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Content Violation Discussions
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new postpinnedThe Place for Purging Porn and Pedo-Pandering (AKA P5 flag evaluations)11,285Thu, 28th Aug '14 7:31:49 PM
new postpinnedContent Policy Discussion1,412Thu, 21st Aug '14 4:46:56 PM
new postpinnedPage Restoration Petitions2,673Thu, 7th Aug '14 11:28:01 PM
new postpinnedPost-links Pertinent to the P5 Perusal Process67Sun, 2nd Sep '12 5:08:14 AM
new postpinnedP5 Decisions and Announcements2Sat, 28th Apr '12 3:49:02 PM
new postDivi-Dead (Feedback Requested)8Sat, 14th Sep '13 3:47:39 PM
new postLotte no Omocha (feedback requested)104Mon, 25th Mar '13 9:31:27 AM
new postPopotan (P5 only)28Wed, 19th Sep '12 9:45:37 AM
new postNozoki Ana (Feedback Wanted)15Wed, 5th Sep '12 6:23:00 AM
new postOmamori Himari- Feedback Wanted23Mon, 30th Jul '12 12:56:34 PM
new postSengoku Rance - P5 only128Fri, 27th Jul '12 8:30:14 PM
new postIronwood - P5 only8Fri, 27th Jul '12 8:30:44 AM
new postBaldr Sky (P5 only)239Mon, 23rd Jul '12 6:55:01 PM
new postPatalliro (Feedback requested)10Fri, 20th Jul '12 7:06:26 AM
new postBliss Stage (all versions, feedback needed)58Tue, 17th Jul '12 11:37:25 AM
new postAi No Kusabi (Feedback Requested)55Wed, 11th Jul '12 3:54:53 PM
new postEiyuu Senki (Feedback Requested)17Wed, 11th Jul '12 2:03:54 PM
new postLucky Dog 1 (feedback requested)42Tue, 10th Jul '12 12:03:33 PM
new postSky Girls (Feedback Requested)51Mon, 9th Jul '12 9:42:51 AM
new postOtoko no Ko wa Meido Fuku ga Osuki (input needed)57Sat, 30th Jun '12 3:04:11 PM
new postAtlach=Nacha (feedback requested)35Mon, 25th Jun '12 12:50:15 PM
new postFranchise/Rance (P5 only)80Thu, 21st Jun '12 7:15:56 AM
new postKagami Hiiragi Snuggling After Sex (Feedback Requested)81Mon, 18th Jun '12 8:53:24 AM
new postGhastly's Ghastly Comic (feedback needed)25Thu, 14th Jun '12 8:02:45 PM
new postIntense (feedback requested) 8Wed, 6th Jun '12 2:38:12 PM
new postWhat to do with FanFic/Naruto Veangance Revelaitons (P5 only)4Wed, 6th Jun '12 12:07:52 AM
new postThe Blonde Marvel - 5P Only9Sun, 3rd Jun '12 3:51:12 PM
new postArcade Gamer Fubuki (P5-only)58Thu, 31st May '12 12:54:45 AM
new postMorenatsu (Feedback Requested)75Wed, 30th May '12 5:41:02 AM
new postKatahane - Feedback Wanted70Mon, 28th May '12 6:09:33 PM
new postDragon Crisis (Feedback Requested)12Thu, 24th May '12 7:36:04 AM
new postManga/Onani Master Kurosawa (feedback needed)15Tue, 22nd May '12 4:02:44 AM
new postTales of the Unrefined (feedback needed)28Sun, 20th May '12 3:39:28 PM
new postFATAL - feedback needed48Thu, 17th May '12 6:02:09 PM
new postMysterious Skin - Feedback Wanted8Tue, 15th May '12 4:16:28 PM
new postBody Bags - Feedback wanted37Tue, 15th May '12 1:14:12 PM
new postGor - 5P Only17Mon, 14th May '12 6:07:28 AM
new postDecadent Habits (Feedback Requested)29Sun, 13th May '12 2:46:51 PM
new postStrike Witches126Sat, 12th May '12 9:48:09 AM
new postYouju Senki AD 2048 (Feedback needed)18Sat, 12th May '12 7:48:23 AM
new postMonster Girl Encyclopedia - 5P ONLY31Fri, 11th May '12 8:43:28 AM
new postHen Zemi (Feedback requested)8Wed, 9th May '12 5:36:35 PM
new postTarot - Witch of the Black Rose (5P Only)5Wed, 9th May '12 9:49:27 AM
new postBig Bang Age61Tue, 8th May '12 3:09:11 PM
new postMy Balls (input needed)20Tue, 8th May '12 11:32:41 AM
new postMezzo Forte (P5 only)5Tue, 8th May '12 4:58:26 AM
new postKiss X Sis (input needed)70Mon, 7th May '12 4:37:45 PM
new postCherry Comics (P5 only)6Mon, 7th May '12 8:54:28 AM
new postWhat to do with VideoGame/Monster Girl Quest (P5 only, please)31Mon, 7th May '12 7:15:26 AM
new postKnight of Lolicon - feedback wanted79Sun, 6th May '12 4:46:37 PM
new postDanbooru (P5 Only)34Sun, 6th May '12 4:37:43 PM
new postManga: Okane Ga Nai (Now P5 Only)119Sun, 6th May '12 7:15:36 AM
new postQueen's Blade (Feedback Needed)35Sun, 6th May '12 4:43:10 AM
new postSaya no Uta (Currently P5 Only)47Fri, 4th May '12 4:45:52 AM
new postYiff (P5 only)6Thu, 3rd May '12 6:05:00 PM
new postCupcakes (The My Little Pony Fanfic)81Thu, 3rd May '12 6:37:12 AM
new postShuffle! Not porn, but needs special treatment - 5P only6Thu, 3rd May '12 5:59:52 AM
new postThe Story of O - Feedback wanted23Wed, 2nd May '12 5:41:10 PM
new postEiken (Feedback Wanted)38Wed, 2nd May '12 10:48:30 AM
new postXXXenophile (P5 only)6Tue, 1st May '12 5:13:17 PM
new postKodomo no Jikan vote - 5P Only5Sun, 29th Apr '12 6:08:45 AM
new postWelcome to the NHK (feedback wanted)13Sun, 29th Apr '12 6:07:46 AM
new postAll Anime is Naughty Tentacles vote (P5 only)6Sat, 28th Apr '12 9:37:28 PM
new postRecommendations for Perusal by 5P1,057Thu, 26th Apr '12 11:21:36 PM
1 pages in this list

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