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Seanette: Does a step-parent really count under this, especially if the step-parent did not play a significant role in raising the step-child (such as the "Bill and Ted" example)?

Goldfritha: Yes, for the Squick effect. It's milder, I grant you, but it's much the same effect.
Ronfar: Interesting that Brother–Sister Incest has Troper Tales but this one doesn't.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: You know that you just cursed that into existence, don't you?

Ronfar: Like that'll really happen...

Anonymous Coward: Right, I'll kick it off then, shall I?  .

Anonymous Coward 2: I have a good story for this, but don't know how to create a tropers tale page.

Rissa: If that anonymous coward does want to create a page, the link to it would be here. Hit 'View Source' to see how I did that.

Gemmifer: Uhh, the image for this trope squicks me.

Goldfritha: Don't like it much myself.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: I'm the one that added it, but I was prepared to remove it if it ended up squicking people too much. For any one who wants to see it, here it is. (It's from the webcomic Sexy Losers, in case anyone is wondering.)

High Five: The current picture squicks me a little. God, I never thought Family Circus would toy with this.


  • How has no one mentioned Lost and Kate's severe daddy issues (well, slightly more severe then everyone else's dads)? Kate's loving father is actually her step-dad, and after he dies (is killed?) her bio-dad becomes her step-dad, who molests her
    • In a more chronologically accurate description, after her parents divorce her mother remarries a man who abuses her and molests Kate. After Kate kills him, she finds out he is her biological father. Her first daddy don't die at all.

because it was never stated that he molested or raped her that was just a theory proposed by the marshal who did not know the truth about kates paternity. All we know about her father is that he was a drunk that aboused her mother.

Tricksterson: In fact kate outright says that he never touched her.

Meems: Didn't want to add natter to the page, but re: the Shadow of Destiny example (copied here):

  • * In Ending E of the PS2 adventure game Shadow of Destiny , Eike Kusch , a de-aged immortal bishounen with recurring permanent amnesia , gets together and lives happily ever after with his biological daughter Dana , who was switched with another child as an infant in midieval Germany , and brought to the present day as a baby by the manipulative djinn Homunculus , in one hell of an insanely convoluted backstory . Neither of them apparently know they are actually blood-related , and it is unclear whether or not Eike still has eternal youth , but this troper hopes not , because the alternative would be tragic otherwise . Eike and Dana both deserve some happiness !

I was under the impression that she didn't end up with him in that ending—she does, in fact, tell him that she sees him as more of a father figure. (There was an earlier scene in the game where they were very much flirting, but neither the player nor the characters are aware of their relationship at that point.)

Fighteer: Removed this comment under the Heinlein entry:
  • Lazarus did not actually end up having sex with his mother, due to the interruption of his younger self.
In fact, he does have sex with her, prior to departing for World War One. The significance of this scene is not fully discussed until To Sail Into the Sunset, because Lazarus was an Unreliable Narrator.