga.Challengers
15th Mar 12 02:21:20Manga.Challengers
12th Mar 12 03:18:40Its Not You Its My Enemies
1st Mar 12 02:22:12Accidental Nightmare Fuel.Theme Parks
24th Feb 12 12:51:05Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 12:47:47Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 12:46:50Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 12:26:28Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 11:42:24Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 11:34:55Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 11:17:04Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 11:09:00Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 09:58:29Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 09:55:25Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 09:45:25Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 09:24:41Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 09:15:40Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 09:03:39Tropers.Taco Ninja
24th Feb 12 08:53:00Tropers.Taco Ninja
20th Feb 12 04:01:59Literature.I Boy
19th Feb 12 07:27:36Literature.I Boy
19th Feb 12 07:14:53Literature.I Boy
19th Feb 12 07:12:17Literature.I Boy
18th Feb 12 02:37:44Tropers.Taco Ninja
18th Feb 12 02:28:29I Boy
18th Feb 12 02:11:13I Boy
18th Feb 12 01:32:41I Boy
18th Feb 12 01:30:27I Boy
18th Feb 12 01:28:09I Boy
18th Feb 12 01:27:30I Boy
18th Feb 12 01:24:11I Boy
18th Feb 12 01:22:12I Boy
18th Feb 12 01:21:59I Boy
18th Feb 12 01:18:20I Boy
18th Feb 12 01:08:35Tropers.Taco Ninja
14th Feb 12 12:26:48Tropers.Taco Ninja
11th Feb 12 06:29:59The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
9th Feb 12 03:44:19Manga.Challengers
9th Feb 12 03:43:12Manga.Challengers
9th Feb 12 03:01:48Summary.Literature
9th Feb 12 03:01:14I Am A Cat
9th Feb 12 02:58:54I Am A Cat
6th Feb 12 04:03:14Sympathetic Murder Backstory
31st Jan 12 05:44:29Chest Monster
31st Jan 12 05:43:50Chest Monster
30th Jan 12 05:18:12Tear Jerker.MOTHER
30th Jan 12 02:57:56Characters.Pokemon Generation V Families
24th Jan 12 06:45:04Too Dumb To Live
16th Jan 12 02:35:19High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Music
13th Jan 12 05:21:29Ki Attacks
27th Dec 11 05:10:00Accidental Nightmare Fuel.Toys
27th Dec 11 11:56:54Nightmare Fuel.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
27th Dec 11 11:41:18Nightmare Fuel.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
20th Dec 11 04:13:07Sugar Wiki.Sweet Dreams Fuel
20th Dec 11 03:32:12Sugar Wiki.Sweet Dreams Fuel
20th Dec 11 01:04:34Sugar Wiki.Sweet Dreams Fuel
19th Dec 11 12:20:09Death Glare
17th Dec 11 11:31:13Viewers Are Goldfish
13th Dec 11 07:52:58That One Level.First Person Shooter
13th Dec 11 06:37:59I Know Mortal Kombat
13th Dec 11 06:13:05Empty Room Psych
13th Dec 11 06:10:36Empty Room Psych
13th Dec 11 05:31:16Sequel Escalation
12th Dec 11 04:12:33Sound Stone
12th Dec 11 04:10:39Sound Stone
10th Dec 11 12:13:14Ho Yay.Plus Anima
9th Dec 11 02:09:38What The Hell Player
9th Dec 11 12:26:52That One Level.RPG
9th Dec 11 12:26:03That One Level.RPG
5th Dec 11 03:40:12The Wolves Of Time
4th Dec 11 11:59:14The Wolves Of Time
3rd Dec 11 12:58:46High Octane Nightmare Fuel.The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword
1st Dec 11 06:55:57High Octane Nightmare Fuel.The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword
1st Nov 11 06:23:37High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Bioshock
1st Nov 11 06:11:48High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Bioshock
1st Nov 11 06:10:17High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Bioshock
1st Nov 11 05:28:59Tropers.Taco Ninja
1st Nov 11 05:11:24The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask