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Not Your Daddy's X

Remember X? It's back and better than ever!

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An oft-used stock phrase when it comes to merchandising or advertising, done to ensure the intended consumer that their product has evolved beyond its original form. How true such a bold statement actually is tends to be subject to personal opinion.

This can also use other family members in place of "father". "Mother", "Grampa", or "Grandma" are the most common. Also appears as "isn't your father's".

Note: I suggested this YKTTW once before and it had been floating around in limbo for a while, but the revamp erased this one from the server, so I had to recreate it from scratch.

  • Late 1980's: "This is not your father's Oldsmobile... This is the new generation of Olds."


  • An early issue of Wizard magazine described DC's Adam Strange as "Not your father's superhero. He's your grandfather's" -- due to the fact that the only time when he was especially popular was in the early Silver Age.

  • Used on this very wiki with the description for Red Alert 3: "This is not your daddy's RTS. It is your jokester uncle's, and it's all the more awesome for it."


New Media

News Broadcast
  • The Pulse
    "Shepard Smith: "This isn't your father's news magazine."

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