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Maytag is more a deconstruction of the Purity Sue. She has the kind of Charisma and Manipulative Bastardom needed to appear as such on the surface. However, where Purity Sues are passive, Maytag is extremely proactive in her manipulations, and consciously manipulates people to benefit her interests, often in a manner that comes off as extremely cold, and this is after she has been compelled to turn straight by Bern. Also, most Purity Sues are not Anything That Moves in a manner that is not approved of by other characters, nor do they get their arm chomped off, nor do they choose to repress their emotions despite stating how much they believe in expressing them.

Shadow Warden: I actually think that The Reveal of Maytag and Bernadette's relationship was legitimate and not a result of bad writing. It had foreshadowing and implication beforehand on more than one occasion, and Maytag's trysts never happened where Bernadette could see them. Unless anyone has a good reason to refute this, I propose we change the tropes accordingly.

KiTA: Speaking of the reveal, does anyone object to it becoming You Should Know This Already? It's brought up fairly early in the series and is referenced a LOT later, especially after Maytag/Bern push Crest out of the limelight.

Freezer: I'm wondering why references to May and Bern's relationship need spoiler tags at all. At this point, the comic has put it front and center in several storylines.

Fighteer: Well, the author himself avoids discussing it on the index pages specifically to avoid spoiling the relationship for new readers. I admit to being grateful for that, as I managed to be surprised when I first read it. Given that Word of God says it's a spoiler, I'd say leave it as such.

Fighteer: New topic. Please see this post I made on the forums and tell me what you think about whether the Aesop of the "Rhyme and Reason" chapter falls under Fantastic Aesop, Family-Unfriendly Aesop, or Broken Aesop. I have it under the former now, but I'd like opinions. Thanks in advance!