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5th Feb 18 02:30:01Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
5th Feb 18 02:28:41Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
3rd Feb 18 12:59:15Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
2nd Feb 18 11:19:37Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
2nd Feb 18 11:13:24Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
21st Jan 18 07:05:48Funny.Team Four Star Nuzlocke Playthroughs
8th Jan 18 04:50:42Heartwarming.Small Favor
25th Dec 17 05:39:34Funny.Team Four Star Nuzlocke Playthroughs
23rd Dec 17 02:20:45Funny.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
22nd Dec 17 10:49:13Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
19th Dec 17 11:18:30YMMV.Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon
19th Dec 17 12:48:23Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
16th Dec 17 06:17:03Funny.My Hero Academia
8th Dec 17 08:30:32Funny.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
6th Dec 17 12:15:12Awesome.Dragon Quest Heroes II Twin Kings And The Prophecys End
3rd Dec 17 05:44:38Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
3rd Dec 17 05:35:39Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
3rd Dec 17 05:10:20Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
3rd Dec 17 04:16:43Funny.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
2nd Dec 17 10:34:28Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
2nd Dec 17 07:07:11Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
2nd Dec 17 06:53:27Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
25th Nov 17 01:16:28YMMV.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
25th Nov 17 12:57:06Funny.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
21st Nov 17 08:42:11Funny.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
19th Nov 17 01:38:58Trivia.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
18th Nov 17 03:34:14WMG.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
15th Nov 17 03:16:19Awesome Music.Nier Automata
8th Nov 17 08:36:00Manga.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
8th Nov 17 08:34:00Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
8th Nov 17 08:22:24Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
8th Nov 17 08:18:54Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
8th Nov 17 08:17:57Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
8th Nov 17 08:14:10Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
8th Nov 17 08:12:18Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
8th Nov 17 07:59:53Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
6th Nov 17 05:46:52YMMV.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
6th Nov 17 05:33:25Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
6th Nov 17 05:31:00Characters.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
4th Nov 17 08:01:24Lets Play.The Dark Id
4th Nov 17 06:57:07Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
2nd Nov 17 11:46:33YMMV.Nier Automata
2nd Nov 17 07:34:07YMMV.Komi San Wa Komyushou Desu
9th Oct 17 09:28:26That One Boss.Tales Series
9th Oct 17 08:49:32Funny.Tales Series
27th Sep 17 11:47:21Video Game.Tales Of Berseria
27th Sep 17 06:56:53Characters.Tales Of Berseria
30th Aug 17 06:44:36Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
29th Aug 17 03:57:34Characters.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
27th Aug 17 07:09:35Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
25th Aug 17 09:22:17Characters.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
25th Aug 17 05:39:21Characters.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
7th Aug 17 03:28:25Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
4th Aug 17 04:53:59Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
4th Aug 17 04:48:40Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
29th Jun 17 08:30:36Bonus Feature Failure
27th Jun 17 07:50:36Video Game.Rogue Galaxy
22nd Jun 17 09:18:31Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
16th Jun 17 11:16:28YMMV.Rogue Galaxy
13th Jun 17 08:47:51Funny.Persona 5
9th Jun 17 06:24:50Video Game.Rogue Galaxy
7th Jun 17 07:56:08Video Game.Persona 5
4th Jun 17 06:04:03Webcomic.Mousou Telepathy
4th Jun 17 01:11:32Funny.Persona 5
4th Jun 17 12:44:06Funny.Persona 5
2nd Jun 17 01:29:33Childhood Friend Romance.Video Games
26th May 17 03:30:31Funny.Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple
2nd May 17 09:03:01Memes.Persona 5
2nd May 17 04:58:54Funny.Persona 5
1st May 17 11:45:15Funny.Persona 5
27th Apr 17 08:29:21Characters.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
24th Apr 17 09:51:27Funny.Persona 5
24th Apr 17 09:05:27Characters.Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko
18th Apr 17 10:33:26Video Game.Persona 5
18th Apr 17 07:45:23Video Game.Persona 5
16th Jan 17 08:03:42Extendable Arms
14th Jan 17 04:08:05Funny.Team Four Star
13th Jan 17 01:39:56Funny.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
4th Jan 17 08:06:30Funny.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies
19th Dec 16 02:28:04Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
17th Dec 16 06:25:36YMMV.Tales Of Xillia 2
12th Dec 16 01:42:34Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
29th Nov 16 12:29:55Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
25th Nov 16 05:33:44Funny.Team Four Star Dragon Ball Games
28th Oct 16 01:06:38Series.That70s Show
28th Oct 16 12:59:23Vandalism Backfire
20th Oct 16 02:47:40Funny.That70s Show
5th Oct 16 06:55:29Funny.Suikoden V
5th Oct 16 06:54:36Funny.Suikoden V
3rd Jun 16 03:36:46Funny.Two Saiyans Play
12th May 16 12:53:33Lets Play.The Dark Id
27th Apr 16 09:40:02Stealth Hi Bye
24th Apr 16 06:58:54Awesome.Tales Of Xillia 2
18th Apr 16 08:06:55WMG.Captain SNES
16th Apr 16 05:08:09WMG.Captain SNES
16th Apr 16 05:05:53WMG.Captain SNES
15th Apr 16 05:34:02Webcomic.Captain SNES
8th Apr 16 10:48:15Characters.Captain SNES
30th Mar 16 04:45:41Small Girl Big Gun
30th Mar 16 01:40:24Funny.Two Saiyans Play
29th Mar 16 08:26:31Funny.Two Saiyans Play
19th Mar 16 11:28:28Slapstick Knows No Gender
27th Feb 16 10:54:20Funny.Two Saiyans Play
27th Feb 16 10:51:31Funny.Two Saiyans Play
25th Jan 16 03:26:39Website.Acts Of Gord
25th Jan 16 03:15:52Website.Acts Of Gord
25th Jan 16 03:09:57YMMV.Acts Of Gord
13th Jan 16 07:24:20Funny.Wild AR Ms 3
13th Jan 16 07:16:39YMMV.Wild Arms 3
10th Jan 16 03:35:45Web Animation.Super Mario Bros Z
7th Jan 16 01:22:46Experienced Protagonist
29th Dec 15 01:58:32Funny.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
21st Dec 15 05:26:24DBZ Abridged.Tropes D To K
15th Dec 15 02:51:32Breath Of Fire IV
15th Dec 15 02:51:01Video Game.Breath Of Fire 4
15th Dec 15 02:46:36Mage Marksman
13th Dec 15 04:47:33Hammerspace Hideaway
10th Dec 15 10:30:54Web Video.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
10th Dec 15 10:20:10Funny.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
10th Dec 15 10:19:09Funny.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
30th Nov 15 03:20:37Lightning Bruiser.Webcomics
30th Nov 15 03:19:03Lightning Bruiser.Webcomics
30th Nov 15 03:05:12Lightning Bruiser.Literature
29th Nov 15 06:50:51Funny.That70s Show
23rd Nov 15 09:25:51Increasingly Lethal Enemy
23rd Nov 15 12:00:44Camera Abuse.Video Games
22nd Nov 15 11:27:08Webcomic.Adventurers
24th Oct 15 12:19:49Actually Pretty Funny
12th Oct 15 08:03:17Video Game.Final Fantasy Tactics
12th Oct 15 08:00:42Video Game.Final Fantasy Tactics
11th Oct 15 09:01:24Funny.The Dark Id
5th Oct 15 01:11:47Lets Play.The Dark Id
3rd Oct 15 12:38:51Lets Play.The Dark Id
2nd Oct 15 08:14:11Lets Play.The Dark Id
28th Sep 15 12:14:20Trivia.The Dark Id
25th Sep 15 08:23:27Funny.The Dark Id
19th Sep 15 11:03:20Lets Play.The Dark Id
1st Sep 15 10:06:47Funny.Lunar Eternal Blue
4th Aug 15 12:04:26Jackass Genie
1st Aug 15 03:32:06Video Game.Saga Frontier
30th Jul 15 01:03:06Video Game.Saga Frontier
29th Jul 15 11:58:04Characters.Saga Frontier
5th Jul 15 10:25:00Funny.Final Fantasy IX
30th Jun 15 12:36:43WMG.Tales Of Graces
2nd Jun 15 01:22:11Tear Jerker.Suikoden V
29th May 15 10:22:56Characters.Suikoden V
29th May 15 09:57:52YMMV.Suikoden V
29th May 15 09:37:02Funny.Suikoden V
29th May 15 09:35:34Funny.Suikoden V
21st May 15 08:01:21All Asians Know Martial Arts
17th May 15 10:44:59Funny.The Dark Id
17th May 15 09:37:34Funny.Chrono Trigger
5th May 15 12:20:11Good Parents
5th May 15 12:19:20Good Parents
4th May 15 01:36:29Combat Pragmatist.Web Comics
4th May 15 01:35:21Combat Pragmatist.Web Comics
3rd May 15 10:55:58Drinking Game.Ace Attorney
22nd Apr 15 09:01:09Tear Jerker.The Wheel Of Time
13th Apr 15 01:47:50Awesome.Suikoden II
12th Apr 15 10:19:17Video Game.Breath Of Fire IV
12th Apr 15 09:23:02Combat Pragmatist.Video Games
5th Apr 15 09:15:26Webcomic.Persona 4 TW
22nd Mar 15 09:52:43Characters.Star Ocean The Second Story
7th Mar 15 01:02:09Awesome But Impractical.Eastern RPG
23rd Jan 15 12:14:22Funny.A Storm Of Swords
23rd Jan 15 12:09:12Funny.A Clash Of Kings
23rd Jan 15 02:48:15Funny.Super Mario Bros Z
19th Dec 14 04:35:19Funny.Marik Plays Bloodlines
6th Dec 14 01:45:56Someones Touching My Butt
3rd Dec 14 09:04:27Characters.Rurouni Kenshin Rivals And Villains
1st Dec 14 12:23:44Awesome But Impractical.Manga And Anime
1st Dec 14 12:12:02Awesome But Impractical.Film
27th Nov 14 01:55:04Video Game.Tales Of Xillia 2
27th Nov 14 01:41:00YMMV.Tales Of Xillia 2
17th Nov 14 12:55:29Heartwarming.Webcomics
17th Nov 14 12:52:45Heartwarming.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
4th Nov 14 01:36:12That One Level.RPG
2nd Nov 14 09:44:41Heartwarming.Tales Of Legendia
25th Oct 14 09:12:21Funny.Tales Of Xillia 2
24th Oct 14 02:33:53WMG.Tales Of Xillia 2
18th Oct 14 10:52:21Video Game.Tales Of Xillia 2
18th Oct 14 01:31:50Funny.Tales Of Xillia 2
5th Sep 14 05:50:17Shout Out.Questionable Content
23rd Aug 14 09:53:47WMG.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
21st Aug 14 11:53:51The First Cut Is The Deepest
20th Aug 14 08:20:46Funny.Gunnerkrigg Court
20th Aug 14 08:19:01Funny.Gunnerkrigg Court
17th Aug 14 09:27:59WMG.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
17th Aug 14 09:26:52WMG.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
12th Aug 14 08:44:17Web Video.College Saga
12th Aug 14 12:37:40Web Video.College Saga
10th Aug 14 01:26:14Extra Turn
25th Jul 14 06:18:16WMG.Captain SNES
24th Jul 14 02:43:08Funny.That70s Show
24th Jul 14 02:42:19Funny.That70s Show
24th Jul 14 01:48:17You Need To Get Laid
17th Jul 14 01:02:34Funny.Tales Of Xillia
16th Jul 14 10:13:45Shout Out.Changes
16th Jul 14 09:54:38Shout Out.Changes
13th Jul 14 10:36:53Funny.Changes
13th Jul 14 09:35:20Literature.Changes
13th Jul 14 05:29:09Licked By The Dog
10th Jul 14 01:53:41Webcomic.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
9th Jul 14 01:34:01WMG.Dresden Files Skin Game Predictions
9th Jul 14 01:32:24WMG.Dresden Files Skin Game Predictions
2nd Jul 14 10:25:34Funny.Least I Could Do
1st Jul 14 12:57:58Webcomic.Least I Could Do
1st Jul 14 12:30:22Webcomic.Least I Could Do
1st Jul 14 12:24:37Webcomic.Least I Could Do
25th Jun 14 09:41:20Literature.Dead Beat
25th Jun 14 02:22:09Little Girls Kick Shins
21st Jun 14 02:39:46Funny.White Night
20th Jun 14 02:05:20Pint Sized Powerhouse.Web Comics
20th Jun 14 01:21:41A Lizard Named Liz
20th Jun 14 01:20:56Shaped Like Itself
19th Jun 14 01:40:44Fridge.Skin Game
18th Jun 14 09:35:13Literature.Skin Game
10th Jun 14 08:42:09Webcomic.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
6th Jun 14 07:33:54Funny.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
6th Jun 14 07:04:30Funny.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
3rd Jun 14 02:14:04YMMV.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
3rd Jun 14 02:11:21YMMV.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
1st Jun 14 01:35:39Characters.Tales Of Xillia
30th May 14 04:21:36YMMV.Tales Of Xillia
8th May 14 08:19:23Funny.Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series Season Three
5th Apr 14 02:58:24Lets Play.The Dark Id
4th Apr 14 07:36:31Authority Equals Asskicking
4th Apr 14 07:30:58Authority Equals Asskicking
4th Apr 14 07:08:50Authority Equals Asskicking
24th Mar 14 11:24:27Trivia.Persona 4
21st Mar 14 02:34:38Trivia.Tales Of Graces
14th Mar 14 01:30:39Funny.Persona 4
6th Mar 14 09:26:43Innocent Swearing
2nd Mar 14 10:25:15Funny.Suikoden V
14th Feb 14 01:12:30Trivia.Tales Of Xillia
12th Feb 14 09:46:16Funny.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
8th Feb 14 02:13:51Characters.Star Ocean The Second Story
31st Jan 14 12:12:34Webcomic.Dominic Deegan
29th Jan 14 10:00:46Webcomic.Dominic Deegan
26th Jan 14 11:34:15Dynamic Entry
24th Jan 14 09:05:49Webcomic.Dominic Deegan
10th Jan 14 12:49:54Radar.Animal Crossing
10th Jan 14 12:44:46Video Game.Animal Crossing
10th Jan 14 12:40:42Video Game.Animal Crossing
9th Jan 14 07:04:30Awesome.Sword Of Truth
9th Jan 14 06:40:43Funny.Mega Tokyo
2nd Jan 14 01:09:47Never Gets Drunk
23rd Nov 13 08:44:41Funny.That70s Show
18th Oct 13 02:21:17Video Game.Legend Of Legaia
12th Oct 13 03:23:28Manga.Beet The Vandel Buster
12th Oct 13 03:03:30Manga.Beet The Vandel Buster
7th Oct 13 11:05:00Funny.Tales Of Xillia
7th Oct 13 10:45:42Video Game.Tales Of Xillia
7th Oct 13 10:21:20YMMV.Tales Of Xillia
7th Oct 13 09:59:49Worth It
6th Oct 13 01:19:59Worth It
2nd Oct 13 09:44:47Funny.The Kingkiller Chronicle
28th Sep 13 09:43:28Funny.Yu Yu Hakusho
28th Sep 13 09:31:27Funny.Zatch Bell
21st Aug 13 10:51:09Webcomic.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
21st Aug 13 01:13:29Demonic Spiders.Final Fantasy
19th Aug 13 09:06:19Webcomic.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
9th Aug 13 09:15:12Funny.Codex Alera
8th Aug 13 09:39:22Funny.Codex Alera
12th Jul 13 11:00:08Funny Background Event
1st Jul 13 01:30:52Webcomic.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
25th Jun 13 09:49:30Web Animation.Super Mario Bros Z
3rd Jun 13 10:00:28Funny.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
30th May 13 09:38:52Loads And Loads Of Loading
25th May 13 05:38:35Funny.Cold Days
24th May 13 02:15:39Funny.The Wheel Of Time
8th May 13 09:51:21Video Game.Star Ocean The Second Story
3rd May 13 09:04:18Funny.Dragon Ball Abridged
27th Apr 13 04:58:03Funny.Dragon Quest IV
26th Apr 13 10:09:41Funny.Dragon Quest VIII
26th Apr 13 08:50:20Funny.Dragon Quest IV
18th Apr 13 05:49:27YMMV.Suikoden V
10th Apr 13 11:04:32Video Game.Suikoden III
10th Apr 13 11:00:46Funny.Suikoden III
23rd Mar 13 05:49:50Funny.Persona 4
9th Mar 13 05:22:47Ditzy Genius
3rd Mar 13 01:48:11None Piece
28th Feb 13 09:39:09The Wheel Of Time.Tropes A To F
28th Feb 13 09:36:42The Wheel Of Time.Tropes A To F
27th Feb 13 09:54:39Funny.The Wheel Of Time
16th Feb 13 02:41:30Funny.The Dark Id
16th Feb 13 02:34:00Lets Play.The Dark Id
29th Jan 13 05:22:03Funny.Lunar The Silver Star
29th Jan 13 05:14:13Funny.Lunar The Silver Star
27th Jan 13 09:06:29Funny.The Kingkiller Chronicle
15th Dec 12 04:59:45Just One More Level
15th Dec 12 01:49:48YMMV.Dragon Quest VIII
15th Dec 12 01:49:26Video Game.Dragon Quest VIII
15th Dec 12 01:47:51Video Game.Dragon Quest VIII
15th Dec 12 12:44:29Funny.Tales Of Graces
4th Dec 12 04:38:13Funny.Cold Days
17th Nov 12 04:09:04Lets Play.Marik Plays Bloodlines
17th Nov 12 03:54:17YMMV.Grandia
14th Nov 12 05:37:08Funny.Marik Plays Bloodlines
14th Nov 12 05:32:27Lets Play.Marik Plays Bloodlines
10th Nov 12 07:18:46Big Badass Wolf
10th Nov 12 01:21:40Dragged By The Collar
7th Nov 12 04:48:38YMMV.Xenogears
7th Nov 12 04:46:36YMMV.Xenogears
30th Oct 12 09:15:27Lets Play.The Dark Id
25th Oct 12 09:14:12Funny.The Dark Id
15th Oct 12 10:18:53Lets Play.The Dark Id
13th Oct 12 02:00:11Lets Play.The Dark Id
12th Oct 12 04:28:46Lets Play.The Dark Id
12th Oct 12 04:23:30Lets Play.The Dark Id
12th Oct 12 04:18:20Lets Play.The Dark Id
11th Oct 12 10:00:00Funny.The Dark Id
6th Oct 12 01:12:08Lets Play.Marik Plays Bloodlines
3rd Oct 12 04:32:26Funny.Marik Plays Bloodlines
2nd Oct 12 05:32:20Funny.Marik Plays Bloodlines
2nd Oct 12 05:26:27Funny.Marik Plays Bloodlines
29th Sep 12 01:50:29Distracted By The Sexy.Video Games
27th Sep 12 10:16:32Groin Attack.Literature
14th Sep 12 10:24:51Groin Attack.Literature
30th Aug 12 09:39:05Funny.Rave Master
28th Aug 12 08:13:15Manga.Rave Master
30th Jul 12 10:30:49The Dresden Files.Tropes A-M
22nd Jul 12 08:47:06Webcomic.Ansem Retort
15th Jul 12 10:01:19YMMV.Final Fantasy IX
14th Jul 12 04:02:48YMMV.Wild Arms 2
12th Jul 12 11:57:21Tier Induced Scrappy
12th Jul 12 08:02:15Characters.Captain SNES
6th Jul 12 08:57:59Webcomic.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
6th Jul 12 06:45:35Webcomic.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
1st Jul 12 09:13:43Hypercompetent Sidekick
30th Jun 12 03:55:53Video Game.Grandia
30th Jun 12 03:52:25Funny.Grandia
30th Jun 12 12:12:41Walking Disaster Area
30th Jun 12 09:57:57Funny.Dragon Ball Abridged
26th Jun 12 09:05:16Noodle Incident.Literature
25th Jun 12 08:53:53Bonus Feature Failure
23rd Jun 12 01:00:57That One Level.RPG
22nd Jun 12 12:39:00Demonic Spiders.Final Fantasy
20th Jun 12 08:16:45Video Game.Final Fantasy XIII
19th Jun 12 05:58:04Pantheon.Life And Death
19th Jun 12 05:12:59Pantheon.Magic
19th Jun 12 04:52:45Pantheon.Magic
19th Jun 12 04:50:52Pantheon.Magic
18th Jun 12 09:12:20That One Boss.Tales Series
18th Jun 12 09:06:14That One Boss.Tales Series
18th Jun 12 07:24:02Pantheon.Time And Space
18th Jun 12 06:44:56Pantheon.Magic
18th Jun 12 05:57:20Pantheon.Prophecy
12th Jun 12 04:46:24Elantris
6th Jun 12 09:01:24Funny.Tales Of Graces
28th May 12 09:39:00Beware The Nice Ones.Literature
27th May 12 12:19:29Funny.Lunar The Silver Star
26th May 12 12:58:48Video Game.Tales Of Graces
25th May 12 11:10:32Nightmare Fuel.The Wheel Of Time
25th May 12 11:01:34Funny.Suikoden V
22nd May 12 09:42:53Rapid Fire Interrupting
22nd May 12 09:36:53Rapid Fire Interrupting
17th May 12 10:01:10Not So Harmless Villain
16th May 12 09:55:43Webcomic.Ansem Retort
12th May 12 12:50:27I Have No Idea What Im Doing
9th May 12 09:29:15YMMV.Tales Of Graces
7th May 12 06:39:30Quotes.Genius Ditz
4th May 12 09:50:56Video Game.Tales Of Graces
4th May 12 09:49:39Video Game.Tales Of Graces
4th May 12 09:30:20Funny.None Piece
22nd Apr 12 01:36:56Funny Background Event
20th Apr 12 08:27:33YMMV.Tales Of Graces
20th Apr 12 02:54:03Funny.Tales Of Graces
11th Apr 12 08:47:17Funny.Lets Play
9th Apr 12 09:16:19Funny.Tales Of Graces
9th Apr 12 09:09:50Kicking Ass In All Her Finery
9th Apr 12 09:07:50Kicking Ass In All Her Finery
4th Apr 12 09:05:31Strange Minds Think Alike
4th Apr 12 07:07:03Funny.The Wheel Of Time
3rd Apr 12 09:54:11Situational Sexuality
3rd Apr 12 09:18:43Literature.The Wheel Of Time
3rd Apr 12 04:54:26Literature.The Wheel Of Time
1st Apr 12 10:02:06None Piece
1st Apr 12 09:58:12None Piece
31st Mar 12 06:39:34Ansem Retort
21st Mar 12 05:19:04YMMV.Menage A 3
9th Mar 12 08:31:15Yu-Gi-Oh GX The Abridged Series
17th Feb 12 10:55:14Funny.The Kingkiller Chronicle
30th Jan 12 09:26:35Funny.None Piece
30th Jan 12 09:07:02Funny.The Dresden Files
29th Jan 12 09:43:24Funny.The Dresden Files
20th Jan 12 02:56:21YMMV.Kingdom Hearts
14th Jan 12 11:36:47Hoist By His Own Petard
30th Dec 11 10:36:09Ships That Pass In The Night
29th Dec 11 09:00:12Lightning Bruiser
28th Dec 11 08:17:23Trivia.Final Fantasy Tactics
16th Dec 11 11:17:41Manga.Beet The Vandel Buster
15th Dec 11 12:03:19YMMV.Tales Of Legendia
14th Dec 11 11:54:06Funny.Lunar The Silver Star
14th Dec 11 11:50:25YMMV.Breath Of Fire IV
26th Nov 11 11:22:13Funny.Lets Play
23rd Nov 11 08:55:32WMG.Dragon Ball Abridged
18th Nov 11 01:34:55Arent You Going To Ravish Me
16th Nov 11 07:48:56Trivia.Final Fantasy IX
12th Nov 11 07:39:54Luck Stat