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* {{Nerd}}: [[StarWars R2]] functions on StarWars, Internet and all the things electronic, is a [[TechnoWizard professional programmer]] and wears NerdGlasses. Marcus and Juhani like their {{ShoutOut}}s a lot, too.


* {{Nerd}}: [[StarWars [[Franchise/StarWars R2]] functions on StarWars, ''Franchise/StarWars'', Internet and all the things electronic, is a [[TechnoWizard professional programmer]] and wears NerdGlasses. Marcus and Juhani like their {{ShoutOut}}s a lot, too.
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* AgonyOfTheFeet: Both [[PlayedForLaughs Marcus]] and Yue step on sharp things in the water.

* AlienSky

* [[spoiler: TrappedInAnotherWorld]]


* BabiesEverAfter: [[spoiler: For Kiwi, anyway. Where did she find a male cat?]]
* ButtMonkey: Unpleasant and annoying stuff seems to prefer Marcus to his friends.
* CabinFever: Everybody gets very snippy when [[spoiler: the rescue mission has to be postponed, because the portal closes on moonless nights]].
* ClosedCircle: Both islands. The another world one additionally enclosed by magic mist.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: [[EccentricMentor The Old Guy]]'s gone more than a bit loopy since he got TrappedInAnotherWorld.
* ComingOfAgeStory: Kinda, sorta. Moreso for [[spoiler: Marcus and Juhani, who spend some time surviving in the dead world]].
* ContrivedCoincidence: So R2 and Marcus just ''happened'' to discover the abandoned cottage (with a broken doorlock!) what it started raining...
* CoolGate: Coolness is debatable (due to camouflage) and it only opens [[FunctionalMagic whan the moon is visible and where it leads exactly depends on the moon phase]]. But it will get you transported to another planet, so... [[spoiler: The mist also works as a one way portal from the island to continent]].
* DemBones: Inhabit the [[AfterTheEnd dead world]].
* DeadManWriting: The journal.
* DeadpanSnarker: Juhani has developed a lot of snark after his ordeal.
* DoggedNiceGuy: Marcus, to Sanna. He's [[YoureNotMyType not her type]].
* TheDitherer: Sanna just can't decide what she wants. Neither can Marcus, really.
* EndlessDaytime / TheNightThatNeverEnds: The dead planet is tidally locked. Life is only possible in the perpetual twilight zone.
* EverythingTryingToKillYou: Even the plants are mean on the dead world.
* FantasticDrug: The wine is either a potent hallucinogen, or makes you [[DreamingOfTimesGoneBy relive a random past event]].
* FantasticFlora: Glowing berries and guardian oaks of the dead world. And those fungi...
* FreakOut: Yue has a minor one [[spoiler: over the possibility of having been mind-controlled]].
* FogOfDoom: All water in the dead world is dangerous, even the mist.
* HeKnowsTooMuch: Said by Juhani almost word-for-word.
* [[spoiler: TrappedInAnotherWorld]]JerkassGods: Caused the dead world'd death, because humans asked too many questions]].
* NarniaTime: Time and aging in the dead world are magically slowed.
* {{Nerd}}: [[StarWars R2]] functions on StarWars, Internet and all the things electronic, is a [[TechnoWizard professional programmer]] and wears NerdGlasses. Marcus and Juhani like their {{ShoutOut}}s a lot, too.
* MindManipulation: Mordolarg might have it. Or so The Old Man says. He seems to control the fungi and the undead.
* MisplacedWildlife: Plot point. [[spoiler: The glow worm came from another world]].
* MundaneUtility: Discover a portal to another world, what do you do? Pick magical glowing berries to make [[FantasticDrug wine]]. The island where the berries grow is a nice picnic spot, as well. Also, a mecha is used for a [[FlareGun signal flare]].
* MurderWater: Due to the essence of [[GodOfEvil Mordolarg]] in it, the dead world water is very poisonous. Safe water only comes from guardian oaks.
* MustHaveNicotine: R2 smokes habitually.
* [[spoiler: LeakingCanOfEvil: Mordolarg, while sealed, keeps causing trouble]].
* LivingStatue: The guardian mechas are overgrown with moss and still capable of kicking some undead ass, even on autopilot.
* [[spoiler: PeacefulInDeath: The Old Guy dies content, having been able to return to the our world island and reunite with his brother, who's buried there]].
* TrappedInAnotherWorld: [[spoiler: Marcus and Juhani, which is how they meet The Old Guy]].
* [[TimeTravelForFunAndProfit Transdimensional Travel for Fun and Profit]]: How [[UnclePennybags Juhani]]'s family became so rich - they sell the [[FantasticDrug wine]] in China.
* [[TheyWouldCutYouUp They Would Exploit the Dead World for Weaponry]]
* SmallGirlBigGun: Technically, the gun is carried by a mecha. But R2 couldn't fit inside, so it's [[spoiler: a smaller Yue]] piloting the mecha. And she ''loves'' it.
* TheSmartGuy: R2 has good scientific method for figuring the mist out, and is able to build several useful gadgets.
* StrangeSyntaxSpeaker: The Old Man.
* WeHaveBeenResearchingPhlebotinumForYears: Juhani's family has.
* WelcomedToTheMasquerade: With a BloodOath to ensure that [[spoiler: the secret of the island stays in Juhani's family]].
* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic: Yue's dream [[spoiler: while being cured of the poison]] is obviously symbolic, but vague.
* WhatAnIdiot: Marcus, there are saner ways to impress girls than walking into the alien mist...
* UnsuspectinglySoused: R2 and Marcus find some old wine in the abandoned cottage and proceed to taste it. [[FantasticDrug A (possibly psychic) drug trip ensues]].
* ZenSurvivor: The Old Man, [[spoiler: Juhani and the most zen of them, Marcus]].
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'''Between Two Worlds''' is a fantasy comic by Elanor Cooper and JJ Naas.

While enjoying vacation on a remote island, a group of friends discover a portal to another world, starting an adventure across worlds and time.

The comic is available at http://b2w.ungroup.net .

* AnotherDimension
* [[spoiler: ApocalypseHow: The world the mists lead to]]
* [[spoiler: TrappedInAnotherWorld]]
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