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alternative titles Temporary Super Powers Powers for a Day

Laconic: A Character gets temporally super powers.

A non super-powered character gets superpowers. However because Status Quo Is God. Those powers won't last long and are strictly a one-shot deal. In other words: not only do the superpowers wear off by the end of the episode, but they can "never" get the powers again. Never! ever! again!.Unless they do using a Recycled Script and/or just becuase it's fun.

When this plot is repeatedly recycled with a particular character, see Superpower Silly Putty.

May overlap with Superhero Episode.Contrast with Brought Down to Normal

See also:Sidekick Glass Ceiling


Manga Anime

  • In All-Star Superman Lois Lane gets superpowers thanks to a formula for one issue
  • The Marvel Comics series Captain Universe dealt with this trope on a monthly basis. Captain Universe was not a double person, but a persona with cosmic powers attached which merges with various people in times of need.
  • In one issue of Love and Capes, Crusader's fiancée has a wizard grant her temporary superpowers so she can understand life as a superhero.

Live Action Tv
  • In Smallville Pete Ross got elastic super powers thanks to a chewing gum. However those powers only lasted for one episode.
    • Cloe Sullivan got the power to make everyone tell her the truth. Unfortunately that superpower was killing her. So it was removed by the end of the episode
  • The Gilligan's Island gang eats some radioactive vegetables and gets superpowers: super-strength, super-speed, super hearing etc.
  • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Hide and Q," Riker gets Q-powers.
    • Likewise in "to the fth Power," Barclay gets Q-like super-intelligence-- though it's hinted to be somewhat permanent, but it's uncertain how.
  • In one episode of Stargate SG-1 Jonas Quinn acquires precognitive abilities.

  • One Isaac Asimov short story had an Earthman given a Martian sense via a special drug. The effects only lasted for a few minutes and his vision was burned out. He thought it was worth it.

Western Animation
  • In the Bugs Bunny short "Super-Rabbit", Bugs gets temporary superpowers from eating super carrots . This is always mentioned in all subsequent shorts.
  • Fry and Leela get superpowers in Futurama, and become super-heroes.
  • Family Guy episode "Super Griffins."
  • A nuclear accident turns Homer Simpson into a a hulk like creature-- for about three seconds.
  • In the Dexter's Laboratory episode "World's Greatest Mom," Dexter accidentally gives his mom super-powers... for the rest of the episode.
  • George Jetson becomes "Super George" when an experiment goes wrong.
  • Partially applied in The Flintstones, where Fred and Barney learn to apply judo-chop powers which allow them to take out armies of giant mooks-- but they either somehow forget them by the end of the episode, or else they never encounter any more mooks ever again
  • In Danny Phantom Tucker wishes to have ghost powers like Danny and a genie grants the wish. Unfortunately he becomes evil with said powers and therefore a reset button is used.
  • Happens all the time in The Powerpuff Girls. Princess, Mojo Jojo, the Gangrene Gang, the Mayor, and a group of the girls' classmates all have episodes where they gain superpowers temporally.
  • In one episode of American Dragon: Jake Long, Spud wants to be normal like his mom. He ends up getting bitten by a magical frog that gives him a frog-like appearance, a long tongue, and the ability to jump very high. At the end of the episode, he gets them removed.


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