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YYZ: "It's an easy assumption to think that most (heterosexual) guys like seeing female flesh, but are averse to seeing other naked guys." I have a sneaking suspicion that there's a hint of truth in this statement, and that it's true for both sexes - which is why guys like Schoolgirl Lesbians and why girls like Yaoi Guys. One doesn't need to un-imagine the presence of the other participant, the one who's of the gender that you're not attracted to.

Kizor: Hint?

Citizen: Heh, what kizzy said. And there was a /a/ discussion recently about this in a Tsukihime game discussion: main character appears to be completely clothed in several of the H-scenes. Though I don't know if I want to find/post a censored screenshot. ^^

Ununnilium: Took out the futanari comment, because it really didn't work with the way the entry evolved.

thatother1dude: does it only count when it's suppose to be romantic and not if it's comedic (like the seen in Life of Brian before the mob comes to his house)?

Stm177: I thought about adding the movie Knocked Up as a subversion of this trope, since the woman is more clothed than the man in the sex scene in this movie. The woman was a more famous actress than the man, so that may have had something to do with it.

lollerkeet: could some-one check the Coupling quote for me? kthxbye

Vicious Love: Looks like I've spammed the page's edit history. Sorry about that. Isn't the "draft" box supposed to... well, make one's edit a draft?