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Only One Me Allowed Right Now
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In most time travel stories or cloning ones, one character can have multiple copies of themselves running around in a same period, some might have problem if those copies meet each other, then there is this case...

Only One Me Allowed Right Now is a case where the universe either flat out denies multiple copies of a character to exist in a same time period, or that either the character and the copies go crazy or the universe starts to break down. This either involves Cloning, Time Travel, or Alternate Universe.

Note that this is NOT Never the Selves Shall Meet. In that one, you can have millions of copies of a same character running around in the same universe without that much trouble, only they must not meet each other. In this case, even there are only 2 copies and they are at the opposite side of the universe, the problem still happens


  • In Star Wars Expanded Universe, this is believed to be the case with clone madness when the clone is created if the process is accelerated, like using Spaarti cloning cylinder.
  • In Justice League, Vandal Savage's time machine cannot send a person back to when that person existed.
  • In Infinite Space, a rogue Zenito general repeatedly used mind transfer to escape death when you killed him. Franny stopped this by altering the transfer to copy the mind to all the clones, causing him to go crazy and die, because there can't be more than 1 copy of a person at a time.
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