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Creatures that look like perfect, geometric shapes.
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Some creatures have a very simple shape: just a polygon or a polyhedron, such as a cube or a cone, mathematically perfect and featureless except possibly for small legs, eyes, etc.

As perfect geometric shapes can be unnerving, such a being often feels truly alien. Their perfect shape often implies that they're cold, mechanical and emotionless. That said, sometimes their appearance is simply a result of the artists being lazy.

Sometimes they may be Silicon-Based Life. Not to be mistaken with a Companion Cube (though some polyhedron-shaped Companion Cubes might be treated as if they were Living Polyhedrons).

Indexes: Bizarre Alien Biology, Fantastic Sapient Species Tropes, Geometry Tropes, Otherness Tropes
Anime & Manga


  • All inhabitants of Flatland are two-dimensional polygons. There's also a Sphere, which claims to inhabit a Sphereland with other 3D shapes.
  • The Rationals and Parentals from The Gods Themselves are ellipsoids and parallelepipeds, respectively.
  • All of the characters in Shel Silverstein's The Missing Piece are represented as two- dimensional shapes.
  • In Arthur C. Clarke's 2010: The Year We Make Contact, the incorporeal David Bowman is led by the Monolith intelligence down through the atmosphere of Jupiter, where he sees various polyhedric kite-like creatures which feed on hydrocarbon precipitation in the atmosphere, and each other. The Monolith intelligence (with Bowman's input) assessed that these primitive nonsentients were worth sacrificing in detonating Jupiter as a second sun to help uplift the more advanced life on Europa. (Note: this was not shown in the film.)
  • Flatland inspired the book and cartoon The Dot And The Line, which stars both a dot and a line (and a squiggle).

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Modrons from Planescape, who look like polyhedral robots. The higher in rank one is, the more sides it has. As Modrons are inhabitants of the lawful neutral plane of Mechanus, their appearance fits their mechanistic, impassive nature.
    • The Gelatinous Cube, a large Blob Monster shaped like a cube. Apparently, it's a life form specifically adapted for living in a typical D&D dungeon corridor.

Video Games
  • There are many, many newbie amateur video games which feature a square or a triangle as the protagonist (and sometimes explicitly have a title along the lines of Triangle Adventures, etc.), since such heroes are very easy to draw and animate (if they're indeed animated at all).
  • The Supervision game Dancing Block is set in "GB (Geometric block) Kingdom in another end of the universe", and has a Mr. Dancing Block as the protagonist.

Web Original

Western Animation
  • In Rubik, the Amazing Cube Rubik is a living (?) Rubik's Cube with feet sticking out the bottom and a face on one side of the cube.
  • In-Universe: In an episode of Arthur Sue Ellen writes a graphic novel about a country of triangles and a country of circles which have a conflict with each other.

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