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Because a name just is not enough for a badass weapon, it also needs an Epithet
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A subtrope of Named Weapons and essentially Red Baron and Earn Your Title applied to an object. Sometimes, a legendary item, usually a Sword of Plot Advancement, Infinity+1 Sword or somesuch, will not only have an amazing or terrifying name, but due to their powerful and legendary nature might also carry a title that has become synonymous with their splendor. This is usually reserved for the most powerful of items, a variation that is also common is to apply matching titles to a certain series of artifacts to emphasize their connection. This and Rule of Cool, of course.

No relation to Artifact Title, that's Just for Pun.


Anime and Manga
  • Some of the 'Devices' in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha are like this, particularly the older ones. The main examples are Vita's weapon, 'The Steel Count, Graff Eisen', and Hayate's Reinforce Twei, 'The Blessed Wind of the Night Sky'. (Though I guess that last one is arguable since, as a 'Unison Device', she's a fully-independent individual more than a weapon.)
  • Gorun Nova, the Sword of Light in The Slayers. Played with, because the sword is more well known by its moniker, than by its proper name.

  • Fred Saberhagen's Books Of Swords series. Each of the 12 Swords had at least one title in addition to its main name, and half of them had multiple additional titles.
    • Coinspinner: Sword of Chance, Sword of Fortune. Gives good luck to the wielder.
    • Doomgiver: Sword of Justice. Can return any attack to its source.
    • Dragonslicer: Sword of Heroes. Extremely effective against dragons.
    • Farslayer: Sword of Vengeance. Can be sent like a guided missile to kill anyone in the world.
    • Mindsword: Sword of Glory, Skulltwister, the Sword of Madness. Has mass Mind Control abilities.
    • Shieldbreaker: Sword of Force, The Widowmaker. Extremely effective against weapon-using opponents.
    • Sightblinder: Sword of Stealth, Sword of Deception. Alters its wielder's appearance.
    • Soulcutter: Sword of Despair, Tyrant's Blade. Causes opponents within a certain radius to suffer severe depression.
    • Stonecutter: Sword of Siege. Can cut through stone like butter.
    • Townsaver: Sword of Fury. When used to defend unarmed people in a fixed position, causes the wielder to furiously defeat any opponent.
    • Wayfinder: Sword of Wisdom. Can guide its wielder to anything they seek.
    • Woundhealer: Sword of Mercy, Sword of Love, Sword of Healing. Heals creatures it's stuck into. Can make two people fall in love is stuck through both of them.
  • In Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melniboné stories, Stormbringer was sometimes called The Black Sword, referring to its appearance.

Tabletop RPG
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Forgotten Realms magical swords in supplement FR4 The Magister
      • Adjatha: The Drinker. When this sword touches any magical item, it siphons off magical energy until the item is drained of dweomer.
      • Ilbratha: Mistress of Battles. This sword has a number of powers useful in combat, such as Jump, Blink and Mirror Image.
      • Susk: The Silent Sword. It never rings, clatters, scrapes, or emits any sound, regardless of the circumstances.
      • Taragarth: The Bloodbrand. So named because during the Long Battle against the troll hordes, this sword was brandished aloft so often while covered in troll blood.
    • Swords from the supplement Encyclopedia Magica
      • Fragarach: The Answerer. If it is wielded by a Chaotic Good character, at the end of each combat round it will automatically hit each opponent who has attacked its owner.
      • Draxalon: Defender of Feminine Virtue. This sword does not allow itself to be used by a male; those who try discover that they cannot lift the blade.
      • Dyerwaen: Forester's Friend. In a forest setting, Dyerwaen's bearer is camouflaged so as to be 90% invisible when motionless, nor does he or she leave any trace when traveling through such an environment.
      • Elquillar: Sword of Many Faces. Its owner can alter his or her own shape as though wearing a Hat of Disguise.
      • Equalizer of Gran March: The Sword of Neutrality. This sword is a tool for the balancing powers of the universe. Its creator desired that it be used to equalize (or more accurately, to terminate) the extremes of nature, shifting the universe closer to the true neutral alignment.
      • Kura: The Darkness. This sword is pitch black and can create an area of darkness.
      • Naesowen: Ghost Blade. The wizards who created this blade summoned and trapped an evil spirit within it to give it strength and additional powers.
      • Neekar: Sword of Tongues, Waterdhavian Diplomat. Its primary ability is to speak any language native to the Prime Material Plane. It was meant to be an inconspicuous aide in politics and is a shrewd negotiator.
      • Stonefist: The Sword of Rage. It allows the wielder to voluntarily enter a state of mindless rage, which grants several combat bonuses to the wielder.

Video Games
  • The Master Sword in the The Legend of Zelda series is often called Blade of Evil's Bane.
  • Fire Emblem does this frequently with its legendary artifacts, such as Durandal - the Blazing Blade, Apocalypse - the Silencing Darkness, Armads - the Thunder Axe...
  • Most Noble Phantasms in Fate/stay night have their own titles, like Gae Bolg - The Spear of Striking Death, Excalibur - The Sword of Promised Victory, Ea - The Star Of Creation That Splits Apart Heaven And Earth, and many others.
  • The Nox Nyctores weapons in the BlazBlue all have Latin epithets preceding their names:
    • Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi - a Kill Sat.
    • Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa - Jin's sword.
    • Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk - Noel's guns.
    • Deus Machina: Nirvana - Carl's puppet.
    • Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros - Hazama's chains.
    • Interfectum Malus: Ookami - Hakumen's sword.
    • Lux Sanctus: Murakumo - Nu's Power Armor.
    • Mucro Somnio: Musashi - Jubei's swords.
    • Arma Reboare: Muchourin - Platinum's staff.
    • Phoenix: Rettenjou - (form unknown). Owned by Bang Shishigami.
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