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Mr Death: What does 'Dissidia' even mean, anyway?

Alexlayer: If I remember correctly, it means "Conflict" or "Disagreement" in... I don't know what language.

Joie De Combat: It's the plural form of "dissidium," which is Latin for "conflict," so it actually means "conflicts".
Move here from the original discussion page: Redkun: Isn't it "Dissidia: Final Fantasy"?

Yo Adrian: Depends on who you're asking. I've seen it in various "official" sources as above, as in the entry name, and, amusingly, as "Final Fantasy ~Dissidia~".

Game Guru GG: I merely found this page link as Dissidia: Final Fantasy, I just did the first fleshing out of it. From what I can tell the game's name is Dissidia ~Final Fantasy~, and yes, the tildes seem to be part of the title. One would think that if it is a success, they will pull other Square Enix heroes and villains outside of the Final Fantasy games and just call the sequel "Dissidia 2" considering "Final Fantasy" usually gets top billing in its spinoffs.

Charred Knight: Deleted Several Take That! which blatantly claim things that no one at Square Enix has said. If you hate an entry fine but unless someone shows me these quotes stating that Yuna and Seymour where utter failures then don't put them up. The actual quote is simply that Jecht has the stronger emotional connection to Tidus than Seymour, and since Tidus is the hero of FF X than Jecht was included. Also some of the complaints are idiotic, Seymour is a Card-Carrying Villain as opposed to? Garland? Emperor Mateus? Cloud of Darkness? Exdeath? Kefka? Sephiroth? Ultimecia? Kuja? Hell Golbez and Jecht where the only people chosen for Dissidia who are not a Card-Carrying Villain.

Game Guru GG: To be fair, Emperor Mateus and Cloud of Darkness come from a time before character development, Exdeath is from the most lighthearted of the SNES games and is a friggen EVIL TREE!, and Garland, Kefka, and Sephiroth are practically household names in terms of Final Fantasy villains. Only Ultimecia and Kuja don't have an excuse.

Yo Adrian: Well, Kuja has the whole Cain and Abel thing going on - they're described as brothers in the original game, and Zidane was meant to be Kuja's replacement after the latter kicked the bucket - I can see where that counts as a good reason him to want the lil' monkey boy dead. Ultimecia, however, is another story.

Charred Knight: I still want to know where these so called Word of God comes from, like I said the only Word of God that I have seen simply states that since Seymour was Yuna's villain than they chose Jecht since Tidus was the hero of FF X. It states no where that Seymour or Yuna where failures, and SE would never say something like that.

Jotun of Boredom: Tidus & Jecht were also a good decision gameplay wise. Seriously, too many of the villains are already far ranged magic users so I doubt they needed another one like Seymour. And I seriously doubt a White Mage / Summoner hybrid would make much sense in combat.

James the Fox: ... but if they used the Gunner version from FFX-2 (which, by the by, I've not played) and had that Shuyin fellow as the Chaos sided character, we could be getting somewhere... Desssphere changes could make her seem like a long range version of Cecil, and Shuyin's moves would be pretty much Tidus' moves (we could even make Tidus an alternate costume). It would also have been a neat surprise. Too bad that game, from what I hear, never happened.

Shiralee: Ultimecia seems to be the most traditional Card-Carrying Villain to me, actually. Vanity induces her to pursue immortality. From what her dialogue sounds like she's only a recent semi-convert to The Way Of The Void that Cloud and Ex Death have been priests of for a long long time. She's almost fairy tale like in her motivations. Amusingly, I didn't see or didn't notice any comment by Kuja about Garland sharing names with his FF 9 tormentor. Kuja can SORT OF fall into it as one gets the feeling he wouldn't age particularly gracefully, but he'd also be more measured and gradual about it. Whatever, I've always seen him as a bit of a crazed Woobie anyway, since he went bonkers due to events outside his control in the first place. (And considering Garland's comments about time travel and leaping dimensions, FF 9 Garland could possibly be him far older in the 'future.')

GWT: Dissidia seems to be clearing up unresolved plot threads from other Final Fantasys and answering a few frequently asked questions as well. Such as how the Gunblade works: It really DOES shoot bullets as well :3

James the Fox: Seriously!? Awesome.

Andy Waltfeld: Gunblades have fired proper bullets before. OK, 12-gauge shells, but still.

Rebochan: But...but...the Ultimania guide just said the blades vibrate...oh, my head hurts...

Mr Death: Parasite Eve is an entirely different series. The proper Final Fantasy VIII gunblade has always and only been a Vibroweapon. It uses cartridges to cause the vibration, but it doesn't fire bullets, mostly because it doesn't have a barrel.

Andy Waltfeld: And sure enough, Squall's various "Barret" moves are actually fired from his hand.

Alkirin: The ultimania mentions power traveling through the blade, but doesn't mention vibration. This troper thinks that the explosive/para-magic end has been seriously downplayed in the vibroblade explanation.

Thnikkafan: I just have to ask this: Does Garland knock anyone down?

James the Fox: In the opening FMV, he knocks Cloud down, and in the story, he knocks Zidane down... Or so I heard...

Mariko-chan: Actually, amusingly, it's Zidane who knocks Garland down in one cutscene of Squall's story. . .Dynamic Entry anyone?
Enlong: To Harpie Siren, do you have proof of the stuff about Lightning being a hoax? I'm not trying to say you're a liar, but I want to know concretely, either way.

Wild Knight: That question is very easy to turn around, you realize: does anyone have any proof that it's not a hoax? The only source I could find on it was a scan cited on Wikipedia which could have been very well Photoshopped, which is now gone from the page.

Enlong: I'd like to retract the question, as the guy who did it both 'fessed up and released a series of pictures showing how he did it. I can appreciate his Halloween trick; he certainly worked hard enough on it.
Enlong: OK, the examples on the english Hey Its That Voice column is getting out of hand. I think we should pare it down to one, maybe two characters per voice. For example, it may be the same VA, but Does Cloud of Darkness really sound like Shin-chan? Really?

Alexlayer: Tsk, were it up to me, I'd get rid of ALL of those Hey Its That Voice thingies because of how more often than not those get annoyingly long.

Enlong: Well, I admit to being the one who started the English voice column, but I have tried to pare it down at least once; Firion really only sounds like Ichigo and Lelouch, but other editors have seen fit to put every single one of Johnny's roles under Firion.