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Teal and Orange Scheme
Using the colors teal and orange as the only main colors in a color scheme.

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More than just a Color Wash, the Teal and Orange Scheme goes so far as to exclude all other colors, even when they would be logically present. Alternately, there's a color scheme that chooses to focus on these two, for the sole reason that they are complementary and easy on the eyes.

  • Portal, where the entire Aperture Science facilities are primarily white, but the eponymous portals are colored (surprise!) teal and orange.
  • TRON: Legacy, which eschews the color scheme of the original for a teal and orange.

Any others? Note: this isn't about films where the colors have been tweaked into a Teal and Orange setting, but about anything where Teal and Orange have been deliberately used as the main colors.
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