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Faith Healing
Healing magic being religious in nature.
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Do We Have This One?? I've seen a lot of tropes that play off the concept but never a trope about this concept in general. Also might need a better title to avoid confusion with actual real life faith healing.

As we all know, Religion Is Magic. In many cases, it's a particular type of a magic: healing magic.

Whether or not religion can provide offensive powers as well, healing magic is almost always religious in nature. Whether it's God, a specific god in a pantheon, the ancestors, or nature itself, if you want to patch this guy up, someone had better be connected with The Powers That Be. This is often extended to priests being the only or primary users of healing magic.

Please note that, for something to qualify, it must meet these two criteria:
  • This has to be healing magic, not just men of the clergy being medics as well.
  • Religion must be the only or primary way to use healing magic. If it's one of many sources, it doesn't count.

Seen It a Million Times


  • All classes in World of Warcraft capable of healing (Priest, Paladin, Shaman, Druid, and soon-to-be Monk) are religious in nature. In addition, the Draenei's racial ability, Gift of the Naaru, is granted because of the species' deep religious faith.
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