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These tropes and YKTTW's died with their boots on
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When a trope is deemed unnecessary, it's cut. When a YKTTW is deemed unnecessary, it's discarded. Sometimes, they go down easy (occasionally too easy). Sometimes, though, a trope or YKTTW will end up dying with its boots on. Refusing to go quietly, an author will say whatever they can to keep their trope alive. Believing that this trope should be wiped from existence, outside tropers will battle just as hard, bringing in Ridiculously Similar Trope to show it already exists or arguing that the trope isn't common enough to be a trope. The author responds immediately by contrasting their trope with the similar ones and scrambling to find more examples. The dialogue goes back and forth endlessly before the trope, beaten to a pulp, is finally put down. Here, on Boot Hill, is the final resting place of many of these unlucky tropes or YKTTW's.


Cut Tropes

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