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Clarification on Take That launched as Take That!: From YKTTW

Rebochan: I noticed everything has been divided up, so for the sake of keeping the front page focused on the categories, I took the examples that remained and filed them all under "Other". This might not be best way to handle it - it was just a quick and dirty fix.
Khym Chanur: Are the trope names Orwellian Editor and Takahashi Couple really Take Thats? I really don't think that the first is a Take That! against Orwell, and the Takahashi Couple page doesn't describe that particular kind of couple as inherently bad.

rsm109: Orwellian Editor is a Take That! to the editors in question, likening them to the totalitarian government of Nineteen Eighty-Four, not to Orwell himself.
Ari Rockefeller: Am I the only one who thinks the Take That! page should be broken down into individual categories like the Crowning Moment, Narm, et al. pages? This thing's becoming a beast to sift through.
Ikeas actually remind me less of Disneyland and more of the Minotaur's Labyrinth. Seriously. I'm compelled to bring along a spool of thread, seven Athenian youths and Maidens anytime I want those swedish meatballs.
Licky Lindsay: does the crappy old VW beetle in the Transformers movie (next to the new Camaro version of Bumblebee) count as an instance of this? It sure seems like sour grapes over not being allowed to make Bumblebee a new beetle.

SAMAS: Not really, as per the script, he was going to end up breaking them all anyway, and it wasn't particularly mean-spirited. The appearance was just an homage.
Steel Beast 6 Beets: The lack of an Anime section in this trope is a bit suspicious.

Ninjacrat: Indeed. Those reptiloid illuminates have their fingers in everything nowadays. * taps tinfoil hat knowingly *
Earnest: Would the guy in the new Transformers movie shouting "This is a million times better than Armageddon! " count? Both are films by Michael Bay, so it could be poking fun at himself, or his disgust at a previous project.

Silent Hunter: "Foisted Timothy Dalton on us". He was a good Bond, IMO.

Kilyle: Does the birth of the Energizer Bunny count here? Kinda like Yankee Doodle, or a long line of insults against all manner of minorities, it was adopted by the targets and became far more popular afterwards. But it was at first a mean-spirited commercial (or so I hear; haven't seen it).

Air Of Mystery: What the hell does this one mean? "In one of the more audacious, yet deeply satisfying, executions of this trope the independent game Oasis reveals that the biblical Pharaoh was persuaded to release the Israelilites pretty soon once the plagues started piling up, but felt that he had to remain steadfast and stay the course."

Lale: Whatever it means, it doesn't look like a "derogatory and boastful" Shout-Out or Homage, just... an attribute of the "independent game" (whatever that is).

William Wide Web: I think it's about Bush and his "stay the course" philosophy.

Red Shoe: Everybody saw Laserblast, right? Ya know, outside of Mystery Science Theater 3000... Actually, I did. It's one of the four experiments that I'd already seen when I caught them on MST. I remember because there's a continuity error when he's playing with the gun of evil the first time that my dad pointed out. (The other three are "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank", "Soultaker", and "Marooned")

Ununnilium: I think the only one that happened to me with was the Gumby "Robot Rumpus" short.

Ununnilium: Taking out "and for this editor it only makes it more humorous to see them no longer in the console business themselves (Sega were great and all, but their bitterness is a real turn-off)", because it's too personal and pulls focus. Similarly, "Ironic considering Sonic is still around today and nobody knows who the hell Quik the Thunder Rabbit is... Just another example of small-time companies trying to make it big by putting down the competition that is way out of their league."

As well, pulling this out and modifying the thing it comments on:
  • Annother good comic-related example would be the previous entry in this wiki, where the contributor makes their feelings on the Marvel Universe painfully clear.

HeartBurn Kid: Pulled the cable and satellite stuff, since we already have a page for it and it had already been pulled before The Great Crash.

  • Drum roll, please — "So, do you have a satellite dish or AT&T Digital Cable?"
    • This just fits cable companies' MO, as they've been sniping at satellite TV companies for years (including a somewhat bizarre series of commercials with a guy in a gray body stocking with a satellite dish on his head being a total dick to satellite subscribers, based on mostly outdated assumptions about satellite TV). DirecTV is just fine and dandy with sniping right back, but Dish Network seems to stay above the fray so far, emphasizing their prices and free equipment instead of taking pot-shots. (This editor, however, remembers an early Dish Network commercial made almost entirely of Take That!, involving little kids badmouthing cable.)

That Other 1 Dude: I know it doesn't "really" fit, but can we use a picture from Ace Attorney? You know the one.

EDIT: Yay!

Sketch: Your welcome!

Is it worth mentioning the animosity Penny Arcade and Pv P feel towards Ctrl+Alt+Del? I read them all and it totally went over my head until Pv P started making fun of Wintereenmass, which personally backfired as I quit such petty writing. The arguments that Ctrl+Alt+Del copies Penny Arcade seem weak, when you cover the same topic similar humour will come up, and the idea that Tim wouldn't join PAX seems petty as if PAX is the only charity allowed to exist. To be fair the latest arc about some bloke playing games got boring quick.

Fly: Anon, the reason that Tim's failure to join Child's Play (PAX is the Penny Arcade Expo, isn't it?) is considered a big thing is because, when Penny Arcade started Child's Play, Tim, instead of linking to it, announced that he would start his own charity. Ugh.

I don't think 'animosity' belongs on this page, because this is for deliberate one-shot direct swipes rather than long-standing rivalries.

Anon2: The whole point of mocking CAD is that Tim Buckley is a Small Name Big Ego, to the point where he thinks he speaks for all gamers everywhere and that his comic is a wonderful bastion of awesome funniness. And when you declare stuff like Webcomic Author's Appreciation day or Wintereenmas and expect people to actually do it, it's pretty lame. When you copy more popular comics with better writing and art and expect to get attention from it, it's pompous and worthy of mockery.
Fly: Call me an idiot but I don't get the page quote.
Peteman: Because I feel like being snide, I want to comment about how the Quizno's commercials were essentially bragging about how they forced you to have a sandwich according to their specifications, as opposed to the real Subways, who did everything Quizno's was saying they did, but they actually asked whether or not you wanted it that way.
Willy Four Eyes: Reworded the entry on the New Radicals. While Gregg Alexander was the main member of the group, being the vocalist and all, he wasn't the only one (though he was the only one who stayed during their short career), so they can't be classified as a "one man band".
Looney Toons: "Simmelar"? RAF, please buy a dictionary for grade school students.

Rothul Removed Spoiler Tags on Ultimate Warrior's homophobic comments... the examples's impossible to understand without highlighting it, and lord knows I've read much more offensive things on this site.

Sikon: Uncyclopedia is not ED's "sister" encyclopedia in any way. They are completely unaffiliated. ED considers Uncyclopedia a "Wikipedia-approved parody of itself", while Uncyclopedia considers ED a pile of crap. Both are somewhat right in this respect.

Ninjacrat: Pulling: for being the dumbest idea he has ever seen.

Fire Walk: It might be worth mentioning that a pothole to Take That! gets used when people do it, (Perhaps "there's a significant chance you got directed here by one") and the Notable Webcomics thing may be worth a mention. But a whole list of insults is a bit naff and could easily mutate and grow to enormous size and take over Tokyo.

Ninjacrat: Oh, the Notable Webcomics thing. Rescuing that.
Looney Toons: In the spirit of the page, I just have to ask... how freaking stupid is this bit of markup, which I just snipped out of the page (and fixed, of course)?

[[SailorMoon Sailor Moon]]

Derdelush: does Korn vs. Limp Bizkit - All in the family count as a take that?
Looney Toons: Conan-san, why not take a few decades off to grow up? Come back to us when you have something better to offer us than changing "Bush" to "Douchebag".

Conan-san: Ah, whoops, that was my grecemonkey swear unfilter, didn't relise that it chaged text input. (Yes, it has a comedy option to change "George W. Bush" to the arformentioned "Douchebag"). My bad entirely.

HeartBurn Kid:

, which is why this troper is convinced that this trope should have been named The Kellyripa (after the time in Scrubs when Doctor Cox uses the name of that particular TV show host to say Take That! to other characters. Despite the protagonist's skepticism, it catches on.).

Natter. Delteated.
Filby: Took out the second D&D example as the example itself was deliberately incendiary.

And goddammit, I like gnomes. :P


Everything in Wikipedia is supposed to be "notable," "neutral," and every statement backed up by third-party sources, a source of derision and anger for many tropers (especially Web Comic fans). However, sometimes they let things slip through (see first sentence.)
  • Edited already. Originally, the first line was "If you support this movie by seeing it, you are an idiot, and you deserve terrible things to happen to you." Looking through the edit history reveals some more, like "are you fucking kidding me? how many shit movies can these losers make?"
    • A somewhat more subtle jab in Disaster Movie's Wikipedia entry that has also apparently been removed was that, in the opening line of the article, the word "comedy" was in quotation marks.
    • Sorry, I think that was me.
    • The ultimate "The Other Wiki is asleep at the switch" on that page has to be the "works of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer" box at the bottom's final listing. Just... ouch.
    • Probably edited already — what did it say?
    • Yeah, it's gone now — but it used to have a "Genocides" section, under which was listed "The Holocaust". Ouch, indeed.

Deleted by Janitor for being mostly natter. Which I sorta contributed to. Ooooops.

Bedinsis: Doesn't this page ask to be split up? As of now, it takes some notable time (for me at least) from the moment you put your mouse over the link 'til the Alt-text appears, which is my indication that a page needs to split up. What do you think?

Rebochan: Yea...this is pretty huge. It probably needs to get divided into pages by media type.

silverchris9: The two entire episodes of The Boondocks that (arguably) got banned from Cartoon Network was like one big sustained TAKE THAT to BET, but it rarely made fun of individual shows, except when Wedgie Rudlin (a name change making fun of a BET Exec) declares that "If people want to see a crappy black version of a show from MTV, they'll have to come to us!" Even though it isn't about individual shows, is it still a Take That?
That Other 1 Dude: OK, someone seems to have gone on an edit-spree and removed every potholed link to Take That!. Obviously if it's some troper making a very obvious insult to something they don't like you should, but there are plenty of cases where it's appropriate, as in if some event/statement being described is a Take That!.

Rebochan: That was Fast Eddie, as I recall, due to complaints about there being way too many potholes.
Dausuul: I notice that although the trope description describes Take That! as a vicious, mean-spirited attack, many of the examples given are good-humored pokes at the foibles of other shows/books. Perhaps the trope should be re-written a bit?

Thief of Time: I think the problem is more that people are getting Take That! confused with Shout-Out. Perhaps a little clean up/moving is necessary.