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Voodoo Master: As a sub-lover, it's not like I'm going to make fun of a dub for being a dub. I just prefer to watch subtitled works, for the most part. Calling me a Japanophile maniac who can't accept that people have different opinions seems to be... a bit immature.

It's not that I dislike this page; everyone putting dubs here seems decent. Whoever wrote the introduction, however, needs to calm down. Would you like it if I made a Superlative Subbing page and then inundated the beginning with "Those foreign bastards, too stupid and closed-minded to read text on a screen! Changing our beloved Japanese voice actors! This subtitling job'll show them just how wrong they are!"? No. It would be dickish.

Charred Knight: Unless your the type of person who hasn't watched a dub in 5 years and still claims that no dub can match the Japanese version the page isn't making fun of you. The problem is that I have seen a lot of people whose only experience with Dubs are by those by 4kids who take the awful dub quality of their work and thinks that all dubs are like that.