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Replay Value
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That one sentence repeated over and over wouldn't make you want to view this page, would it? It's the same with video games - the same thing over and over gets boring after a while. Basically, replay value is how fun a game is after you've beaten it - either by starting a new game or by continuing the game after you've completed the main objective of it. Replay value is one of those things that reviewers (and players) look for in a game, so developers will usually try to squeeze as much replay value into a game as they can.

This can be done in several ways:

  • Adding branches in a game to make it less linear, so you can experience different things in the same game.
  • Including a Karma Meter or Relationship Values so that every choice a player makes influences the game in a different way.
  • In RPGs and games with RPG Elements, having a number of different possible ways to build your main character or characters, such as specializing in weapons or magic.
  • Including some form of New Game+.
  • Including several bonus features, such as Bonus Bosses or Bonus Dungeons.
  • Great music.
  • Generating certain things, such as levels, randomly. This is one of the reasons why Roguelikes have a tendency to have lots of good replay value.
  • Options that affect the gameplay, such as harder Difficulty Levels.
  • Including a map editor and other means for players to generate and share their own content.
  • Varied enemies\environments that require different skills to pass, or even different styles of play.
  • And just creating a good game in general.

For examples on how not to do it, see Fake Longevity.

Not to be confused with Replay Value Universe, a recursive elsewhere-roleplay of Homestuck. Also not to be confused with a target score in pinball that (most commonly) awards a free game when reached or exceeded, known as a "Replay."

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