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11:04:16 AM Dec 16th 2013
Not to be Anglo- or Americano-centric, but can someone please explain why Avatar, an English-language work, is listed? Are there dubs in other languages of particular quality that warrant its inclusion?
12:08:06 PM Apr 18th 2014
I'm not sure why it's included either. The list was probably made by someone who assumed it was originally from Japan. I have a lot of friends who assumed that until they were informed otherwise.
06:43:11 AM Mar 12th 2012
One thing.

I've tried to put examples of this in several YMMV pages about other languages other than English, but I see they've been systematically removed.

Does that mean that non-English dubs can't be mentioned at all in a work's YMMV page?

If it's so, please specify in the tropes' main page.
04:47:12 PM Feb 9th 2012
"The most famous example is the Cowboy Bebop English dub, which is equally liked and even considered to be better than the original by series creator Shinichiro Watanabe."

Despite how widespread this idea is, on this site and others, I can't find where Watanabe has actually said that he prefers the English voices. I've read through many interviews but I've had no luck in my search. Does anyone have any idea where he stated this? Or is it simply a rumor?
01:55:43 AM Aug 30th 2013
Yeah, I'm going to assume that's a rumor. I've also searched and can't find any sources he stated that.

I'm also going to assume that the El-Hazard producers prefering the english versions to be a rumor too. I've searched for that one too but still nothing.
03:45:26 PM Nov 16th 2010
Is the Zeta Gundam dub really popular? Most of the people I know can't stand it. It was really poorly done, as are most Blue Water dubs.
06:29:10 AM Apr 15th 2010
Azaram: Never understood this myself. Blah, blah 'the original voices'. When you don't understand the original voices, then it's just gibberish. You don't get to see the anime because you're reading the light novel at the bottom of the screen. :P Nevertheless, I enjoy both of them, often even the same series.

And more importantly, because you have to read at the pace they speak, a lot of stuff is LOST in translation. I don't understand a lot of Japanese, but I do know some, and often hear words that aren't in the subtitles.

What it comes down it is, if you like X, then watch X, accept that other people like Y, and that liking X does not make you any better than them, and bitching about it makes you worse, not 'right'.
04:01:25 PM Apr 20th 2010
edited by requiem18th
requiem18th: Big Meh I understand the original japanese voices and their culturally subtle shadings of meaning. And I tell you, as a rule, the original is better. I can accept deviations in interesting situations, westerns sounds nice in English, ARIA should be in italian, Noir would rule in French, but even then the translation of the script suffers.

Jun Fukuyama *is* Lelouch, allegations that Bosch's interpretation is more natural miss the point that Lelouch *is meant* to be over dramatic and draining.

I will concede that adaptations however know how to match a character to expectations of the adapting culture, meaning that, while it might deviate from the original, it will sell better in the adapting country.

So all these allegations of blind hate and Fan Dumb are just as blind and moronic as they claim them to be. The truth is that subbers simply come from a different culture, trying to sell the dubbed version to a subber is like trying to sell the German version to a Swedish.

What were you expecting?
03:28:08 AM Nov 5th 2013
@requiem18th: Originals are not always better - even Japanese people are capable of hating their own dubs. Look at Elfen Lied. Also, "the translation of the script suffers" implies that you don't understand that lots of dubs - if not the majority of them these days - are actually accurate to the point that you can watch it in either language and still get the same story.

But Johnny Yong Bosch - in my opinion, anyway - also sounds hammy, like Jun Fukuyama does. Yet, he also manages to sound natural at times when he is better off acting more 'normal', particularly around his friends at the Student Council. That I feel fits the character better, since it says to me he understands that in certain situations, acting like a massive ham would get you certain looks from people. That would end up ruining the reputation he built up over time, so he keeps it tame. YMMV.

Sub fans don't always come from non-English-speaking countries. You somehow forgot the fact that lots of people who bash English dubs speak the very same language they're criticizing. Not all of these people have English as their native language, yes, but not a whole lot of people whose secondary language is English appear to bash dubs as often as you might expect. I've never heard of this "different culture" argument before, and the way you put it makes me see why.
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