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Tanto: If it ain't a Five-Man Band, it ain't a Five-Man Band. "Stretching the definitions" is antithetical to the trope.

Also: Planet of Hats deals more with cultures, and the cultures of planets aren't really explored in this series. Single-Biome Planet is sufficient.

  • The biggest strech I can see in the team being a Five-Man Band would be Falco=Big guy (who he matchs in personality) otherwise it matchs up perfectly,
Hero:Fox Lancer:Peppy Smart Guy:Slippy The Big Guy:Falco The Chick:Krystal

Nirual: pulled: * Ho Yay: Leon and Wolf are rather too attached. Just because of an odd line or two in Super Smash Bros. that can be interpreted that way doesn't mean the series is full of Ho Yay. After all, this is a Nintendo series. There isn't any real sexual context elsewhere in the series (except a hint of it in Adventures, made by Rare).
  • True. But there have been other Ho Yay caused by mistranslation though.

Is Wolf also applicable for Hard Gay?
  • I's say no. They probably gave him that outfit because it combines Spikes of Doom with a general "tough guy" look. As for the comment about Leon in Brawl, Leon's personality since Assault has been altered to "completely insane" and might have just been Unintentional Innuendo during one of his ramblings. Also, most of the games are E-rated, and you're probably seeing a subtext that just wasn't intended to be there in the first place.
  • Actually, Leon BECAME consistent with his Japanese personality. It's the 64 version that is different.
  • Hard Gay doesn't need imply homosexuality. It just needs to give off that feeling. So Yeah, Wolf fits it.

Query: Where in the dialogue do they refer the the Landmaster as a ‘tank’? The dispute being the Landmaster’s inclusion in the Crew of One trope. An armoured—car can be operated with just a driver. Nirual: It's never directly refered to as a tank, but it certainly looks the part. Armoured cars don't carry cannons of that size, if even any.

SpiriTsunami: SF64 on Expert is Nintendo Hard? Funny...I'm not used to being so good at any game that warrants that description...The only thing that makes it still challenging is the constant drive to get higher and higher scores. My highest is 1847. Can anyone here beat that?

Ookamikun: Panther subverts The Casanova trope. Being a ladies' man doesn't necessarily mean that someone is a sexual predator - it just means he likes dating women, but not to the point where he is an actual womanizer. Also, when he falls in love, remains straight to said lover, as opposed to various Casanovas who won't settle for one woman.

The Swedish Elf: The only reason he's stuck so adamantly to Krystal is because he's never met any other female in the series. And his relentless pursuit and flirting even when Krystal makes it very clear that she isn't liking it or doesn't give a crap about what he has to say? Yeah, that's usually called stalking or abuse.

Oh, and it may interest you to know that as recently as last year, Nintendo themselves basically described Panther as what can be considered a womanizer. Which, btw, doesn't mean "sexual predator". Hell, Zidane from Final Fantasy IX starts off as a womanizer too, but he never exactly molested anyone.

  • She never outright rejected him, but only ignored him. However, there are dialogs like in Mission 7 where she and Panther vanishes from the fight while talking about how good it was to ride the wing, and in Mission 9 she sincerely welcomes Panther's help. Even in Brawl she wasn't even sarcastic about her comment regarding Panther's offer. In Command, even though she didn't return her love, she still considered him as a friend.

The Swedish Elf: Actually, in Brawl, you can hear the sarcasm in one of her lines—Alesia Glidewell even stated herself that it was intended to be at least half-sarcastic. In Assault, there were in fact parts where Krystal outright shot him down, and in the majority of Command's increasingly messed up storylines, she was using Panther to get back at Fox, and even admits it in one path. Hell, her first line in the first storyline you're forced to play through is an icy "Shut up, Panther." after he starts flirting with her for the 9001st time.

Either way, Krystal makes it very obvious that she's not interested in him, and Panther, apparently working under the delusion that relentless persistance pays off, just keeps on pushing.

  • How odd. The Japanese dialogs were less sarcasm and more on sincere "No thanks".

How does one make a character sheet?